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    My ban appeal

    -Support on my end, no effort to amend mistakes
  2. Steam Name: Razonix Ingame Name: Razonix SteamID: N/A but TS id is 3yj6pXgdJhVCw3VDdzI/Utx0rEE= Ban Length: Blacklisted by accident Admin that Banned you: Th3 but it was not his fault, the server had Rhys name logged under my TS id so he blacklisted my ID instead thinking it was Rhys. Reason for Ban: Accident Dispute:Just need to be unblacklisted from the TS nowhere else Thanks guys.
  3. Oh I did read it and I liked it buddy thanks man! It was great serving with you.
  4. Big shout out to the Event Team they make it possible ;). I may be resigned but Im still grateful for yall.
  5. Well guys it looks like this is the end! It’s been a long and a fun ride founding research and running it. Sadly all good things must come to an end. My life outside of this game is too busy to manage running departments in GMod sadly. I love all of the people that I have gotten to work with in research! They have been a blessing to me! If you have any questions for me at any point please msg me! I will still be on the server just not running departments! Thank you for all the good times, and I better not see any types of parades going on because I’m leaving! Sometimes real life matters take priority and this is one of those times. The show must go on, and I will still be judging the contest for you guys! Just remember that research is going places with or without me! Thank you everyone! I won’t do @ because each of you know how much you mean to me. This is Head of Research Razonix signing off for the last time.
  6. ACCEPTED I talked to a lot of people about you and they had good feedback! Welcome to Event Team! Contact me in the TS or In Game to be trained!
  7. DENIED I think you have the creativity to be an Event Team Member but you fall short in maturity. Pick up your community rep if you want to be in Event Team
  8. Nope please apply if you would like to join Event Team.
  9. Denied Need more community support Reapply in 2 Weeks
  10. Hey, its been a great ride with security! I remember joining way back when it was only Kade and a few other people. But as you probably know I am super busy with Event Team and Research. This sadly leaves me with no time for security. I cannot be the best lieutenant that I can be because I am super busy. Security needs someone who is active and able to be a leader. So I will be thankful for all the good times and hope to see you all on the server! Thanks so much for the memories! LT Razonix
  11. ACCEPTED Congrats! Contact me in the TS, in game or on the discord to be trained!
  12. With the need for new command in research, I will now be holding an application period where all Senior Researchers plus may apply for Supervisory and Manager positions. Please answer these questions and post it in this section so that your peers can support or deny you. Name: Rank: Time in Research: Position being applied for: Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? (100 word minimum) What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run trainings, etc)?