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  1. Name: Josh Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104301095 Reason for Resignation: Sadly ive joined a lot of departments, and school has been sucking up my time. Im putting down state sadly as one of my options :(. I wont forget state and the fun I had inside of it. But I need to be in less departments and dont have enough time to fit state (would say more time taking then others). Tyler Ross: if you see this, keep yelling at fuckers lmao
  2. Wow, we barely knew eachother but I know one thing for sure, is that you were a sure one hell of a good guy. From being in NCM, PD LC, and staff, I've never heard a single bad thing about you dude. Wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors Russia ^^
  3. -Support Im sorry pog. You are a good guy and every time Ive seen you on (which has been quite a bit), you've been chill. But not making the word count AND (if true) advertising your app is just a no go for me. Sorry dude Good luck!
  4. All reasons above ^^ (Though hide your poll results lol)
  5. +Support Really good person Always is fun when on the server On often Good luck delta < 3
  6. I think your just covering up your success....or should I say SUwUSSY
  7. +Support for all the reasons above Though haven't seen you on SM, I doubt you would just not play after getting LT. Good luck dude!
  8. Damn dude, you had the best events. Sad to see you go along with your fun shit
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