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  1. Dont mess up buddy. Good Luck. -Cain
  2. +/- Support - Good person - Has leadership abilities - Follows order given to him - Understands when to take command - Understanding person. - App is kind of small. - Seems Rushed but unsure.
  3. Name: Cain Rank: PVT Time on the server: About a day or 2 Roster Status: Unsure Concerns: (not a mandatory question to answer) None
  4. - Support Rushed App Don't see him take command any.
  5. -Support Rushed app, Not much to go off of. +Support Good BXO Great leader Knows how to take charge when needed.
  6. -Support - App looks rushed - Not CMDR ready needs some more time - Not good examples of reasons to Trust. +Support Good guy Friendly and easy to talk to.
  7. + Support I was looking around and there are lost of great RP things that we could be taking advantage of, like better patrols, and we could send a battalion to one the outpost to defend. I think the GMs could use a new map to do things on. The base its self look great and that the Engine room is separate from the Main base and its across the Way with hangers.
  8. - Support I dont see the Need for new models The ones that we have now are good enough