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  1. 076-2 looks at a researcher Researcher-"THEY JUMPING ME THEY JUMPING MEEE!!!"
  2. If you want to play HOI4 go talk to your local kiwi name is Rang
  3. Accepted. Please wait till bread stops making a model so the branch update can come out!
  4. +Support I'm dissapointed.
  5. +Support I think this could be a good change and as mentioned before as long as this can't be abused against CI it should be fine.
  6. Once again 012 is a piece of paper put it into a damn paper shredder
  7. Dude that sound is the thing I fucking love about it it sounds really good
  8. +Support Finally something to use my 1.3 mil on.
  9. Bruh utility getting payed? you are funny bro
  10. +Support it is a literal Anti Material Rifle for a reason so yeah
  11. +Support application
  12. Bro we debunked this when you left you were Joe the whole time @Blackbeard
  13. Bro y'all dumb it's a piece of paper just rip it lol
  14. You guys need guns? Just get a pre nerf fubar bruh