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  1. This is the kind of Research RP is like to see!!!
  2. + Support *Nods head* He is out of retirement boys!
  3. + Support Been admin for a while and is a really nice and respectful person. Good Luck
  4. *The following document has a clearance level of two. Unauthorized viewing of this material will result in immediate anesthetization.* Below is a confidential email sent to all of the high command members of the site, they are free to respond to this in character or out of character, either accepting or denying this request (this is a real request). -------------------------------------------------------------------- To: 14 Recipients From: Doctor Robert Johnson This is a formal request for SCP-513 to be immediately upgraded to the keter class, from its current euclid level. I understand that this type of request is normally processed through the classification department, but that would take months to process (we all know their work ethic) and I feel that this issue it imminent. As you are all aware, we recently had an incident in which multiple armed MTF units were subject to SCP-513 through an accidental ring (it is unknown if it truly was an accident). The MTF proceeded to display intense paranoia, outburst, and serve violence towards all other staff. Their condition, combined with their heavy weaponry resulted in 7 GENSEC casualties, 2 researcher causalities, and even 1 NTF causality (excluding the three MTF units who were infected). I believe this could have been prevented if proper, keter procedures were assigned to SCP-513, that is four security must be present during testing, at least one GENSEC should guard the containment at all times, and [REDACTED] procedures should be considered if a containment breach were to take place. I am hoping at least one of you would take this request into consideration given the amount of damage the SCP has caused already. I apologize in advance towards the classification department. Thank you for your time, Senior Researcher Johnson. Secure, Contain, Protect. Property of The Foundation. Any interception of this material is strictly forbidden and will be met with legal and lawful force regardless of international location.
  5. To be honest, I do not remember if I played as O5-06 or if I warned you, but if I warned you it was probably for a good reason, as I try to avoid warning people (as I leave it to the staff).
  6. //-----LEVEL THREE CLEARANCE REQUIRED-----\\ Name: Dr. Ronald Frankson Rank: Research Executive Clearance Level: Three Date of Incident: 03/01/19 Describe the incident: Two humanoid figures appeared inside the site. They both appeared very similar with blood splattered across their hazmat type outfits. Each entity had Level-B Standard Russian Issued Hazmat suits along with a large backpack equipped with what appeared to be a bomb. Instances of both objects have only been seen walking very calmly throughout the facility, without any identification. When approached by any foundation personnel, they were seen telling them to, "Remain calm" and constantly reassured staff that they, "Were human". It is unknown why foundation staff allowed the two humanoids to roam the facility, but all analysis points towards a physiological effect on a wide scale, in which the two entities provoked trust and ignorance in the foundation staff. On-site cameras show the two entities moving freely around the facility acting as though they were security, referring to themselves as, "The Cleaners". In the footage they did not appear to be hostile, but rather only wanted to observe human behavior. They also seemed to imitate security staff and neutralize an escaped Class D as well as two instances of SCP-966. The security council has requested this breach be kept quiet in fear of a wide scale breach, a full staff evaluation will be required to determine all of the effects from the entities. Few personnel who have come in contact have already been interviewed. One staff member in particular; a "Site Medic Betty" has stated that the entities were very fascinated with the human physc and brain, going as far as asking her for a brain to test on. After being asked why she did not report the incident directly to security, or why they did not have any identification, she simply said that the idea escaped her. It is still unknown how the humanoids entered and exited the facility, as well as how they had heavy class weapons. Due to the incident security protocols have been strengthened as demanded by the Adviser to the Council requested. List classes of SCP(s) involved: The Classification Council has deemed these entities a, "Major security threat", but has labeled them as Safe. Immediate complications due to the incident: No entities appear to have been stolen or provoked by the humanoids, nor has any human been injured (except Class D). Long-term complications due to the incident (if applicable): Strengthened security measures. Field Team [REDACTED] has been commissioned to locate and capture the entities. Currently, they are investigating Rockford Illinois, US with suspicious that [REDACTED] there may some how be intertwined with the entities. Type of response towards incident (MTF/NTF/Security/ETC): For a currently unknown reason, no foundation personnel questioned why the entities were there, who they were, what they were, and treated them as if they were always apart of the foundation. Resolution towards incident: The entities have not been labeled as official SCPs as of yet. Further research is still required. How dangerous was the entirety of the situation?: Incredibly dangerous, the entities had direct access to keter, euclid, and safe class SCPs as well as level four information within the site. Extra Information: An unknown person(s) within the foundation has asked that this file be archived and stored at a secure location, unknown to me. It appears that this incident has caught the eye of some very powerful people...
