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  1. So some of my exams schedule have been changed, so my finals will end shorter than expected. Kind of a cock move from my professors cause it gives me less days to study but whatever. So as an update my LOA will end in the 25th of May.
  2. Mr. Hudson


    Luckily I know the story to this post lmao. YOUR DONE RAC! jk
  3. Now I know I've been pretty inactive and this LOA has been a tad late but school has been extremely daunting and demanding and I've been trying to find the time to get on but every single time I find time something else comes up which hinders me coming on. This is all due to the exams, essays, reports, and studying. Also the army is on trying times and going on LOA would be a cock punch and I didn't want to do that, but now I know for a fact that I will not be getting on till exams are over. I will join the officer meetings like always but this LOA will be pretty long. Until May 30th I will not be getting on, I will be on teamspeak when I am home if anyone needs me. To those also preparing or doing exams goodluck!
  4. Aw man crimson I'm honestly a bit bummed that your resigning and this is in the midst of my upcoming LOA. But it is what it is and I say goodluck in college because you going to need it, trust me. I also do hope you come back in the future, you were a great officer who instilled discipline in a mature manner and I wish I spoke with you more. Please keep in touch.
  5. Noted Good luck in your studies.
  6. Accepted Contact a VCMDR+ for training!
  7. Last time we did it yeah our population spiked but went back down after a week so switching maps will not increase our population
  8. I did not say to put me as big boi. Whatchu mean.
  9. Understandable, godspeed my dude.
  10. Denied Due to community feedback, this application has been rejected for now. You may re-apply in 1 week, during that time please try to fix your reputation by acting more mature and making your application more detailed and prodigious. Also please use the updated army CPT application next time, I let this slide because it was recently updated but so now you know.
  11. Captain Application Denied Wrong Title Format: Title: "Name" Captain Application, If your title is not correct, you will NOT be Accepted! <From Application Format Again your application lacked effort, reverting back from the ranger app it has improved by like 20%. Please be sure to put effort into your application. < From Application Format Replied to App/criticism. I've seen other 15 year old's make outstanding applications so your age is not an excuse. Advertising your application into public chats. A Mega no no Although your application writing skills improved by a small margin, it still does not meet the standards. But it is not the main factor, you have posted your application twice into two public chats which is considered advertising to your application. You may reapply in 4 weeks and you must get permission from VCMDR+ before re-making your app. Lastly you will be receiving a strike for this as this is a big offense and must appeal it @ Please use common sense next time.
  12. This Application will be put on Hold for the time being since there was no +/- supports. The application will be subsequently denied if no feedback is give in a few days.