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  1. -Support Not needed, but would appreciate another SWEP that doesn't have a crowbar.
  2. You didn't let anyone down. People get excited sometimes, it happens.
  3. I don't want to leave GENSEC either, but I love researching. I actually do have a whole lot of research interviews from a discord RP quite a while ago, that I'll show out I suppose. They're all fake SCP's, or actual ones. They're embarassing but y'know Conversation Log 8753.1.txt Conversation Log 6475.1.txt Conversation Log 5337.1 SCP-5337.txt Conversation Log 4837.2 SCP-4837.txt
  4. I'll miss Courier. Good luck everyone who applies.
  5. I'm pretty sure you need to follow the format, but good work.
  6. In-game name: TOPlayz/Security CPT 1Z05 Current time on the server (use tab menu): Over a week, time glitched and got reset How active would you say you are? (1-10): 9 How many warns do you have (If so what are they? and give proof): 0 on SCP RP, 1 on Dark RP Have you received any strikes before? Nope. Why should we accept you? (150+ words): I've been apart of the community for a long time, and I've finally come to the fact that Its time that I am to lead my own branch. Leading has always been one of my hobbies, however I've always been too shy to admit it. I love research, and everything about it. The reason I should be accepted is that I do have the experience of a leader, as I've been through a lot of scenarios throughout my time in Gaminglight. Not only that, but I feel like I'm able to be very active on the job, and revamp the branch in order to make it the branch that it should be. I plan on making the researcher branch more active, like GENSEC, and I'll explain how. I first plan on getting more training officers, as it'll be a priority to get more high ranks. I plan on filling each slot with a personally handpicked non-bias (something I've been quite good at) team. From there, I plan on doing a roll-call to get rid of every single inactive researcher, which will allow me to fill up all of the roster full of active personnel. Next, I plan on recruiting from my friends, or anyone who would prefer to transfer from their branch to researcher. Throughout my time here, I've come to known who fits in certain branches, and I plan on having researcher be the least mingey branch by strictly enforcing each rules to the maximum exempt, while attempting to make it the experience that everyone deserves. A smart, yet fun branch, that creates interesting experiences with stories that actually happened ingame. The researcher will have a remade discord, along with strict teamspeak rules. Executive researchers and supervisors and higher will most likely be reformed, but will keep those that are active. I plan on leaving CI and leaving GENSEC command for this job if I have too. Thank you for reading this. What can you bring to the table as HOR? (No requirement): I've been a moderator on gaminglight since the 31st, and I've been apart of gaming light since around December 10th? So, I've been here for quite a while. Throughout that time, I've been very active, and I don't plan on that changing. I'm semi active on the forums, but I plan on changing that. I have a lot of experience with leading, as I've been a captain in GENSEC since 1/16 or so, and a LT since about 1/10, and I've been a SGT+ since around December 20th. Ok, so apparently you can be a low command and a high command? If thats the case, erm, I don't want to leave GENSEC command, but if that is the case, then I gotta. Love you all!
  7. Name: TOPlayz ( Or, you may know me as D 9341. ) Rank: LCPL Callsign: XA26 Reason I should stay: I've recently joined CI, and I've been working my absolute hardest to finally get in it. CI is an important job to me, and I'm often participating in raids. Concerns: N/A
  8. We're gonna have to request for the police rp max now! Lets see if we can take down the champion next.
  9. Agree with both what Timmemes said! Everyone did something! Thank you everyone!
  10. @Carpenter sorry for the ping x2
  11. TOPlayz

    Ajax LOA

    Can't wait to see you back! Enjoy your break!