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  1. Ingame Name: Max Holland Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:160820176 Job Name: Bigman Old Playermodel Link: old playermodel path: models/gta5/prisoners/prisonerlatinopm.mdl New Playermodel Link: New Playermodel Model Path: models/player/anonymous.mdl (already on server paid 30. paid by - STEAM_0:0:160820176)
  2. I mean, if you didn’t staff diss and be racist towards me and other people in the community. I would have had it at a lower time but I felt you needed the weeks to improve on your behavior. aswell not to mention you had the worst attitude towards all most all players you come across. Becuse your way you’ve changed doesn’t mean you still don’t deserve a punishment. If you committed a crime irl That excuse wouldn’t work.
  3. Something you shouldn’t joke about. Aswell you had “fuck gaminglight” as your name. aswell you are most likely blacklisted since your banned from most servers.
  4. +support active nice guy mature great app fit for role
  5. +support active mature fit for role good app
  6. + support active good application mature prior experience. overall I think Solomon will make a great addition to the staff team.
  7. + support mature nice active good app overall rich is a nice, mature and active player who would make an amazing addition to the staff team.
  8. Make sure your graphics are on high. Shouldn’t happen as much.
  9. -support All tac teams do what you described. Aswell as it’s just not needed.
  10. + support reasons stated above
  11. One step closer to commissioner.
  12. + support as long as they are not glamorizing the life of a terrorist.
  13. I see where you're coming from, but you shouldn't deny someone of an opportunity because of age, sex, race , gender or nationality. even if there not mature they should still be given the opportunity. If they fail to uphold the responsibilities of staff there will just be punished. sorry but -support