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  1. Thanks for serving us here at Delta Squad. You were a great member and you did everything the way it should be. Hope to see you around!
  2. +Support • Clear FailRP • NITRP • Even if he was “AFK” that gives him no justification as to why he sat down in the middle of a major situation. • As someone with 16 weeks on the server, you should know not to do sit down in an active situation.
  3. -Support Defeats the purpose of the shield Semi Serious RP Not needed
  4. Congrats on getting accepted. Welcome to the team.
  5. -Support It is not needed to regulate what people can and can’t do with their hostage. We should be able Roleplay out Torture and try to get information out of a hostage.
  6. There’s lockpicks which would make the “Cuff Cutter” worthless and a waste of time.
  7. +Support You’d have to be Hulk to shoot a Negev as straight as it does IRL.
  8. Huge -Support They can get treated at DOC.
  9. This happens when you click F3. It puts your mouse into free-movement. Click F3 again to turn it off.
  10. Ah I got you. I thought you were saying that you can’t return until the situation is completely over. I will change my opinion to a +Support. Nobody should come back and wait for their NLR timer to be finished at the scene where they died.