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  1. Northy

    TS images v2.0

    In-game name: North  Battalion/Branch(optional): British Forces Rank/Staff Rank(optional): None Colour: Red  The text you want on the Image: General North I would like to say, thanks for going out of your way to make these for us!
  2. Huge +Support Active Fit For Roll Mature Knows Staff Handbook Knows Rules Great Best Staff Member on The Team
  3. +Support Active Mature Previous Super Admin Knows how to be staff Fit for roll
  4. I hope to see you back soon Awg. Good luck with whatever you’re going through!
  5. Sad to see you go Chicken. You were a great Commander and a great staff member. Thanks for being in my branch and helping me out. You were one of my best soldiers and officers. I will be happy to play with you more!
  6. Northy

    Ban appeal

    Huge -Support That was highly uncalled for when you make that “joke”. It wasn’t funny at all. Making fun of a mass shooting like that is a horrible thing to do and is not accepted here at all. A lot of people were directly affected from the shooting, you making fun of it isn’t right.
  7. Anti Semitism isn’t accepted on the server. You adverted a very nasty line that was racist and anti Semitic in multiple ways. The ban was justified as you went way overboard with this. Then when I brought you to a sit you didn’t even understand why you were being punished. Having a server set in an era where a lot of people were very racist while not allowing anti semitism is a hard thing to do. A lot of people like to come on the server and say something racist. We rely on staff to keep these toxic lines out of the server. You’ve been a player in this community for 7 months now. You’re also a NCO on the server so you 100% know the rules and that’s the top rule on the MOTD. It doesn’t make staffs job easy when you act like this. Also, I didn’t ban you, Richard banned you for 1 day and if you can’t take a minor punishment like that then that shows the type of person you are.
  8. +Support •Well rounded player •Knows rules and follows them •Fit for roll •Active •Previous staff •Been in community for a while Good luck Jesssy, I hope to see you on staff!
  9. Huge -Support. Marksmen don’t need sidearms. They have a gun that’s great at its purpose. Marksmen have a disadvantage and one way to defeat them as a rifleman. That way is getting up close to them. Snipers should also post up in pairs. This would allow for them to have a spotter, with a rifle and a shooter, with a sniper.
  10. Northy

    Know your planes!

    This looks amazing Awg. Thanks for putting this together!
  11. -Support Its a two day ban... Wait it out.