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  1. Welcome to the club my mang
  2. omg that first video. I havent seen that mil in years
  3. Core Role call Name:Rook Rank:FSCOL Sub-Branches: (Example - DI or MP)None Activity:Inactive AF Questions:None
  4. I remember that screenshot where we were beating up alsher. Those were good times.
  5. Rook

    Rook's Resignation

    Too late I failed on day 1
  6. Rook

    Rook's Resignation

    GG no RE to you too krimson.
  7. Honestly since I have first joined this server a good 4 or so years ago, I never expected to meet the people or see on how the server would progress too its current state. After all this time I have met many different people and saw many different changes to the server. But after 4 years it kinda loses its touch after a while and you want to take a break. And with that I am going to resign from RU as of now due to my lack of interest in the server. I could give shout outs to everyone i have met in GL Militaryrp but that list would be too long for me to even put in this post so I will just list the ones who influenced me the most. Grimlock- Will never probably see this but was a great general when I served under him Alsher- Honestly when I first saw you I never thought you would have gotten to the rank you got in GL and I give mad props to that. Krimson- One of the few players from back when I first joined that is still around to this day and has helped me win many wars during that time. Rad3c/Hunt3r- Lacks quite a bit of common sense but is a great tank commander. Knossos- Best medic in GL history Tagooon- Was once a minge king to a pretty good commander of Spetsnaz Wrex- Was a good navy Commander. But nowadays is a bit different. Forcing- "I am not a minge" Reborn- The best Spetsnaz Commander and General I have served under next to grimlock and vlad. Vladimir Putin-One of the lesser known generals of RU that was great at his job and was an excellent pilot. Too bad he never got to stay longer. Richard-Great guy I think he will make RU even greater again under his leadership and to keep up the good work. IS A MINGE AND INACTIVE ACCORDING TO CNN Awg- Sexy af voice and the same to you as I said to Richard. John-1v1 me on roblox CSGO. Kopa- Good masshole like me and was a good marine VCMDR and CMDR Matricies/Marticles/Matresses/Mercedes- Great person and I think would have gotten General if he never resigned. Hanz Gree- Decent VCMDR and a great person. Scoot- Keep up the tradition in core buddy i'm proud of you. Rac-Bit naive but a good COl Upity- Eh Bobby-Victorian Cunt And to everyone else I didn't mention its just so that this list will not get any longer than it already will. Goodbye, Sincerely Furry Major General Rook.
  8. Idk I think i might have seen better
  9. Rook

    Rook's LOA

    LOA is over early
  10. In-Game Name:FMG Rook SteamID:STEAM_0:1:85333198 Rank:Senior Mod Reason for leaving:Don't Really have enough time to be on staff and be a gen at the same time anymore and am losing interest Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? Yes Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48 hour notice is up? Yes