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  1. +Support With the current timer being 20 minutes long, we have no time to do any activities after Debrief concludes. When I try to do Physical Training, Try Outs, Patrols, and other activities, I get interrupted by the shortened Timer.
  2. /setspawn russian_gru_trooper should do the trick.
  3. In my opinion, LFS isn’t really usable on the server. 1: LFS is extremely armored. You can shoot one of the weakest LFS helicopters with 2-3 Stingers. A stinger should be a one shot homing missile. The only way to really take down an LFS aircraft is with another LFS aircraft. 2: LFS is super unrealistic. It’s way too easy to fly. It takes no skill what so ever. You can literally take off, crash 9 times and still be able to fly. You can go from full speed straight into a mountain and not blow up. 3: LFS guns are way too OP for this map. If you do a strafing run, you are almost ensured a kill. With the splash damage of the rockets, there’s almost no way to escape them. If you enter a building and the rocket hits the roof, it will kill you. The miniguns on the aircraft also shred through and vehicle or person with ease. You can take down a tank with the mini gun in a few seconds. 4: They can’t be nerfed. I’m pretty sure Scheffer has said in the past that we can’t nerf the helicopters and jets so that’s why Richard decided to nerf them. 5: Complaining and server population took a hit from LFS. A lot of people who don’t have access to aircraft complain until they don’t want to play on the server anymore. The Aircraft are too easy to kill Troops with so it gets boring for infantry.
  4. Huge +Support This could potentially bring the servers population up with ease. Currently when the server has 5-10 players, there isn’t much to do but mess around. This would add a lot of stuff for troops and officers to do.
  5. +Support Thanks for going in detail with these suggestions. I agree with these changes fully. This is very needed on the server. Aircraft needs to be revamped.
  6. I agree with Awg. Wardogs have proven that they can’t handle having too much power as it has been reduced already. If you need access to performing these actions, ask a staff member of the correct rank.
  7. In-Game Name: General of the Armies North SteamID: STEAM_1:0:181101264 Rank: Super Admin Reason for leaving: I no longer have time to get on the server. With the current state of MilitaryRP I don't want to leave it. I hate to leave right when the server starts to get active again. With school starting up, i'm no longer able to get on the server everyday. My full resignation will be posted in the US Military Section. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? Yes Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48 hour notice is up? Yes
  8. First, I just want to say thanks to everyone who has played on the server and enjoyed the moments. I've spent a lot of time on the server and have had a lot of fun. From joining over a year ago to becoming the US GOA. I'm grateful for everyone who has been here in the community and played with me. I'm leaving due to the fact that I have school starting for me. I have to focus on real life. It's been a blast while I was here. This server will always be my favorite server in Garry's Mod. Keep it running and going strong! Good luck to everyone that is still around! Keep MilitaryRP lasting long and hard. The best server to come up on Gmod. I will pop in here and there to say what's up still. Till then friends. Honorable Mentions: Scheffer: Scheffer, you're my favorite Manager here at Gaminglight. You got a lot done and did amazing things for MilitaryRP. You worked really closely and well with your SMT/JMT team. You were so easy to talk to and always had the best mind to keep the server going. I will always remember you being the Nuke Master of the server. I miss you being here everyday and hope to talk to you again someday. Till then old friend. Zeeptin: I can't thank you enough for allowing me to have a position in your JMT team. This opened my eyes up a lot to see how a well ran community should look like. You do amazing here at GamingLight. I love to see how well the community is going and I hope for it to continue striving! Goodluck with everything! John: You were a great Manager for MilitaryRP. You pushed out a lot of work and did so much for the server. You're a super chill guy and I miss talking with you. The good old times on MilitaryRP with Gredwitch Bombs will always be in my memories. Thanks for promoting me through my staff ranks and allowing me to help out the server! Richard: I'm sorry for leaving you when MilitaryRP is just getting populated again. I wish the best to you and the server. You were a good HoS and I will miss you Finish Boy. Have a good one mate. Igneous/th3: You guys were super chill and good at your jobs. You're doing great with SCP-RP and I wish you guys the best of luck with that. I love the work y'all do with the server, keep it up. Fame/Snar: Thanks for everything you've done for Gaminglight. You guys do so much work for the community and are always doing your job. Keep up the good work! Awg: I've known you for a good minute now Awg. You've been here for a long time and you will no doubt make