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  1. -Support No need for more 1048, like Nimo stated.
  2. +/- Support Buckell is very sorry about his actions, I'm sure of it. He did share a link to new communities though, which is still something that needs to be accounted for. Personally, I hope that Buckell makes a return to gaminglight, but I need to stay unbiased. Good luck.
  3. TOPlayz


    See you soon! Can't wait to see you ingame once more.
  4. Greetings. This information is given to only level 2+ personnel in the foundation, mostly researchers. More information will be added soon. General Information SOP Roster Discord Promotion Request LOA Form
  5. this guys a faker dont fall for his lies



  6. That seems very strange. Have you tried uninstalling the entire game and installing it again?
  7. -Support No effort in your application Need more time on server Become well known.
  8. Bye Razonix. I'll miss you. F
  9. +Support Not a policeRP staff, however does show clear evidence.
  10. What you want to see? - Checkers at research spawn. Why should we add it? - Researchers are forced to be at the spawn most of the time at defcon 3, and are completely stuck at defcon 2 and under. I believe this will let researchers feel less bored at the constant being stuck. What are the advantages of having this? - Lets researchers not be bored. Who is it mainly for? - Researchers Links to any content - N/A