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  1. Application Pending Awaiting for more +/- Supports
  2. Why you made your thing look like a resignation my heart dropped lol. Anyways have fun in your vacation.
  3. Awaiting USMC Branch General approval.
  4. This strike was given due to an absence of a branch meeting without notice. Since given a good reason, your strike will be removed. Appeal Accepted
  5. Greetings, I got some spicy midterm exams next week so I will be taking the time to study like crazy and complete my exams. I will be able to attend meetings but I won't be playing any games for the time being. I will be back in March 17th. -Major General Hudson
  6. Ah yes I remember when I was navy commander. It was good times.
  7. Scheffer is a nuke monger.
  8. @GoogleChrome Reminds me of those Go Diego Go Fan Fics
  9. Army Officer Meeting Changes Hello Army, lately Officer meetings have been lacking due to members with time differences and busy schedules. I as well is starting to get busy around that time and by busy I'm mostly sleeping. I think it is now time to change the time and possibly the day of Army Officer meetings. Please comment below on between Saturday or Sunday is best for you and what time. Lastly all Officers who do not show up to the meetings are required to comment on each brief letter showing me that you read and understand of what was discussed.
  10. Is this some scribe shit?
  11. Need an update on your LOA
  12. This is Project "Scheffer" America's newest secret nuclear project. And this is pictures of testing.
  13. I hope to see you on the server and not go on LOA every other week.