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  1. -Support The CI heavy has a lot of HP and armor for a reason it's a heavy and if it was nerfed it would become pretty much garbage the PKM is really bad against armor and it has a really long time to kill on most people CI heavy is balanced at where it's at in mty eyes. Also the Nu7 jugg may not have the most hp and armor but it has pretty good guns
  2. Sad to see you go kade take it easy man and wish you the best.
  3. Fool

    Samms loa

  4. Fool

    Big no no.

    +Support Looks like I gotta remove someone from Nu7.
  5. Fool

    Mike Staff Report

    Looks like you ain't getting into Nu7.
  6. Only thing that can really be done without having to rework the swep would be enforce it as a rule.
  7. +Support This would work a lot better and make much more sense in RP
  8. Fool

    Mike Staff Report

    -Support All reasons above And preferably you don't want to start a massive argument on the post.
  9. +Support Yeah I was there with them and they just left to go to surface
  10. -Support Yeah the knife 1048 has is the M9K which does more damage than every melee weapon D-class have access to.
  11. -Support This is not really a necessary addition and Research just got 294 back
  12. -Support All reasons above.
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    Fear Player Report

    +Support All reasons above.