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  1. goodbye friend
  2. Tum-tumz

    The Hunt

    403 error, we cant access whatever it is
  3. I agree, CQC is almost inevitable on this site. Most of the time youre better off if youre fighting someone CQCing with a sniper if you have an assault rifle and I think this would only really cause problems for staff and arguments between players. At the same time most other servers dont allow this already as it doesnt make much sense RP wise and causes problems in combat
  4. Tum-tumz

    Breakout Timers

    I think there should be rules around SCPs breaching, as right now there are no standards. But at the same time SCP breaches make the game fun so they should'nt be limited too much. +Support
  5. What you want to see? -For the new restraints that automatically regenerate to be imrpoved. Why should we add it? - Because you can break out my clicking mouse 1 in less than three seconds. What are the advantages of having this? - Becaus as they are they are super weak and ineffective. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone. Links to any content - N/A
  6. I really enjoyed growing this community and having fun with so many great people. I have only had issues with a handful of you who I can gladly say I have mostly found common ground with. There are lots of people I am going to miss but this was ultimately a decision I had to make. I have a great job, just got accepted to a better job, my sports team is starting their season, and I am doing well in school and can't focus on the server like I have been able to in the past. So here’s a stupidly long list of names and my favorite screenshots. Ace, you're another USAF great and I hope you continue leading the USAF into the future. Androntel, I don't give a shit if its a mag or a clip. Keep making informationals, I’m glad we could trust each other in the end. Brandon, one of the USAF greats you did a great job leading the branch and you're always the one laughing ? Bobby you were fun to talk to, and I understand why you left. Chilies work hard enough and you'll get BG, #freechilies. You could be mingey but not as much lately. Sometimes you need a little minge to have fun. Chiken the “minge”, thanks for captain and VCMDR biiiche. Danny, one of the USAF greats you have become such a good general since you were BG, good luck with whatever you do in the future! Felix, you were a good CMDR I'm glad you're having fun on PRP. Funkey you already saw the comment I made on your resignation. Fuurlix the days the lot of us played R6S and Left 4 dead were the best. Hudson try your best with the army, you've been dedicated to the server and I know you'll do good. Injoker you were a good CMDR, kinda wish you got to BG but whatever. Glad you're still around to say hi once and awhile. John we haven't talked much in the past couple months, there's a lot I want to tell you but I just hope I did a good job running high command. Lawrence/North don't let the USAF fall apart, at least try your best ? Lego, I don't regret what happened between us but you were a good CMDR. Maxim, you almost got me to join RU, wish you were on US when you were around. Perry, thanks for the promo see you on the retirement side. Pilgrim sorry you never got BG but the fun times on flatsands were great, seeya yah weeb. Reborn you were pretty chill and fun to play with, good luck on whatever project that you're working on, wish you were still around. Richard/AWG- you guys are the most active RU GENs since awhile, keep it up! Sam, there was a day you were going to be my general but that passed. I’ve always trusted you, and you have always tried to your best for the marines. You're a good guy and my only advice is to continue making good decisions in the future. Sayajin don't get banned, glad you're still around. Scheffer we have worked together for so long, I know you're going to hate this but both you and I have too much to pursue out of this game. Seriously good luck with your job, and I know you're going to work hard to keep the U.S. going. I just, man this sucks I'm going to miss you. I never tried to care much about staff stuff but you're a good SMT. Senior don't pressure yourself to come back, but know you were just awesome when you were around! Shadow or whatever your name is now, you were a serious force and an amazing leader in the USMC. You might want to come back now that we are seriousRP but I don't think you will. Star/Moon you guys were my coolest VCMDRs keep doing what you're doing. Spades you my dad Tempest, we had our issues but you're a good leader and a good person so I wish you luck in the future. Remember when we were commanders in USAF? Kek Waffle are you retired? I don't even know. I updated the high command informational if you want to use it: click here Signing off, GEN Tumz
  7. +Support -Active -Treats research with respect, actually acting like a researcher -Does a good job training/leading
  8. Its also a problem with the new MTF jobs
  9. +/- Support I feel this hinders 173 a lot, buts its kinda the point 131 cant blink and can be used against 173
  10. You mean on TS? The only tags people get on the forums for servers are for staff and we already have those.
  11. I get a negev might to too OP, but our main job is to stop CI, and as it stands we have no chance and GENSEC would be better off once they get CPL not joining MTF at the moment
  12. There isnt a way to fix this I imagine unless you block that area with a prop, tell staff if it happens
  13. I dont think we have any armor on either job
  14. No we dont the, heavy has no gun except a negev and the basic NU7 has an MP5 which does 16 DAMAGE