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  1. -support I don't feel like the guy is ready yet.
  2. ~!WARNING!~ BETA Clearance Needed To View Beyond This Point (SGT+) ~!WARNING!~ Loading... >Opening File #1 "Serum Z" Name: RnD [REDACTED] Research Project: Serum X "The Liquid Bomb" Properties: Cooled Nitrogen (Poured into the gasoline), Gasoline (200ml), Car Oil (200ml). What it does: When dropped onto the ground (1ml), it will create a small 1x1 inch hole in such substance. Objects Resistant To: Obsidian, Bedrock.
  3. Lemme start by saying this... THE NEW MTF MODELS ARE TRASH. I'm not holding back on this once boys. MTF Faces shouldn't be seen AT ALL NO MATTER FUCKING WHAT! THEIR DEATHS ARE FAKED FFS! What you want to see? - New MTF Models Why should we add it? - To make it look cooler and more lore friendly. What are the advantages of having this? - More lore friendly. Who is it mainly for? - Mostly A-1, but if I can, I want to target in ALL OF MTF! Links to any content - ORRR THESE MODELS WERE ACCEPTED A LONG TIME AGO BEFORE THE MAP CHANGE AND THEY WERE ACCEPTED | PLEASE CHANGE IT!!!!!
  4. !WARNING! Clearance Level 4+ Authorization Beyond This Point Accessing Without Proper Anti-Memetic Protection Will Result In Cardiac Arrest Following DEATH >Opening Memetic Agent "LISA" >Life Signs Detected >Scanning Retinal >Clearance Four Clearance Accepted | Welcome [REDACTED] MTF Alpha-01 "Red Right Hand" Documents -Major █████████ Welcome... Roster - MTF Alpha-01 "Red Right Hand" S.O.P. - Current CO Of Alpha-01: Major █████
  5. Mute

    Blackstone's LOA

    Recently been digging the new SCP RP Server and i've gotten really addicted, but it also takes up most of my time so i'll be on and off for the next week or so.
  6. What you want to see? - SCP-166 Why should we add it? - Very interesting to RP with. What are the advantages of having this? - Very bias'd. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content -
  7. Mute

    Guardian's ET App

    Name: Guardian What is your ULX Rank?: User How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): 10 Do you have any experience as a GM or event planner in the past (If so, explain l): Yes, I used to be a S-GM on Revival before I resigned because, server was too toxic. How Active are you?: 4-5 hours per weekday, 12-13 on weekends. Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?: You should allow me to become apart of the Event Team because, I am well known on the server as well I know my stuff when it comes to SCP RP. I want to create a much more 'Role playing Experience' for anyone on the server. I wish to make the server more live and much more stand able because, the Manager is always busy when it comes to SCP RP. As an Event Team Member I will help make more events along with assisting when others need help in events. I can show others true roleplaying experience so they will always know how to roleplay as a certain person. As an Event Team Member I will create multiple (non-biased) events that make everyone have fun. I might have some SCP-008 events and a massive SCP-049 breach. I might even also do an SCP-166 event (Teenage Succubus) who gets transferred on-site. Moving on, as an Event Team Member I hope to help the SCP Sever succeed in making more lore-friendly commentary and experience. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): Part 1: Chaos Insurgency dress up as Site Inspectors from Site-01 (x2), they are tasked with gaining information on Site-05 and it's SCPs for a large raid on the facility so they know what they are up against. Inspectors will investigate all SCPs in the HCZ and LCZ to make sure of all aspects. They will then decide on the SCPs they want to take. At any time the Inspectors may kill or shoot someone to hide their identity. Part 2: At one point the Inspectors true selves will be revealed, or they will escape the site with all the information they need. If the Inspectors are captured they are taken into interrogation then Chaos enter the facility and try to save them. If the Chaos succeed the Chaos will take the Inspectors and learn about everything they know, then kill them in place so they don't lose all the information they got. If they escape the Chaos will learn everything and everyone will gear up, but in the midst of time MTF B-1 learn about their plans and put the entire facility on lockdown. Now a D-Class who escaped and got Security Riot Armor must make their way to EZ and disable the lockdown so the Chaos may enter and get the information. If the D-Class is killed the Chaos retreat and the mission is over, or so everyone thinks, once the D-Class die the Chaos will retreat and fall back for around ten minutes, then when the Foundation is least expecting it they'll do a full push at Gate A and try and capture the EZ. If the D-Class succeeds the Chaos will enter the facility and save the D-Class also trying to get the SCP's they've decided to capture. All while MTF will begin to ambush them at the only gate that is working. Part 3: Once the Chaos overtake EZ they will move to HCZ CP #1 because the other one is damaged by a containment breach earlier. Chaos will be ambushed by MTF at HCZ CP and that will decide the rest of the event. Part 3.1: If Chaos die at HCZ CP then one Chaos will be captured and interrogated, and MTF will do a raid on the Chaos base and delete all the SCP Files they have on their system. Part 3.2: If Chaos succeed they will break through MTF forces and enter HCZ and LCZ to take the SCP's they chose. In the midst MTF will regain their forces to defend Gate B. As Gate A will be completely lockdowned. Final Result: Chaos or Foundation will fight over the data that they both want badly. [Rules: Engine cannot be turned off | Gate A nor the #2 HCZ CP cannot be accessed (Gate A can during Part 2) | Tranq's and Amnestics are not allowed | NLR is active for everyone for 4 minutes, Choas is on One-Life Rule] What is your favorite SCP? Why?: I don't have a favorite, I hate, yet love them, all the same.
  8. Not pending, its just paused cause I don't want it anymore
  9. I was accepted as MTF Alpha-01 Major, so this application is on complete pause and can be re-opened whenever I get an RP Job opened up.
  10. ~-~-~ This Application Is Paused As I've Chosen Something Else Over This Positon | This Application May Be Resumed At Any Point In The Future ~-~-~
  13. Mute

    dranks CMDR Ap

    -Support You see like a good guy it's just you lack the following; - Leadership Qualities - Grammar Fixing - Proper Knowledge Of Job Rule sets (MTF and CI shouldn't be your 2 Life Jobs) Also MTF Commander Krimson was elected MTF Commander about two weeks ago. This app has a 95.5% chance of being denied.
  14. MTF Commander is already taken by Krimson