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  1. +Support •Nova is mature and active as an Vice Commander. •He is fit for the position of High Command and Brigadier General. •He has held multiple command positions, multiple times. •He has good judgement and is dedicated to improving his branch. •He shows that he wants to improve his branch. Overall, I feel Nova is fit for the huge promotion to Brigadier General. He has just been promoted to High Command, and is proving that he is fit for the next role. Nova is dedicated to making Army Core into a good branch with officers and enlisted. I feel his can do this with the right power. Best of luck out to you soldier.
  2. I like you as a person. You’re a great guy. However, I feel you could use some work before becoming Colonel.
  3. -Support The reason why tac units rush in after 8 minutes of negotiating, is because they are deemed that they don’t want to negotiate, and they are stalling. They have 8 minutes to get the hostage out, if they can’t do it in that time, there’s a 99% chance that they’re stalling.
  4. +Support As long as air vehicles are regulated so they aren’t overpowered, I agree that WAC shouldn’t be used anymore. WAC is super glitchy and half the time you can’t even fly it.
  5. -Support This map is very optimized. I have no issues with crashing and very little issues with lag. I would recommend verifying the integrity of your Game Cache, or changing some settings in game.
  6. Congrats to all Delta Squad Applicants who were accepted. Hope to see you all doing great on the field.
  7. Huge +Support •Fit for roll •Dedicated •Has been in USAF multiple times & for a long time. •Chill guy •Great leader •Norths favorite USAF member
  8. In-Game Name: North Job Name: Recon Specialist (Changing to Ace) Server: PoliceRP SteamID: STEAM_1:0:181101264 Link to old post: Issue: • The jobs name was never changed to Ace.
  9. In-Game Name: North Job Name: Recon Specialist Server: PoliceRP SteamID: STEAM_1:0:181101264 Additions: ($20)Add Playermodel (Already on server): models/player/spike/noscopedjfk.mdl ($10)Change Weapon: Change KAC PDW (tfa_kac_pdw) to HK 416 (tfa_m27416) ($10) Change Job Description: Ace is a nightmare of the Government. The name brings horror to officers. Wanted for many felony crimes, Ace has never been caught to this day. Nobody has seen the face of Ace; at least, nobody alive has. Highly skilled, low profiled, and extremely brave, Ace is willing to commit from armed robbery, abduction, and murder. He is extremely respected among the community of criminals and has worked with many other famous criminals. You do not want to be on the bad side of Ace. $50 Total Needs @Alistair approval.
  10. +Support •Great Guy •Mature •Active •Fit for position Goodluck with your application Tonto and I look forward to seeing you on the field.
  11. The Mobile Command Unit is not just for EMS. PD, SRT, CERT, ARU, SWAT, and EMS use this vehicle. It has multiple purposes. This vehicle can be used by HC in most departments.
  12. Huge +Support Chad was one of the best staff members I’ve ever seen. He knows how to do his job perfectly, he has a lot of experience here at GamingLight, and he’s super mature. With the proper training on new rules, commands, and others, Chad will be one of the best staff members again. •Mature •Works well under pressure •A lot of experience •Super chill - Activity can improve (Which I am hoping for)