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  1. The Official U.S. All Branches Discord All members in U.S. Branches are welcome to join our discord - it is NOT required. Anyone not in U.S. branches who cause issues will be permanently banned. This is a great mode of communication, that being said there are no voice channels, and being on TeamSpeak as well as on the forums is still mandatory. https://discord.gg/x6Yk69F
  2. I like the idea of voting for peacetime/wartime the most. I also like the easy alternative of having optional wartime the first five minutes, but anything out of base would have to remain in the 20 minutes timeframe - which would suck.
  3. +Support good for events
  4. Do you think adding 5 mins to wartime as well as to peacetime would help?
  5. What you want to see? - Extend peacetime by 5 minutes, making it total 25 minutes Why should we add it? - 30 minutes was too much but 20 minutes is too low for training exercises and other activities, every time I do PT I find myself wanting a few more minutes. What are the advantages of having this? - Having enough time to finish exercises and activities Who is it mainly for? - U.S. Links to any content - N/A
  6. -support 2LT and 1LT lead to CPT, in US 1LT and 2LT are given responsibilities outside of being able to promote
  7. he cant use you as a recommendation because you are all branches blacklisted
  8. You were super fun to play with, good job leading the U.S hit me up sometime
  9. goodbye friend
  10. Tum-tumz

    The Hunt

    403 error, we cant access whatever it is
  11. I agree, CQC is almost inevitable on this site. Most of the time youre better off if youre fighting someone CQCing with a sniper if you have an assault rifle and I think this would only really cause problems for staff and arguments between players. At the same time most other servers dont allow this already as it doesnt make much sense RP wise and causes problems in combat
  12. Tum-tumz

    Breakout Timers

    I think there should be rules around SCPs breaching, as right now there are no standards. But at the same time SCP breaches make the game fun so they should'nt be limited too much. +Support
  13. What you want to see? -For the new restraints that automatically regenerate to be imrpoved. Why should we add it? - Because you can break out my clicking mouse 1 in less than three seconds. What are the advantages of having this? - Becaus as they are they are super weak and ineffective. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone. Links to any content - N/A