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  1. +support -it is a really great idea and would help Naval a lot but personally I don't know how this would accomplished -good luck though!
  2. What would you like to see: I would like to see the cantina changed in the map. Possibly add a casino area with blackjack, poker, pachinko, etc. The cantina area attracts really no one at the moment and because prices are super inflated right now with perma weapons and sweps in the auction tab the money generated from the loot crates are just not worth it anymore. We could also see board games in there since board games have been shown pretty extensively in the movies from the beginning. I want the cantina to be an out of character hub for all people to gamble, passive rp with food and chefs, and have fun with each other rather than a husk of an area that it is now. How would it help the server and/or the player base: It would help the player base if they want to gamble and have fun with their friends during downtime and give them a chance to earn some GC as well. Do you think this suggestion will help the server as a whole: Not right now.
  3. +Support -While we do have the casino, no one really uses it anymore because the payout really just sucks. Perma weapons are so overinflated in prices that the casino becomes obsolete -I could see this to be fun passtime during downtime -This could also lead to revamping the casino in making the money prizes much better or just to make a casino area in general
  4. +Support -Electroweapons like the electroblades are supposed to counter Lightsabers in combat, but if you put a Purge with an electroblade against an event character with a lightsaber the Purge would be straight COOKED -Electroblades suck even against guns even though that is not the point of using them
  5. +SUPPORT -Boba Fett is supposed to be the most feared and skillful bounty hunter and one of my favorite characters in Star Wars, while in game he is the weakest bounty hunter, possibly weaker than the level job bounty hunter -Weapons being added are accurate to film and comic portrayals -Boba Fett needs a buff
  6. -Spice has always been a great and helpful guy in Gaminglight. His application is great too!
  7. When I first saw that the Rear Admiral position opened up, I thought that Steel should do it because he is a great Naval. Steel is someone who exemplifies the great ideologies of Naval.
  8. +Support! -More roleplay scenarios for Regimental Engineers -Can diversify events and trainings -Will improve Regimental Engineer activity
  9. MEGA +SUPPORT -Really good application -Served a long time in IQ -Genuine great guy -Active Good luck!
  10. +Support - While the application is fairly short, Shadow has great experience as a Naval Low Command and during his time as Tenn Graneet he did his best to support Havoc and the Gunnery Officers. I know that he will do the same with SO. - Understands the duties of a Security Officer.
  11. +Support -Understands the duty of a Security Officer -Good application Good luck!
  12. Lydus seems very deserving for Marshal Commander in my opinion based on how he handles the ST battalion.
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