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  1. + support very active member knows the rules helps me in sits when my mic broke nice guy i think he would make a great addition to the staff team good luck ~ max
  2. MY SIDE so we were in a sit right and I’m talking to him and hunt then all of a sudden he hops in the car i tell him the sit is still going on. If he didn’t cut the sound from the video you would of seen that, I tried to grab the car but you kept driving off. There was no need to try kill hunt, he was only trying to help the situation. The warm wasn’t false in my opinion also you can’t tell people not to -/+ support your report. And saying there sucking staff off is very immature
  3. -support you arrested me for walking near the bank, you tazer rushed me, you Rdmed me, you had a very bad attitude towards me when I told you to try learn then police sop( I gave you the link) you ran into a bank raid when command told you not to. Good luck ~Max
  4. Ur attitude isn’t the best they are trying to help you, no need to tell them not to respond and not to correct you.
  5. +support active member of the community good app active on fourms from what i can see nice guy knows the rules honestly i think weasel would make a good addition to the staff team, hes a very nice guy who always cheers me up when im down. good luck ~max
  6. -support It’s just to hard to enforce
  7. This is a good thing not a bad thing xd