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  1. Name: North Rank: Sergeant Major  Activity (Active, semi-active, LOA): Active Recommendations for department: Increase Activity
  2. We've put a lot of work into a new server, realizing that everyone got bored of MilitaryRP. The fact that right when we get a new server up, everyone hops out of no where to get back on the server is something else. Scheffer and Richard put a lot of work into MilitaryRP with updates and advertisement to get the server populated. During that time, nobody got on to help out. Now everyone wants to when they turn their heads to something else.
  3. Northy

    TS images v2.0

    In-game name: North  Battalion/Branch(optional): British Forces Rank/Staff Rank(optional): None Colour: Red  The text you want on the Image: General North I would like to say, thanks for going out of your way to make these for us!
  4. Huge +Support Active Fit For Roll Mature Knows Staff Handbook Knows Rules Great Best Staff Member on The Team
  5. +Support Active Mature Previous Super Admin Knows how to be staff Fit for roll
  6. I hope to see you back soon Awg. Good luck with whatever you’re going through!
  7. Sad to see you go Chicken. You were a great Commander and a great staff member. Thanks for being in my branch and helping me out. You were one of my best soldiers and officers. I will be happy to play with you more!
  8. Northy

    Ban appeal

    Huge -Support That was highly uncalled for when you make that “joke”. It wasn’t funny at all. Making fun of a mass shooting like that is a horrible thing to do and is not accepted here at all. A lot of people were directly affected from the shooting, you making fun of it isn’t right.
  9. Anti Semitism isn’t accepted on the server. You adverted a very nasty line that was racist and anti Semitic in multiple ways. The ban was justified as you went way overboard with this. Then when I brought you to a sit you didn’t even understand why you were being punished. Having a server set in an era where a lot of people were very racist while not allowing anti semitism is a hard thing to do. A lot of people like to come on the server and say something racist. We rely on staff to keep these toxic lines out of the server. You’ve been a player in this community for 7 months now. You’re also a NCO on the server so you 100% know the rules and that’s the top rule on the MOTD. It doesn’t make staffs job easy when you act like this. Also, I didn’t ban you, Richard banned you for 1 day and if you can’t take a minor punishment like that then that shows the type of person you are.
  10. +Support •Well rounded player •Knows rules and follows them •Fit for roll •Active •Previous staff •Been in community for a while Good luck Jesssy, I hope to see you on staff!
  11. Huge -Support. Marksmen don’t need sidearms. They have a gun that’s great at its purpose. Marksmen have a disadvantage and one way to defeat them as a rifleman. That way is getting up close to them. Snipers should also post up in pairs. This would allow for them to have a spotter, with a rifle and a shooter, with a sniper.
  12. Northy

    Know your planes!

    This looks amazing Awg. Thanks for putting this together!