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  1. Scoot


    + Support I think that Bloodtrail, Gyrocopter, Wipe Announcer, and JPipes would be good additions. Trigger explosives would make the game seem a little too modded and would allow people to throw c4 down and tp out of bases before detonating them which makes ladders almost entirely useless. Everything else would be great, thanks for the suggestions!
  2. Scoot

    Remove Command

    What do you want to see? - The addition of a command that allows players to remove structures/items after they place it Why should we add it? - I have seen many people surprised when they learn there is no /remove command on the server. The closest thing to it is high ranking staff with access to the "ent kill" console command, but it would be stupid to call an SMT every time you misplace a furnace. Adding this feature would allow people to have more freedom in base design. I spent 12 c4 just relocating some large furnaces and oil refineries, which is a bit much just for some minor changes. What are the advantages of having this? - Gives players more building freedom, prevents waste of resources, and will make it more enjoyable to build. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content -
  3. Your In-Game Name: Sco[GL]ot Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:69016571 Player's In-Game Name: Adolf Oliver Nipples What did they do? Said the N-word multiple times and all around toxicity on the server (especially in front of friduwulf) Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment? I really have no idea what is acceptable punishment in Rust, also no idea what punishments are able to be given in the server. Here is his profile link in case you are unable to find it in rust:
  4. Scoot

    Wipe Bugs

    Some bugs with the wipe 1. We are able to use kit VIP+ right away, making it extremely OP 2. It does not wipe the backpack so anyone that puts gear in their backpack will have it saved, allowing for them to keep gear over wipes 3. The map did not reset
  5. Scoot

    Teleport Bug

    You must have been inside raided, you are unable to teleport someone to you while on a building blocked area. While this does happen to my friends often at my base (most notably rac and richard spawning in the honeycomb) it is not a terrible problem
  6. Currently the lockon rockets are unable to be obtained without buying the explosives kit. The website has a config file with the crafting requirements set as 3 tech trash and 1 basic rocket as shown in the picture. The command is /craft.lockon but when this is used with the materials nothing happens. If EnableCrafting is set to true then the mod is just not working. (techparts is the name for Tech Trash and ammo.rocket.basic is the name for the regular rocket)
  7. Hello, I thought I should make a post about this just so everyone can know about it, but there is a website called that allows you to see whats going on in real time. It provides an image of the map, who is joining, who dies, the chat, and locations of the patrol helicopter/airplanes when they make their drops. It is a VERY useful tool that I believe everyone should have. Here is the link to the website: Just type in "gaminglight" and you will see the server. Or if you are impatient here is a link to our server's playrust page: Happy playing!
  8. Scoot


