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  1. This Application has already been Denied. Please cease any new comments.
  2. BlackBoard! I'm quite sad that your resigning but all great people all have an end. I had enjoyed our time when you were in the US Army Core and in Marines. When you get the chance please do visit and keep in touch. Good luck in your future endeavors my dude.
  3. Damn it Ace y u do dis. I want to say that I will miss ya dude. Your straight up an awesome and easy guy to talk to. I was very happy when you became a general because I knew you definitely earned it, well we both became general but I was happy for you than for myself. I am glad that I met you and wish the best for your future. Hope to see you visit time to time. -Brigadier General Hudson
  4. I checked the afghan map out (rp_afghan_border) and I actually like it, it is sizable, almost all buildings are open so we can enter, people who use taliban mostly will be glad to have a proper base lol, I mean theres another base near the main but its smaller and has a underground area, theres a kill house(more of a shoot house) and shooting range, helipads and air strip, area for vehicles (good for USMC Crewman and Donor tank operators), hot jail cells, nice looking medical ward, very nice barracks, has an airport (Could be used for strategic competition between US and RU), also has cool wavy trees and plants. with map edits we can copy the main base and add another for RU, maybe add more buildings to have that city feel, Maybe make the map a bit more expanded, maybe add a cave in the mountain, add maybe underground area for main bases, etc. The map might be good if especially we add cool edits for it.
  5. Mr. Hudson


    -support I like the two bases meant for each faction and the extra, but the map is a very open desert with a small town and a quick cave system so there is not much area for missions and roleplay events. The map I guess is soley for tdm only as it looks. I can see myself getting bored with this after a while playing.
  6. I am sad that you are resigning but alas I am happy that I had the chance to work with you and I hope for the best in your future endeavors. Please do visit us from time to time. Lastly good luck and godspeed.
  7. Update 12/27/18 Updated Army Command. Added Logistic Specialist to the Rank of Specialist (SPC) Added Combat Engineer to Staff Sergeant (SSG) Removed Weekly Reports Link
  8. IN-GAME NAME: Hudson RANK: Brigadier General BRANCH: Army CURRENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Overseer of the US Army Core Branch Supervisor of Army Core High Command Manage all Army Special Forces regiments and their leaders Make sure meetings are created and conducted.
  9. I am back pretty early and I've been on the server lately so this LOA was not needed since I didn't know my grandparents got better internet so yeet. LOA over
  10. Going on LOA starting today. I will be going to be heading to my grandparents house to celebrate Christmas. Anyway I will be back on the night of Saturday the 29th, I can be on teamspeak so I can attend meetings. Hope everyone has a great christmas.
  11. Mr. Hudson

    Syrup's LOA

    Yeet, hope exams went well for you.
  12. December 9th's meeting will be Canceled. I am currently going to be unavailable for the day because of a final for an online class so I got to study like crazy, and plus there is not much to speak about as the week was pretty slow. For those who are currently studying for finals or some type of exam good luck! (cuz I know I need it) I do not know if I will release a brief letter but we'll see.
  13. For those who did not attend.