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  1. Glad to have you in the U.S. Gen Team, I cannot wait to work with you.
  2. Going to be with family till the 29th of December. Will still be able to attend meetings.
  3. Update! Major General Tempest now the branch general of Army Core. Goodbye my love ;~;
  4. Update! Added new VCMDR policy- They may now promote up to Colonel with Commander/Branch Gen permission unless they are alone in command. Edits on officer responsibilities for teamspeak.
  5. Mr. Hudson

    Armykid LOA

    I need an update on your LOA.
  6. Sad to see you Jake, you had the upmost potential in Army and hoping you would become the successor of Army even though you were Vice Commander for a short time, but sadly I guess the curse knows no bounds.
  7. The reason why the US high command instills such a high standard is because we believe there has to be organization, effectiveness, a sort of responsibility/discipline, and a sort of order within the faction. Branch reports is something that is necessary as how else are going to know the state of each branch, by getting a short brief from the commanders? No, most of the time one can forgot what went on both for the reporter and for the listener. It is better to have a written report than a spoken report as you can easily have it on records and as well assess the problems. Without such "nuisance" we would be no better than a DarkRP that are running touting minges which would definitely be the downfall of the server. Some things I can agree is the split in power but that would need to be discussed, and the punishments. Sometimes I believe we can be way to harsh at times and we overreact in such small infractions that causes a not needed argument for a while, whilst the infraction can be easily fixed with just a calm discussion.
  8. +/- Support +Support: For the 2x XP, I like the idea where there are xp boost days like the weekend. It also get people motivated to get on more so they can get a desired class and level up they're character. -Support: 2x Money, I don't believe this should be implemented, if anything there are some imbalances in certain jobs salaries and should be fixed. Also there are other solutions in getting more money like winning a war should give a player more money of effort then it. Free doubled money would be just a waste of work since there are numerous of solutions in increasing income. I like Winshoven's idea where the amount of kills gives you rewards but I believe it would be best to give such rewards after a war. -Support : The Veteran classes and Hero are like what Androntel said, for long time/committed players who grind or payed there way to those classes. If anything if XP boost days were to be implemented this would be a solution since a player would need to be active in order to gain levels. +Support: The Blue's unboxing idea I think would be a cool thing for the server, nothing beats wasting your money on crates. -Support : AFK grinding is a no for me, nobody should be rewarded for doing nothing. People would abuse it heavily and it just doesn't look good.
  9. Me boi CT sad to see you go, but life does come first. Always. Fix them grades then come back soon.
  10. Sad to see you go Tyler, I had some fun times with you on the server and I hope you do return. Come by and say hi sometimes.
  11. US Army Officer Meeting is @ 6:30 PM EST This Sunday 11/3/19 *NOTE* This meeting is not mandatory but it is recommended that officers attend to hear news and information. This meeting will consist with announcements and discussions within the branch. If you can't attend this meeting please follow the format below and reply to the post, if you're on LOA you will be excused. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name and Rank: Reason(If personal state "Personal"): I Promise to speak to and Officer or read Brief Letters to get details of the meeting(Put understood): ------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Update! Archan/Marshall has retired. The US Army Commander Position is now vacant. Added new note for 1LT's in the Officer Responsibilities Section. "1LT's must wait one week before applying for Captain unless given special permission by Army Commander+."