  7. [ADDED]: - New update for 106 - New Chaos Insurgency jobs - Even more Chaos Insurgency jobs - SCP-076-02 - SCP-1048 - New custom job (thanks ToPlayz!) - New medical supplies to shipments menu] - SCP-912 - Bwhitelist system. -Adminsuite - Chef job. [CHANGED]: - Certain keypads to have timers on them. - Time required to break out of restraints (lowered it). - Updated a few playermodels. - Increased slot for CI Commander - A few MOTD rules (be sure to check them out!) Most likely there were some things that I missed, but have in fact been added to the server. Thank you to the dedicated players who make suggestions, continue to do so!
  8. This is NOT a glitch. In fact, its actually a method of reducing client side lag that you enabled, but did not realize. To fix this you simply: 1. Log onto the server and view the FPS booster panel. 2. Disable the option for shadows. 3. Have fun!
  9. ALMOST ALL personnel on the research roster will be wiped. This is to attempt to revive the research department, a critical aspect in our server. For any questions please contact the new HOR or myself.
  10. For use in all departments. Failure to follow them may result in a RP and/or out-of-game punishment! https://docs.google.com/document/d/17FRaeqRw92kNeW8dKxBy99Jqmt-v0Vw11ZF8eM6TKkw/edit?usp=sharing Credit to O5-02 Counselor Jeffe for creating them!
  11. I have noticed that research has fallen inactive. This is mainly due to the lack of activity in the high command/low command of the branch. I will be doing a full command wipe of research (besides some active people). We will start off with a new active HOR. If you are intrested in applying follow the format below: -------------------------------------------- Title: [Your Name] ~ HOR App -------------------------------------------- In-game name: Current time on the server (use tab menu): How active would you say you are? (1-10): How many warns do you have (If so what are they?): Have you received any strikes before? Why should we accept you? (150+ words): This will be closed in a few days!
  12. There will be a command meeting tomorrow (12/27/18) in TS at 9:00 PM EST . ALL command are required to attend unless you are on loa.
  13. I think that the generator may just be annoying to some players and can cause too much havoc since all the doors open. For this reason, the generator room will be closed and can only be used by the event team. The lights can still be turned off using separate controls though!
  14. //-----LEVEL THREE CLEARANCE REQUIRED-----\\ These forms should be filled out by the person(s) assigned to the specific project. Only one form should be filled out for each incident. As per foundation protocol please file this revised 1J4KAD Incident Report Form as soon as applicable. All incidents should also be reported to your direct superior. (Please exclude this part of the document when filing a report.) Report Form Format: Name: Rank: Clearance Level: Date of Incident: Describe the incident: List classes of SCP(s) involved: Immediate complications due to the incident: Long-term complications due to the incident (if applicable): Type of response towards incident (MTF/NTF/Security/ETC): Resolution towards incident: How dangerous was the entirety of the situation?: Extra Information:
  15. There will be a command meeting on Wensday at 8:00 PM EST (12/12/18). It will be in TS, please be in the command meeting room at that time. All Command members from all departments are required to attend. We will be going over updates, new guidelines, trainings, etc so it’s essential you are there. If you cannot show up please alert a high command member for your branch. WE WILL BE TAKING ATTENDANCE. If a high command member cannot come please alert your regional manager (light or heavy). Thanks! Please respond to this acknowleding that you understand this post. Thanks, Mikedagamer O5-01