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  1. If you cannot find it here is a video explaining how to set it
  2. It sometimes unbinds itself just rebind C in control settings under "CONTEXT".
  3. Head to HTTP://EMSAPPLY.TK to apply for EMS
  4. Tyler please apply here HTTP://EMSAPPLY.TK
  5. +support The staff member responsible failed to enter the ban reason properly.
  6. Hi all. I apologies for my absence I was rushed to hospital on Sunday for incredible abdominal pains and found at that I had severe appendicitis and it was needed to be removed as soon as possible. Now after four days of being stuck in hospital I am now at home ready to get back onto the server for some emsRP. Thank you
  7. Garry Aldrich


    Next minute someone will say well I speak fluent google translate.
  8. -support My only interaction with Gaur has been nothing but excellent. If you are getting salty over 1-5 second bans then I am speechless. Harden up princess
  9. Garry Aldrich


    Schön, Sie kennenzulernen
  10. Garry Aldrich


    Guten Morgen, ich heiße Garry.
  11. -support To be honest 90% of this servers player base use gun dealer as an excuse to either RDM /or Mass RDM what makes matters worse is the fact that non of the gun dealers who play ever have a store. If you want to make the server run smoother dedicate some of the shops that are vacant and make them gun shops or increase prop limit to allow for a little creativity with building gun stores 25 props is not enough to accomplish that.
  12. - Support ^^ Anyone with that many warns would have been perm banned by now.
  13. What you want to see? - Is it possible to add the players name to the heart icon when we head to revive them. Why should we add it? - Most of the time EMS get to a crime seen and instead of waiting for us to arrive to revive they just respawn themselves forcing EMS to drive all the way back to spawn and since this is considered FailRP having the players name gives the EMS the chance to report the individual for this reason. What are the advantages of having this? - Well it would ensure that people don't self revive when an EMS is online. Who is it mainly for? - EMS Links to any content - N/A
  14. It would be cool if traffic officers set up speed traps and radar people then chase them and pull them over.