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  1. I did read it Tim, I did........ wtf man
  2. That Star Wars wasn't real, fucking rip man.
  3. +Support Active Mature Friendly Only thing I notice to be a little iffy is how old your forum account is, but other than that i'd be happy to work alongside you.
  4. I think it's research assistant or junior researcher that can go into the HCZ from the LCZ, but they can't get back into the LCZ, I guess the perms only works on one half of them or something, thank you btw for fixing that.
  5. @IgneousSorry for the ping my dude! The Deputy Head of Security job cannot open the checkpoint gate between EZ and the HCZ, if this could be fixed this would be great, thank you!
  6. -Support -Poor Grammer -Account being used by multiple people -Steam ID isn't correct -Didn't seem to read the staff handbook as the punishment listed isn't how we properly deal with situations such as that -Just made the forums account -No poll Overall, check your spelling, fix your steam ID, add a poll, don't let your brother play on your account, and try to be active on the forums,
  7. SuperSpace

    Three Life Rule

    -Support We already have issues with people who barely play splitting their time between 2 jobs, having 3-4 would just be too much imo, asking someone to split their time evenly between 3 jobs is going to be difficult, I think 2 lives for now is good.
  8. SuperSpace

    SCP = XP for CI

    This, I never knew this was in place, however i've never seen a staff call asking for exp for this from CI, so they should be made aware as well.
  9. SuperSpace

    scp 096

    +Support assuming the audio wasn't broken and it's possible to be added back.
  10. +Support Active Mature Friendly Works Hard Having you on staff would be a definite +
  11. +Support This is definitely an area that should be talked about with staff and CI to develop the best solution, although from what I saw yesterday morning with SCP-096 being weaponized, at least the way he was, that shouldn't be happening, maybe for events, or maybe for some smaller scale things, but that kind of stuff isn't healthy for the server, nor does it follow lore, and while we don't follow lore 100% of the time for the sake of running the server smoothly, having 096 enraged running around CI in circles and killing whoever they say to kill is ridiculous.
  12. Your In-game: SuperSpace Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:116958895 The admin's name in-game: SWAT SSGT Will Newel The admin's steam name (If you know it): Nope What warning did you receive: "Cannahbis peraphenalia" Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Not exactly sure when it was issued but i'm going to assume 2-3 years ago, I really don't remember. Why do you think this warn was false: Someone told me, I think it was Jeffe that Will probably meant to put it into the radio or something? Any extra information:
  13. The 3 empty rooms, where the far left one is where the people who get ming'd go to, that or the back of the meeting room would work amazingly well, also THANK YOU for accepting this!