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  1. he cant do that im pretty sure
  2. Classified Information ----------------------------------------------------  ----------------------- Clearance Level 3 ---- - Access Granted  ------------------------------------------------ Personnel Scanned ------------------------ Welcome "██████████████" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Command Center  Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 Captain: REDACTED [OPEN]   Mobile Task Force Beta-1 Captain: To Be Decided [OPEN]  Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 Captain: To Be Decided [OPEN]  Mobile Task Force NU-7 Captain: To Be Decided [OPEN]  -----------------------------------------------------------  MTF Captain Application  Must be Experienced to Apply! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfZvDdffqewq9liufrwe-w2xXyymO1ZKWTtQLuouKqldeYHfA/viewform
  3. -/+ Support People Can Fake Rolls and it will start issues
  4. That Sucks It Was fun when we where in srt
  5. Fill This Forum Out If You want To Change Divisions https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScxAQOuYhH3w5UMVHiRN2a313u2dhFnYTe0frtHxSiUW50Bkw/viewform
  6. -Support That Up To The Head Of Department To Decide
  7. I Never Noclip in to a tesla and that strike was for you back talking but im not going to worry about that any more
  8. I was On Duty Look Back the nuke sound went off then a explosion went off and he was in there and said a event team gave him perm to use it But there was a explosion That happen while I was dealing with another sit And I talk to Krimson about it and he said I should warn him Then The Event Team Slayed All To rp it went off with the explosion
  9. Jake Croft

    Buy Gas Masks

    This post Has came up many times gas is the only thing that we have to 100% kill you
  10. - Support I Get That He brought But in my eyes not Enough Evidence it just says Brought can be brought any where