it to SMT soon. I wish you the best of luck with Russia and the staff team. I'll miss you bud. Scoot: Ima continue to use my dog as a broom. You've brought some funny times to the server. Goodjob with Rust and keep it going! Kai: I haven't known you for too long but I can say, you were my favorite person in this community. You've done such an amazing job at your position. You got to it really quick because of the skills and dedication you showed. Straight a legend. I will keep in contact with you mah boy. Ace: Ace, you showed me how to fly, how to play, Air Force and so much more. I can't thank you enough for bringing me under your wing into USAF. You trained me into USAF with Mario and I haven't looked back since. You were my favorite Leader, Commander, General and pilot. You were a true god with WAC and It was an honor to play with you mate. Mario: You were an amazing Col. and you were a great VCMDR for that one day. You did some good things here at USAF and with MilitaryRP. Thanks for everything! Brandon: You were probably my longest lasting Branch General. You showed me a lot about the server and promoted me a long ways. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to progress in your branch all the way to where I am now. Danny: Danny, you were my first Branch General. I never really got a chance to meet you until I reached 2LT. From there, I knew that USAF had the best High Command. I can't tell you how much it has meant to me that you allowed me to ever get an officer position in your branch. I will forever thank you for that. Senior: Senior, you were the first person I met here at Gaminglight. You trained me for a US PVT. You brought me out to war and showed me everything. You gave me my first two promotions and taught me the basics of everything I know here today. Thanks for being one of the best Army Generals to exist and I still love talking to you every once in a while. Chicken: You sir, were my best soldier i've had. I'm so happy you decided to chose USAF as your branch. From the time where you were just an AMN with an Imbela, I knew you would be something. I am forever thankful to you for helping me out with USAF as a VCMDR and you did amazing. Lawrence: I remember the day you came back to the server. It was a while before I saw anyone else with AFSOC in their name. Especially from the old days. I instantly wanted you back to my Branch. Thank god you came back and I am so happy you did. You were amazing as a VCMDR and I hope you continue to do great mate! Reborn: Overlord Reborn, the all mighty Russian Leader. You were one hell of a General and SMT member. You did some of the most amazing events and really kept the server going great. I can't thank you enough for what you did for me here at GL. Androntel: You were also one hell of a General. A long run here at MilitaryRP for you and I can't beleive you stuck with it for this long. I will miss you old friend. Zach: Goodluck with USAF Mate, I wish you the best. Keep my branch running strong and hard. Screenshots:
  9. It has been a long ride with all you Troopers! I'm resigning due to the fact that I feel State has been mistreated and is not held to the standards it should be. I would like to thank everyone who was here while I was a trooper! You guys have continued to make this Department great and fun. Good luck to all troopers! This department has treated me great while I was here. I've had a lot of fun here at State. It's hard to make this but the time has come. This will be my full resignation from State/CERT/SPMD/FTO. Ghostly- You were an amazing Colonel. I was so happy when you took over the department. You did some amazing things for us. I'm sorry for resigning on you while you're on LOA but this had to come. Gaur- You've helped us out a lot since I've been command. You were an amazing retired Col. Echo- You were another amazing Colonel. State has been great since you got A. Col. I can't wait to see it continue to improve. Kai- You were my right hand man. We did a lot of work together. We've focused extremely hard on this department to make it amazing. You've done some great things here at State. Yobo- I will miss you mate. You are a true legend. Goodluck! Bailey- You are straight fire. Me and you worked together as partners on this server for the longest time. We patrolled everyday and protected the streets. Alistair- You were my favorite foreign commander. It's been good working with you partner. Thanks for everything. State Command- It has been amazing being here with you guys. I will miss running the department with you guys. The time and work we have done here has been really fun and cool. You guys continue to do good work! State A. Lieutenant Colonel North
  10. Noted. Have a good trip mate!
  11. Noted. Sorry about the roster situation, we had you down under two ranks. It has been fixed! Thanks for informing us!
  12. Uh oh... Thanks mate.
  13. +Support This would be great to have and it would reduce people resetting each other.
  14. I’m down to remove echo. As long as I get his Acting COL Position. On a. Real note, -/+Support. This really wouldn’t benefit the server at all. This would just be extra work for SMT. If the echo is really irritating, you could lower it. I’ve not experienced any issues with it.