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  1. +support we need AK47s
  2. +Support+ -He Took a 3 Rank Demotion To Help This Battalion LTC->CPT -Very Respectable -Active -Reserve General Bravo-
  3. +Support Only known him for a week but from what I can tell he is a good boi, a good leader and active. A MG Supported him and so did his commander. -EX Grand General Bravo-
  4. Your name: Bravo Your character's full name? (if a clone, put designating numbers): CT-1772 “Bravo” Rank: RGen/Ex GGen Where does your character come from?: Kamino Describe the personality of your character.: A real joker, Isn't your typical High Command nor a typical clone. Served in the Clone Army since he was just a wee lad. Does your character have any injuries/illnesses/scars? (if so, specify what/where.): None Physically, ALL MENTALLY. What does your character like?: A radical badass. What does your character dislike?: Clones with a "power complex" We are all brothers why not act like it. Would your character be considered “good karma” or “bad karma”?: All of the above What are some things your character does well?: Natural leader and is brutally honest What are some things your character does NOT do well?: Know when to be quite and not make the enemy attack. What are some things your character has strong opinions for/against?: A power complex is not acceptable in my army, you may lead with your rank but if you want to make a good impression make yourself available to fellow clones, not long ago that was you as a PVT.
  5. Hey Jano, It's Bravii It's time for us to reign once again.
  6. Give this man a chance, in the 2 years I have known him he's been a great guy and loves to RP, I feel as if he would be a great asset to the commander team. I remember the incident, It happened like what 6 months ago? with this said #GiveMikeAChance!!!! +SUPPORT
  7. Isn't this ment to be in VC?
  8. Bravo

    Elite's BG App

    -Pending- I Will Contact GG Invaliff about this matter. General Bravo
  9. +Support You egg you! I might of left but I’ve been waiting for you to become an Admiral now take this spot as my final wishes! -EX Head GM/EX Grand General Bravo
  10. Accepted Speak with LTG Spence for Training
  11. -Accepted- Speak with SMT for GM powers and speak with me for training -Head Game Master Bravo-
  12. Commander Meetings Will be Hosted on the 1st Friday of each month and on the final Friday of each month, With that stated emergency meeting can be called by Admiral+ and LTG+