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  1. I've seen this before lmfao, Discord will automatically make you a new account some-times, It happened to me. The reason is banned you was because the server detected an ALT so I'm just going to +Support for the reason of it was an accident. Although if this is not the truth then -Support
  2. I have a warn from 3 years ago, I'd love for it too be removed but I doubt it's going to happen
  3. https://store.steampowered.com/app/776340/Gay_World/
  4. -Support -Breaking MOTD -Wasting Staffs Time with unrealistic/FailRP Names The warn is valid. Also, You didn't really even change your name, You still had it as "Obama the 44th President" , It was just backwards, Please don't make a Appeal with false information
  5. Replying to your post can get it denied, I'd advised not doing so. "You MUST NOT Quote/Reply to players in your application, Once you have posted your application Do NOT reply to anyone on that Application. If you do your Application can be DENIED" -Forum Rules
  6. -Support -Multiple Discord ALT's -Inappropriate Name -Third Time He's been banned from Zeeptin