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  1. Already under discussion by the generals from another proposal.
  2. -Support This looks more of a downgrade to the one we just got.
  3. Mr. Hudson


    Ah yeah
  4. +Support Active Mature Shows dedication whilst on the server. As an excellent officer, may excel in being staff. It's a clear choice. Vice would be a great staff member for the server.
  5. Update! Updated Command Members Added a new Officer rule for CPT+'s
  6. -Support Although I believe Taliban should have a bigger role than just some donor faction that blows shit up during DB. Taliban is and always be a Minor Faction and not a main. But I do believe it should be a more realistic minor faction.
  7. -Support During Terror, all Taliban are infiltrators.
  8. Mr. Hudson

    Full Server Rework

    Huge -Support Although the server definitely needs a great change, taking the DarkRP route will definitely be the demise of the server. Here's why. Roleplay: Let's be honest who the hell roleplays in DarkRP, barely anyone. DarkRP's are known to be mingefests and RDM eccentric. You will have very few that will roleplay and honestly don't stay long. MilitaryRP is known to be very centrally about roleplay, at least back then. Losing that RP aspect is the killing blow especially removing semi-serious. Civilians: Almost every old person here knows how Civie jobs and MilitaryRP just does not work. From rp_foreststrike 2018 to 1944RP. Having Taliban RP as civilians is good enough. New Jobs: Honestly half the jobs should be directed towards Taliban than civilians. I'd be all for a Tali Gun Dealer or Scavenger/Thief. As for Mercenaries, I feel this could be abused by like Androntel said people with a vast amount of money. If the server was more Serious in RP aspect I would be all for it. I've seen servers with Mercs and are successful but it cannot work with non-serious. Removal of Jobs: Removing USMC/USAF/Army will no doubtfully anger many, especially those who are passionate about there branch. I personally do not wish to see many of the branches go where many have worked hard to maintain and thrive. General Assessment: MilitaryRP without some aspects of Serious is not MilitaryRP at all. You will get some people to check out a new type of DarkRP server but ultimately not be dedicated to it. DarkRP is also about grinding and just fooling around for entertainment. If the server goes the non-serious route again it will be the downfall of the server. I feel that if the server took the DarkRP route then ranks would not matter but faction. I also see civilians not doing much but as being just a cash grab job where you make money faster than actually using it for RP. I staunchly disagree with this idea and hope it does not come to fruition. Although I disagree with the basis of this idea, I feel some in this rework should come to be true. Gamemodes: Domination and TDM does kinda get old and although many have made suggestions of new gamemodes it usually does not happen for various reasons. I really believe different gamemodes would be great for the server like Capture the flag, King of the Hill, etc. Taliban: Although most jobs are civilian jobs, I feel maybe it's time to stop using Taliban as just a Donor faction but something with meaning. Taliban can definitely be a replacement for civilian as they actually should be anyway. With a diverse range of jobs they can definitely be more fun than just going boom boom. Taliban being a more free faction than US and RU people can be more non-serious there than main Military Jobs.
  9. 5 Fs? Jesus you really need to fix that my boi.
  10. Denied You've recently transferred and it hasn't even been a full week. You can make another transfer application one month from the day you joined, so May 14.
  11. I knew it was going to happen but for some reason i'm still surprised. Nova I am glad you've reached the rank of Commander for Army and did all you can for the branch I once struggled to keep afloat. Known you for the longest of times even before I reached Branch General and the memories are still with me. Glad to have worked with you and hoping for the best for you. Good luck my boi.
  12. Transfer on hold, awaiting consent. @bahremu @Shadow The Hedgehog