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  1. +/- Support +Support: For the 2x XP, I like the idea where there are xp boost days like the weekend. It also get people motivated to get on more so they can get a desired class and level up they're character. -Support: 2x Money, I don't believe this should be implemented, if anything there are some imbalances in certain jobs salaries and should be fixed. Also there are other solutions in getting more money like winning a war should give a player more money of effort then it. Free doubled money would be just a waste of work since there are numerous of solutions in increasing income. I like Winshoven's idea where the amount of kills gives you rewards but I believe it would be best to give such rewards after a war. -Support : The Veteran classes and Hero are like what Androntel said, for long time/committed players who grind or payed there way to those classes. If anything if XP boost days were to be implemented this would be a solution since a player would need to be active in order to gain levels. +Support: The Blue's unboxing idea I think would be a cool thing for the server, nothing beats wasting your money on crates. -Support : AFK grinding is a no for me, nobody should be rewarded for doing nothing. People would abuse it heavily and it just doesn't look good.
  2. Me boi CT sad to see you go, but life does come first. Always. Fix them grades then come back soon.
  3. Sad to see you go Tyler, I had some fun times with you on the server and I hope you do return. Come by and say hi sometimes.
  4. US Army Officer Meeting is @ 6:30 PM EST This Sunday 11/3/19 *NOTE* This meeting is not mandatory but it is recommended that officers attend to hear news and information. This meeting will consist with announcements and discussions within the branch. If you can't attend this meeting please follow the format below and reply to the post, if you're on LOA you will be excused. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name and Rank: Reason(If personal state "Personal"): I Promise to speak to and Officer or read Brief Letters to get details of the meeting(Put understood): ------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Update! Archan/Marshall has retired. The US Army Commander Position is now vacant. Added new note for 1LT's in the Officer Responsibilities Section. "1LT's must wait one week before applying for Captain unless given special permission by Army Commander+."
  6. Update! US Army Officer meeting time has been changed. Meetings will be held now at 6:30PM EST instead of 5:30.
  7. Update! All Branch Officer meeting date is set to only Saturday's at 7PM EST. Thursday's meetings have been removed.
  8. United States Army Informational Branch General: Hudson(Interim) Commander: [Vacant] Vice Commander(s): Shadow Oath "I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." Rules of the Army If caught minging you are liable to be AOS for full time. Avoiding training or PT will result in being AOS. Arrest due to misconduct can result in demotion or a “don’t promote” status. Promotion is given based on leadership and overall helpfulness (especially for officers). K/D is not everything but it helps. Always send promotion recommendations to officers (CPT+) when asked. (DO NOT recommend yourself for promotion. Failure to send in a recommendation may result in you losing a promotion opportunity.) If you change your name please contact a Vice Commander+ so they may update the roster. (Note: Changing your rank without the permission of an officer can result in a demotion) If taking an LOA for 3+ Days please posted on the Forums. Officers are to perform duties, attend meetings, and be active on TeamSpeak and forums. Follow orders given by your Officers and treat them and MP with respect. Do not leave base during peacetime unless you have permission from a Major+ Attend weekly meetings and training to stay up to date with army activities. If you are unable to attend reply to the meeting posted by a VCMDR+ Corporal+ Must be on Teamspeak at all times. United States Army Ranks Army High Command Major General - MG: Can promote up to CMDR & 1LT for other Branches. Brigadier General - BG: Can promote up to CMDR & 2LT for other Branches. Commander - CMDR: Can promote up to COL. Vice Commander - VCMDR: Can promote up to LTC and Host Branch Meetings. Officers Colonel - COL: Can train for Captain. Lieutenant Colonel - LTC: Can train for Rangers. Major - MAJ: May promote up to 2LT. Captain - CPT: (Unlocks US: Officer) - Can promote up to SGM and has the ability to whitelist. Trial Officers First Lieutenant - 1LT: May apply for Captain after