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  1. Yeet me from the roster fam I cant get on anymore
  2. Duration 1-2 Weeks Reason:in RU Core
  3. Rook

    Rook's LOA

    Some things have happened recently that does not allow me to spend time on gl lately so i will be on LOA for around a week or two at most LOA will end 10/10/19
  4. I have triplicated warns and would like them removed
  5. From tomorrow until Saturday. Reasons in RU AIRFORCE
  6. Rook

    Rook's LOA

    Have a vacation starting tomorrow that I wasn't told the date of until now so I will be on LOA from tomorrow until Saturday. Sorry for not being able to be on
  7. Reason in RUAF Section Duration 1 Week
  8. Rook

    Rook's LOA

    Gonna need to take a break from GL because I am juggling between other things irl and need to fix my sleep schedule. Will be a 1 Week LOA
  9. What you want to see? - Medic Weapons Of BOTH sides nerfed Why should we add it? - Medic weapons of both sides should be nerfed because a good amount of people are using the job to only get kills instead of healing people, while some weapons in general are just overpowered in general What are the advantages of having this? -Medics doing their jobs Who is it mainly for? -Both Sides Links to any content - N/A
  10. Rook

    My new path

    Welcome back star
  11. In-game name:RU FSMAJ Rook What was your old rank:FMG Around what time were you active:Back before i resigned How active are you planning to be:every other day minimum but hopefully everyday Which branch do you want to join (Needs of the RU may cause this to change):N/A
  12. Welcome to the club my mang