    + Support Permissions Manager - As Iceman stated its a good idea. I already know that there is some ways of editing ranks Gifts - Great way to reward activity, however most loot is not terribly hard to obtain and there is skinbox so making rewards that arent OP that are worth it would be interesting Ban Plugin - Great idea, clears up space from hackers Bot - Have similar thing already, but if it is a great improvement from the last maybe? Admin Panel - WIth most of us being used to GMOD this would be a great help to staff members
  9. I understand you are trying to make a more authentic rust experience, but I do not think this is the way to go on the server. I've played on the rust server for a good amount of time over the past week and some of these things do not require much change. Loot Rate - The loot rate is fine. A 5x server is not that bad and some servers even have up to 1000x loot gathering which is insane. The 5x still gives players a bit of a grind to build a large base but does not make them feel like they are solely grinding when they are on the server, and I thnk that should be preserved. Blueprints - I disagree. The whole points of an x5 server is that loot is more widely available to people. Restricting blueprints would not be beneficial and it would lead to a much more grindy server rather than a combat and base-focused one which it seems is trying to be accomplished. Kits - The subscription-based VIP is something that should be very rewarding. I think the amount of materials is not unreasonable, but the cooldown is very short. The kit should have more like an 8-10 hour cooldown instead of the EXTREMELY short 4. Radiation - I am kind of on the fence about this. Having areas that everyone can go to is much better for newer players, but it does take a big part of the experience away. Radiation is important in that it forces people to not always be completely geared up in metal armor and provides a small window of vulnerability that can be taken advantage of. Insta Craft - Same reasoning as blueprints, it is mainly basing and combat focused. Giving people instant crafting is preferably over a half craft because in the end they will get the item anyway, it will just take more time for the craft and is mostly a waste.
  10. These mods would be great for the server, big + Support. There are problems with combat teleporting that can really be annoying, especially with vip+ having the 5 second cooldown. The events would be great to attract more people and would give more people access to better loot instead of just the players on top dominating. I have seen rustcord before and it is very helpful for staff members to use and is a good tool overall. With the bank however, I do not want to see people putting their gear sets in the bank before they get shot just to save their items. I do not have personal experience with the mods but I do know if there are not parameters set for the opening of the bank it will be heavily abused.
  11. In game Name: Generalleutnant Gunter SteamID: STEAM_0:0:69016571 What date did you start playing on the community: around 6/25/18 When did you create your forums account: 6/28/18 What is your current ULX rank on the server: Admin How many warns do you have on the server: 0 What timezone do you live in: EST How often can you be on: Daily Why do you want this position: I have been anticipating event team since the start of the server, and I look forward to some breaks every now and then to pull the entire server together to participate in events. The ability to lead the event team would be especially good because I would be able to make sure events are liked by the server. I have seen many events hosted on GL servers that, while fun in concept, are not properly executed, which leads to the players feeling like their time is wasted. Being able to prevent players from feeling this is why I want to lead the team. I am very interested in WWII history, and being able to recreate some of the key events from the war properly would be a great way to show more people how interesting the war actually was, and maybe even lead to the players learning something they didn't know before. Please explain why your skill sets, as well as leadership skills, will benefit the event team (500 words): The skill set required for the event team leader is someone with creativity, dedication, responsibility, patience, openness to feedback, and leadership. Creativity - The event team leader needs creativity to come up with new and exciting events for the server. Someone with the creative abilities needed for this position will always be able to come up with events that do not seem repetitive, and consistently draw in peoples' attention with their events. I have the creativity required to do this and have been able to come up with ideas for events that people find enjoyable. I also am able to take events that were not super successful and change them in ways that players would find enjoyable. While not all of my ideas are amazing, I am able to identify the ones that would do well. Dedication - The leader will have to be dedicated to their position. If they start to become lazy at all the entire event team will suffer, and it will lead to bad events and loss of player count due to the poor events. I would be very dedicated to my position and will take it seriously. I recognize the need for a dedicated leader and have the dedication required to lead properly. In the past, I always stayed with everything until it was over, and have rarely let people down because of lack of dedication. With my dedication, I will be able to properly lead the event team. Responsibility - The event team leader must have responsibility as their position does not allow for any major mishaps. A single bad event has the ability to put give everyone negative opinion about the event team, and have the players constantly doubt them. I have the responsibility needed for the position and have a history of responsibility. I very rarely have any notable mishaps, as I consider outcomes before I make my decisions. I consider responsibility one of my strongest attributes and show this often in my school work as well. Patience - The reason the leader of the event team needs patience is because they need to be able to interact with their members without losing their temper. If an event goes bad, the leader needs to be able to listen to the members running the event and hear it from their side. If the leader does not have patience they will not listen to their members how they should and will lead to the event team not liking their leader, which is very bad in a team setting. I definitely have the patience required for this position. Even if a player is mass RDMing, I am sure to not lose my temper and talk to them in a calm voice before giving them their punishment. People have asked me before why I am so nice to the people that come on the servers to minge before punishing them, which is something I believe everyone should do. Openness to feedback - One of the most important traits the leader needs to have is the ability to take criticism. If they host an event that doesn't go to plan, they need to be able to listen to people that participated in and helped with the event. Not being able to do this will lead to bad events happening over and over again, making players not want to participate in events. I am open to feedback/criticism, and regularly ask for people to give their input on what happened to prevent anything that happened