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  1. Gone like the wind. With college, I don't have the time to put into the server. I will stay in the discord to watch how you all are doing and hop in the server when there are updates. I wish the server good luck, and for the second time peace.
  2. +/- Support I want to give this a plus support as classified clearly cares and wants to come back after all this time But, even though other comments broke down the video I cant give judgment without seeing the video myself
  3. +/- Support I have to say the last time I dined in your grub hall is was at large mediocre. It tasted like a standard meal served in a high-security urban prison. The eggs although cooked all the way through had no finesse to them and lacked essential spices you need to elevate any dish to a level a chef could be proud of. Meanwhile drink options, although limited, were satisfactory and went well with the main course. The main course being grilled potatoes, sliced and salted. Yes, I am referring to french fries. These french fries although above those found on a corner fast food restaurant did not attain the status of a correctly salted box of fries from dairy queen. There was indeed ketchup served alongside the french fries which made them acceptable in my eyes, but my compatriots agreed that they were simply sub-par the usual high-status such fries attain in RU base. However, there was an instance of this chef's cooking that indeed made my mouth water for more. It was the great bake off of 1989 where US and RU chefs alike flew into a frenzy creating cakes, breads, and various other items. Along with other members of US HC I went through the venues tasting the products when we came along Tagoon's dish. This masterpiece of a creation, this sensual delight, was of course his famous blue berry muffins. To this day I am blown off my feet remembering the perfect quality of his muffins. Those babies were at just the right temperature, with just the right number of berries, and of course, carried the power of symmetry in its design. For this reason I give this support a plus or minus support as he shows potential that has not reached into his daily cooking.
  4. +Support - my disappointment will be massive if this isnt the next map -Fresh -Snow for once -Has a cathedral -Trench warfare -Cool map elements (bunker doors and such) -Large bases with proper training areas -AWG MADE THIS MAP! -Ru and US can play soccer together! -MAP SPOILERS: Actual offices for commanders and generals/ Actually good UN room/ A DB room that looks like a college seminar room/ Obvious places for capture points and work well with how our points work/Entire underground area with explosives/Cremation chambers ISSUES: Map is pretty large although all points would be the same distance assuming theyre in the obvious locations and ome textures seem to be missing from the pack. When it comes to points being far away either more troop transportation options or having a gamemode that switched between points with a single capture point every war This map would also mean a change in name and color for Taliban as well as more RP
  5. Tum-tumz

    Tumz LOA

    Be back in 5 years
  6. He is applying for BG dont be so rude
  7. Tum-tumz


    Care enough to actually come onto the server?
  8. Dont comment on accepted apps
  9. Already Accepted Big brain status acquired
  10. Name: Tumz Rank: 2LT Reason for leaving: No longer have time to play on the server Will you stay active during your 48 hour notice?: yes
  11. Tum-tumz

    Tumz LOA

    Name: Tumz Rank: 2LT Reason for LOA (You can put Private if needed): I have been extremely busy with finals and work Duration: 3 days
  12. For the love of god fix all the salaries if possible, and I think gen salaries should be more considering the work it takes to become BG+ Minor gen: $1000 Gen: $1500 GOA: $3000