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  1. As Inaccurate said Community Blacklist are no longer appealable also not to mention you came back on Milrp multiple times on Multiple Alts to bug MilRP SMT asking why you were banned so I wouldn't say you matured enough if you couldn't accept the punishment and not come back on Alts.
  2. Last time I checked you were no longer a First Lieutenant or in USAF as you failed to attend the Officer Meeting yesterday without reason.
  3. Not going to cry but Syth you were an awesome dude when you were in the Navy from the days I watched you become Commander and then retiring the first time but coming back for the second time and reaching Vice Commander I never thought I would see the day you became a High Command member again. I guess what they "Once a High Command Member always a High Command Member". Syth you were an awesome guy to hangout with and to fight alongside from one Navy member to another God Speed. General Brandon: *Hands challenge coin* Syth: *Takes* General Brandon: This coin will earn you a free drink if you ever found yourself in a Navy Bar. General Brandon: Company ATTENTION !!! Present Arms *Taps is heard playing in the background*
  4. Rule 1: When someone comments and tells you to fix something or change something never reply back on your application.
  5. Missing Poll fix it when your able to and don't respond back to this post .
  6. - Support - Response for Question 4 looks like he just wants the rank than do good in DI. - Minimum effort into the application - Seems a bit power hungry
  7. Accepted during Officer Meeting Speak with a Army Colonel plus for Training
  8. So I don't know if there's been previous posts of this bug or not and it's been archived and still hasn't been fixed in the past but for the US Ranger: Combat Medic you can't buy Medical Supplies in the F4 Menu which all other Medic Jobs and Custom Classes if they have a Med-Kit can so can we please fix this bug as it's been an issue in the past and the suggestion either has been ignored or other previous SMTs just forgot.
  9. + Support - The two Jobs for RANGERS that are mostly underused due to the primary weapons on them. - If a weapon change doesn't happen a buff to both weapons would be fine - Both Jobs will be benefited and used more if a buff happened or weapon change
  10. Congratulations you have been Accepted into M.A.J.C.O.M we hope you will serve the United States Air Force well and help them on dangerous assignments. Speak to a USAF Lieutenant Colonel Plus for training.  - General Brandon
  11. On Hold Until Further Improvements have been met: 1. Activity 2. Conducting a few Debriefs with Army High Command on 3. Following Orders and Communicating with others
  12. [GL] Brandon

    Nova's LOA

    Noted Notify U.S.M.C High Command when your back