improperly from happening again. Leadership - The most important attribute of the leader is the ability to lead properly. The whole point of the position is to lead the team and make sure it is as good as it can be. I have shown the ability to lead in my many command positions I have held during my time in GL. I was a Captain in security on SCP-RP, a Brigadier General in Russia on MilRP, the leader of the Russian Military Police on MilRP, and a Generalleutnant (Generalmajor equivalent - second highest general) on 1944-RP. Throughout my time on here I learned effective ways to lead and make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to. What is a detailed example of an event you would host (start from planning the event and end with ending the event): The event would require 3 main people. There will be other people in the event like the guards of the main character which will be chosen on the spot based on the number of people on the server. The announcer, the German character, and the allied character supplying the troops with directions to ensure the event goes well. The event would take place on rp_france, as it is mostly close quarter combat which would greatly benefit the event. The event would surround a mysterious German man coming to the camp via a transport car being guarded by a tank. The allied scouts spotted his convoy and relayed the information back to the allied character, who will hold a debrief to tell everyone what is going on. The allied character reveals the man is Joseph Goebbels, the German Reichsminister for Propaganda. He came to France to explore the possibility of highjacking french media to gain control of the public and create anti-semitic sentiment throughout the country. Joseph also brought with him a briefcase containing top-secret information, which will be important for later in the event. The main goal of that allied is to quietly take out the reichsminister, but when the germans keep him secured in a window-less building making him impossible to snipe, they order for an invasion of the base. The germans would defend the attack and slip Joseph out of the base safely, but his briefcase would be captured by the allied forces. This suitcase would be kept top secret in the allied ranks and would make it possible to make more events based on the information found in the suitcase. Throughout the event the announcer would play the role of US comms, using the voice amp sparingly and announcing the arrival of Goebbels on base, the transition from a sniper mission to an invasion, and the announcement of Goebbel's escape. He would also announce the capture of the briefcase, which is the end of the event.
  12. What is your in-game name?: Generalleutnant Gunter What is your steam name?: Sco[GL]ot What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:69016571 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) Yes, I was a staff for around 3 months on NCRP, a DarkRP server, where I worked up to moderator until some stuff happened so I left for Gaminglight. I also was an Admin on a Sandbox server that died a while ago, as well as a JR Admin on a SWRP that also died. On top of this, I was a Superadming on the Gaminglight DarkRP and Gaminglight MilitaryRP servers. What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) around 6/25/18 What date did you make your forums account? 6/28/18 Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? Admin How many warns do you have on the server (Show proof with a screenshot)? 0 Have you donated? Yes What rank are you applying for? Superadmin Have you read the staff guidelines at, you will be tested on it: Yes. Timezone: EST Permission (Senior Moderator+ need this): Scheffer Richard th3 Willy Jeffe North Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (150 Word Minimum) I've been staff on Gaminglight for around eight months now, and have been working hard throughout my time here. And while there were some obvious times throughout that journey where I was lacking in my job, that happens to everyone. Having gone from Superadmin back to Admin encouraged me to work really hard to try and get back to my old position, and I have been working harder than ever before on 1944 RP. I make sure to get on daily, even when my schedule was tight I still managed to get on and do my best to put in my contributions towards the staff team. While I like to have as much fun as the next person, I do my best to try and remain a role model on the server, and I understand that my rank carries with it certain expectations in my behavior that I try and maintain when interacting with players and fellow staff. Many of my interactions with players are sure to keep their situation in mind, and am sure to remain as fair and un-biased as possible when making my decisions and executing punishments. Overall, I believe I am a good candidate for the position, and am a well-rounded and balanced staff member that is ready for the position! How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? The first thing I would do is get them away from roleplay as quick as possible, and teleport them to a secure location away from players to prevent any more disruption. Once they are away from other players, I would calm them down, as understandably they are very angry if all they do is curse. After returning to a calm state, I would explain the situation they are in, and point out that RDM is not allowed on the server, directing them to the MOTD for more guidance. I then explain to them what an anti-minge is, and that it will prevent them from speaking, typing, or interacting with anything. I then minge them for 5,000 seconds (as that is all I can do as an admin) and record their steamID to report to a higher staff member for a full 10,000 second minge as stated in the staff handbook. I also warn them for staff disrespect and send them on their way, telling them the sit has concluded.
  13. Many of the donators are upset when they are informed they cannot use their heavy donator vehicles when not on the correct class. Most of them are also not in Panzerwaffe/Motorized Infantry, and are therefore unable to use the jobs at all. Adding some kind of donator class that is allowed to spawn vehicles would allow the donators to be rewarded to the fullest without being in a motorized regiment. The only problem is the vehicle count limit on the server, so I suggest limiting the amount of people able to be on the job to 1 or 2.
  14. Your In-Game Name: Generalmajor Gunter Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:69016571 Player's In-Game Name: Larry Player's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:47263717 What did they do? Mass RDMed, LTAPed, had no intent to RP, minged heavily, got into enemy's vehicles Evidence (REQUIRED): Screenshot of Console: Screenshots of BLogs: LTAP Proof (time I jailTPed him was 4 seconds before his disconnection): I did not warn him for getting into enemy's vehicles so I do not have evidence of that but for reference it was Snookiebear's tank he got into What do you think is an acceptable punishment? Because of the amount of chaos he caused, Permanent Ban
  15. Scoot

    Squad System

    - Support The models are fairly easy to tell apart once you get used to them (though I will admit to friendly fire in the beginning). The squad system wouldn’t fit in with the feel of the server and the time period, if you see people having trouble with this your best bet is to either train them more or make a document on model identification