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  1. Razonix

    Ajax LOA

    Noted see you soon
  2. It was great working with you man, and I know you will go on to do great things! Hasta luego
  3. ACCEPTED, Congrats! Contact me in game or in the TS to be trained
  4. Razonix

    Remembering Mike

    Well Mike, We are going to miss you so much, and I know that each and every one of us will miss you so much!!! You created a server from the ashes. From those ashes you have made a family, a family that you can look on for generations to come. This is truly an amazing accomplishment, and the server would be nowhere near where it is now without your influence. We will always remember the fun nights together, and the hard times that we all went through together. For us This was more than just a game. This was a second family to me. Thank you for everything: The coding The staff The server The fun The dedication The family The atmosphere The love And most of all, thank you for being you, each and every day. We will all miss you so much @Mikedanoobgamer! Please share your favorite moments with Mike down below! From one friend to another Razonix
  5. Name on roster: Razonix Rank on roster: LT How active are you: On the server daily Who should be the next Major? Up to High Command on that one What can Security improve on? Training more strictly  Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I believe that I can help security grow as a group and a family. Security will help the server grow as we grow, so let’s keep trudging along and the server will thank us for it.
  6. As we are coming up on a new year, Id like to see a role call done and all of event team responding to show your commitment Please use this format: Name: Rank: # Events Ran: How will you improve yourself on this team going forward? Event Team Leader Razonix
  7. Tom you are the man as per usual, and I know that you are going to bigger and better things. Talk to you later!
  8. Denied Reapply in a week with a better community reputation
  9. ACCEPTED Contact Me in the Teamspeak or In-Game to be Trained
  10. Razonix

    Ethics Comittee

    +Support, but later The research department isn't big enough yet to handle another item on their plate Let them grow a bit then implement it
  11. ACCEPTED Not a ton of support, but I liked your application Congrats, come see me to be trained
  12. For those who have not seen yet, there is a new update to the server that includes new vehicles and aircraft to the server. The Guidelines have been updated to include those, and they can now be used in events! Have a great week! ETL Razonix
  13. PENDING You need community support in order to be accepted
  14. So can 939 as well, We can make it a high level class just like 939. Its a good add as long as its in the right hands