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  1. DENIED Sorry, but community blacklist's are no longer appealable. You may not attempt to appeal this again!
  2. Denied You came back recently. Please improve activity then reapply when you feel ready.
  3. Denied you just came back. show activity then reapply when you feel ready
  4. It was abused. Sorry but -support
  5. Idk why you posted this twice however, Yeah so the situation was that you cop baited. During the sit as I was about to speak with you about a punishment you left. You had made no communication at all to let me know that you had to leave. All that happened was me explaining something to you the you left out of the blue. If you had told me that you had to leave ect I would have handled the situation differently. I understand how you had somthing you needed to attend to at that moment. However, you made no Communication to me, leading me to believe you left to avoid a punishment/ the sit.
  6. - support sorry but I don’t think your ready just yet.
  7. + support active Low warns nice guy good luck!!
  8. I just don’t have enough time anymore to play JVS. Thanks for the good memories!!
  9. + support active dedicated good app good luck!!
  10. + support active mature good app would make a great member to event team