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    My new path

    Welcome back star
  2. In-game name:RU FSMAJ Rook What was your old rank:FMG Around what time were you active:Back before i resigned How active are you planning to be:every other day minimum but hopefully everyday Which branch do you want to join (Needs of the RU may cause this to change):N/A
  3. Welcome to the club my mang
  4. omg that first video. I havent seen that mil in years
  5. Core Role call Name:Rook Rank:FSCOL Sub-Branches: (Example - DI or MP)None Activity:Inactive AF Questions:None
  6. I remember that screenshot where we were beating up alsher. Those were good times.
  7. Rook

    Rook's Resignation

    Too late I failed on day 1
  8. Rook

    Rook's Resignation

    GG no RE to you too krimson.
  9. Honestly since I have first joined this server a good 4 or so years ago, I never expected to meet the people or see on how the server would progress too its current state. After all this time I have met many different people and saw many different changes to the server. But after 4 years it kinda loses its touch after a while and you want to take a break. And with that I am going to resign from RU as of now due to my lack of interest in the server. I could give shout outs to everyone i have met in GL Militaryrp but that list would be too long for me to even put in this post so I will just list the ones who influenced me the most. Grimlock- Will never probably see this but was a great general when I served under him Alsher- Honestly when I first saw you I never thought you would have gotten to the rank you got in GL and I give mad props to that. Krimson- One of the few players from back when I first joined that is still around to this day and has helped me win many wars during that time. Rad3c/Hunt3r- Lacks quite a bit of common sense but is a great tank commander. Knossos- Best medic in GL history Tagooon- Was once a minge king to a pretty good commander of Spetsnaz Wrex- Was a good navy Commander. But nowadays is a bit different. Forcing- "I am not a minge" Reborn- The best Spetsnaz Commander and General I have served under next to grimlock and vlad. Vladimir Putin-One of the lesser known generals of RU that was great at his job and was an excellent pilot. Too bad he never got to stay longer. Richard-Great guy I think he will make RU even greater again under his leadership and to keep up the good work. IS A MINGE AND INACTIVE ACCORDING TO CNN Awg- Sexy af voice and the same to you as I said to Richard. John-1v1 me on roblox CSGO. Kopa- Good masshole like me and was a good marine VCMDR and CMDR Matricies/Marticles/Matresses/Mercedes- Great person and I think would have gotten General if he never resigned. Hanz Gree- Decent VCMDR and a great person. Scoot- Keep up the tradition in core buddy i'm proud of you. Rac-Bit naive but a good COl Upity- Eh Bobby-Victorian Cunt And to everyone else I didn't mention its just so that this list will not get any longer than it already will. Goodbye, Sincerely Furry Major General Rook.
  10. Idk I think i might have seen better