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  1. Says "Approved by Mike" :thinking: Regardless, Kade 100% deserves this position.
  2. +Support Friendly Active Confident Knows the server and its rules We do need more staff and I think Kade the 2nd would be a good fit.
  3. Name on roster: SuperSpace Rank on roster: COL How active are you: Pretty Active Who should be the next Major? I'd prefer if we voted on this topic as there are many qualified security who would fill the position nicely. What can Security improve on? Filling more NCO+ spots, so that things can slow down a little bit, and so we can begin to establish some more permanent ways of doing things. Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I feel I have a lot to offer security, and so far the things i've done or helped to accomplish/complete are only some of the things I envision security of eventually achieving, while we can definitely improve on some key aspects pertaining to the job, i'm already incredibly proud of the direction that gensec is currently moving in, and extremely proud of some of these NCO'S and other personal that I have the privilege to serve over, you all are what makes this a blast, cheers.
  4. Dunno why we give tours in the first place tbh, it adds ALOT of time to training, I'd be more understanding towards the prospect of it if we constantly had 5+ trainers online, but right now we're lucky to have like 5 certified trainers that are active.
  5. I'd really like for someone to look into this that has the power to move it please, if we could use of the 3 empty boxes that would work amazingly well, you hear every shot fired in d-block and constantly have random people wandering in and being annoying or distracting you from training. Thank you.
  6. Name: SuperSpace Rank: Major Reason(If personal put Private): Graduating  Anything you would like to ask?: I might be able to make it there, in the case that I do, Read and Understood.
  7. In-Game Name: SuperSpace Your Rank: RCT In-Game Time: 4 days Activity This Week: everyday at least 6 hours Any Concerns?: # of members in MTF.
  8. RIP, you were so helpful and overall a great guy, sucks to see you leave, i'll miss you man.
  9. GenSec classes cannot buy another pair of restraints, this hinders our ability to get d-class for researchers. When i say we cannot buy another pair, I mean that it is red, we don't have job perms to purchase another pair.
  10. If you swap to 966, and then sit on his window frame, or one of them rather, and then get back up from sitting, you can get out of the cell.
  11. SuperSpace

    Thank You!!!

    Thank you to everyone who keeps the server and the RP experience running smoothly and keeping it fun for all involved <3.
  12. I think these are some great ideas, I wonder if it'd also be possible to have some place aboveground maybe? Where just trainees and instructors spawn? Idk, might work out might not, but I do like the idea of doing it in the back of the LCZ meeting room.
  13. Fixed the format, my b, really hoping the training room is changed somehow.
  14. What you want to see? - The GenSec training room moved somewhere quieter Why should we add it? - it's not a good idea to have the training room next to the nosiest place on the map, it's difficult to talk over constant gunshots, and it's difficult for trainees to hear me. What are the advantages of having this? - Faster training times, ensuring trainees hear what trainers are saying, also less potential distractions. Who is it mainly for? - Trainers
  15. Name: SuperSpace Rank: SGT Activity Status: Active Specialty Classes: M, RC, MTF Improvements: Re-containment knowledge, less pointless killing of d-class (ex: 3 d-class just finished cleaning 173's cell, you don't have to gun them down), ability for the highest ranking guard personal to be able to call lock downs on the d-block as long as they are either CPL or SGT+.