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  1. its annoying, Plays 30 second clip on a loop
  2. You're signature says it all, +Support -Captain Tay Keith!
  3. why is this in the Imperial RP section LMFAO
  4. uumm, this seems like an RP suggestion, I'd speak to your command ngl
  5. +Support I have my volume at Half and it's really loud, I've been waiting for someone to make this suggestion, No other GL servers have it so I'm sure not alot of people would notice, Half the server doesn't even know we have Loading music, I just take off my headset because it's so annoying
  6. yeah sure that'll work, pretty sure its a clone wars droid but idc @Blitz
  7. this guy has a staff report for the same reasons, Not listening to their side of the story,