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  1. So can we get that playermodel back or no? If it wasn't clear this is sarcasm.
  2. + Support I think a second antagonist group would be a really cool addition to the server, it would provide more roleplay and give greater meaning to the surface. However, there are a few things that could be problematic: 1. That recruitment system is very unrealistic, class D rarely make it to the surface. Small aspect though. 2. This could take players from Chaos Insurgency, spreading the player base too thin. Perhaps, there would be enough active members to make both branches work. 3. Raids would be VERY difficult to coordinate in the manner proposed. Likely, CI and this branch would argue over who's turn it is to raid the site. If this branch is added I would defiantly make the server more unique; to my knowledge no other SCPRP server has an Anderson Robotics branch. The worst that can happen is the branch causes conflict or dies out and can be removed. Its worth a shot! P.S. Nice video
  3. - Support A rifle would become problematic when all the job slots are filled.
  4. - Support Hey dude, can you specify how many people you killed? This appeal is very vague and poorly written.
  5. Hey man (in this context gender neutral), this is a good start to test logs, however consider adding a little more 'flavor' if you will in your future logs. Let your creativity run wild: make separate google docs, incorporate visual stimuli, hell make an audio recording. Also more detail the better. Keep up the good work
  6. + Support James is a great player who is more than willing to service the star fighters of the server. Pilots have become scarce on the server and under strong leadership that can change for the better. Good luck!
  7. + Support Did I scare ya? Super nice guy who is always willing to role play. Ducks will excel in both the RP aspect and administrative duties required of the EO. Good luck!
  8. wHaT iS tHaT MEloDy?!?!!?
  9. Welcome to the community! If you ever wanna play gmod or any other games (namely Payday 2, COD, etc.) hit me up!
  10. - Support Hey man, you seem like a decent person and probably will try your best on staff, but your application feels very rushed. Also, the screenshot of your warnings is practically unreadable (that may just be me though.) If you get accepted thats awesome, but if you don't you can always try again in a few weeks. Don't give up! Good luck!
  11. Adding one large map in LCZ would assume that players, the majority of which will be new, will have access to that location. These new players will be limited to the class D and security jobs for a significant amount of time, jobs which do not have access to much of LCZ. Adding a map decal to each spawn would ensure that regardless of the player's clearance level they can see the map. You have a very point that this would increase props, however this logic is flawed as only the branches accessible to new players (the ones who need to learn the map) would need them. Therefore, only two or three additional decals would have to be used. Perhaps the in-game map idea could be scratched altogether and a map could be accessible via the HUD.
  12. - Support Not sure what the point of this is.
  13. - Support The guidelines for activating the nuke are very strict as is: 682 should escape (or a similar event), an SA+ approves, and a high ranking member requests it. Also, the warhead is the protocol for 682 in lore.
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