one week from promotion. (Link) Second Lieutenant - 2LT: (Unlocks Ranger Sharpshooter) Enlisted Sergeant Major of The Army - SMA: A reserve rank for the respected. Sergeant Major - SGM: (Unlocks Ranger Medic} First Sergeant - 1SG: (Unlocks Ranger Riflemen) - Must apply on the forums here (link) Master Sergeant - MSG Sergeant First Class - SFC Staff Sergeant - SSG: (Unlocks Combat Engineer) Sergeant - SGT: (Unlocks Marksmen) Corporal - CPL: (Unlocks Pointman} Specialist - SPC Private First Class - PFC: (Unlocks Medic) Private - PVT Officer Responsibilities United States Officer’s will be held to a higher standard than the enlisted. Officer’s are responsible for promoting, demoting, maintaining and ordering the enlisted. Officer’s are required to attend to the weekly meetings held at Saturday 7:00PM EST Officer's are required to attend branch officer meetings at 6:30PM EST on Sunday when they are posted. Officer’s are required to be on teamspeak ( when on the server Officer’s should enforce rules on the Informational Officer’s should be promoting enlisted every war that are under the rank of SGT if they have not been promoted 2 times that day, unless minging or were not at war. CPT+ are required to fill out the promotion form when they promote someone. *IMPORTANT* 2LT/1LT are responsible for overseeing the enlisted and reporting to CPT+ First Lieutenant's must wait one week before applying for Captain unless given special permission by the Army Commander or Branch General. CPT+ are responsible for training enlisted classes (marksman, pointman, medic, etc.) LTC+ are responsible for training US Rangers COL+ are responsible for training new Captains 2nd Lieutenant+ Has to make sure that Corporal+ are on Teamspeak Captain+ Has to ask for Recommendations before Promoting. Officer's must be active on the forums and give feedback to Army Applications United States Army Rangers Requirements Must be active Must be in TeamSpeak ( at all times Must be able to work with a team Must be the best of the best Must be respectful Must have no more than 1 Active Strike(s) Must be at least 1SG in US Army Must know a majority of models (Distinguishing RU and US) Must be able to follow orders Must Apply on the website (REQUIRED) Training Training will consist of a 3 strike system. If you get 3 strikes you must retrain Change Name To "US Ranger Trainee (Army Rank) (MP rank if MP) (Name)" Faces (Must remember a sequence of 4 faces and do them) Advanced Weapon Training -Recoil Control -Advanced Target Shooting -Reaction Time -Trigger Discipline (3 Mags) -Timed Shooting Test -Target Area Shooting (Shooting Certain Area's Of A Target) Breach Training Knife training -Countering Knifes -Knife Combat -Knife Survival Defensive Tactics -Defensive Vehicle Tactics (Dodging Moving Vehicles) -Vehicle Takedown Tactics (Destroying Moving Vehicles) -Counter-Sniper Tactics -Survivor (Survive helicopter crash) - Optional Leadership Training Miscellaneous -Grammar Laps -Grammar Pushups Delta Force "The Unit" Army Creed “I serve the people of the United States, and live the Army Values. I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills. ... I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy, the enemies of the United States of America in close combat. I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.” Created By Hudson Most information by Former CMDR Injoker
  9. This is goodbye I guess, godspeed my boi.
  10. US Army Officer Meeting is @ 5:30 PM EST This Sunday 10/13/19 *Important* This meeting will be significant so I ask all Army Officers to attend this meeting. We will be delving into deep discussion for the future of Army and some important announcements. If you can't attend this meeting please follow the format below and reply to the post, if you're on LOA you will be excused. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name and Rank: Reason(If personal state "Personal"): I Promise to speak to and Officer or read Brief Letters to get details of the meeting(Put understood): ------------------------------------------------------------------ This meeting will be Mandatory for all US Army Core Officer (2LT+), if you don't attend and you do-not reply to this you will be receiving a Strike.
  11. Nvm got confirmation.
  12. Need Army CMDR verification.
  13. There are multiple infractions within your Captain Application. As stated from above you cannot have your VCMDR's names listed for #5 #6 is not 75+ words which means you are under the minimum. Take this time to make your application more better by adding details and information. You have 24 hours to fix your application or it will be automatically Denied.