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  1. Dont worry my guy, we will play soon enough, anyways thank you for your service on mil-rp and I hope seeing you.
  2. CS Desert did has it's issues, such as Low Sky-box, and the amount of problems during war such shooting behind their spawn-line and the huge amount of fps drops due to the huge amount of people on the server (i don't know but i always happened to me on that map and a-lot of people also) but i believe that if they customized and fix all the issues i would say that it would it be a good map to switch to.
  3. Well If this some how gets to happen I guess the Russians will be switching by being vietcongs
  4. Sad to see you go, hope seeing you on the future you were one of the greatest pilots and dedicated person on Usaf good-luck on your future.
  5. Just saying a-lot of those warns are over a year by the look of the old staff members names and some are also duplicated by the look of it, if the person is not minging I dont really see the point of punishing him.
  6. I'm using CS desert is able to be full customizable like some example garnet had a full custom cs desert map I'm just saying that** (for some reason I dont have perm to edit my reply and fix my grammar mistake.)
  7. Hope seeing you on ts, sad to see you go from gmod in general.
  8. Free Money? For Mother Russia!!!
  9. Senior

    Precision Tool

    This was already on the server but valk removed because he though that we would never going to used its being a while without it so it's time to re-added back.
  10. Nooooo, this is kind of late but sad to see you also go, you were in my opinion a great USMC Commander i hope seeing you on the future, thank you for your service.
  11. Sad to see you go, i hope seeing you on the future you were a great General.
  12. +Support There is really nothing to say, everybody already said it above just give this man Super Admin.
  13. Sad to see you go, you were a great RU general i hope seeing you on the future.