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  1. To everyone that didn't assist the meeting, I am giving you a 24 hour period to acknowledge the fact that a majority of you will be demoted from research job. The meeting was to trim the Research Roster since a majority of Juniors were mostly inactive. Everyone tagged with "INACTIVE" will be removed from the roster unless you reply to this post with the following format: In game Name/RP Name: Rank(e.g. Junior Researcher): Reason why I shouldn't be removed: This measure is to ensure that the Research Division keeps growing. We need active people, I prefer to keep it that way. You can check the roster here. Yours truly, the Head of Research, Courier~
  2. We will have a teamspeak meeting, January 9th at 7:00 PM ET. We will discuss over some issues that have been happening within this first week of the new Research Department. If you cannot attend this meeting for some reason, please reply to this topic with the following format: In-game Name/RP Name: Rank: Reason: N/A (If private): I would like to see everyone currently in the roster as I will be doing a roll call at the end of the meeting. Anyone not present and that hasn't filled out the format above in this topic, will be subject to demotion. ~Your Head of Research, Courier.
  3. Youre really doing a good job with this, but you can log your tests when something out of the ordinary happens with the SCP, or information that maybe the Foundation doesn't already know.
  4. Welcome to the Hub of the Research Division. Please select which document you would like to read: Research Standard Operating Procedures Offline Training Guide Official SCP: RP Rosters (General) *This document may be updated in the future when new documents are to be added.* ~Courier.
  5. In-game name: Courier Current time on the server (use tab menu): 2 days How active would you say you are? (1-10): 8 How many warns do you have (If so what are they?): 0 Have you received any strikes before? No. Why should we accept you? (150+ words): I have been part of the Research Division ever since Razonix held a mass training which was in December. A few days after the meeting, Razonix asked me to train a couple of Research Assistants to which I gladly accepted. Whenever someone needed training for Junior Researcher, as long as I was on, I would train them. This still continues to this day. These actions prompted my superiors to consider giving me a promotion, to which they did. After my first test and a bit of waiting, I was promoted to Researcher. My training sessions began and after 2 days, I was promoted to Senior Researcher. After a while, after finishing a training session, the previous HoR, Ouroboros, approached me and promoted me to Research Command with the title of Supervisor Courier, the reason for this was because Hotcher was let go of the Department. As Supervisor, I still do the same thing I did before, which is train Assistants and make sure the newly promoted Juniors didn't make a mess. P.S: Ouroboros messaged me to take care of the Department, to which I answered "wait, what?"
  6. "The Mafioso Courier" Supervisor Courier.
  7. What you want to see? - A door added to the training part that was sectioned off in Research Spawn, or a keycard scanner on the door to Research Spawn itself. Why should we add it? - It will help keep Research Assistants inside Research Spawn, so that they dont go outside and do whatever they want, just like the scanner to security spawn keeps Security Trainees in. What are the advantages of having this? - Less research assistants running amok, possibly letting SCP's out and about, And making sure anyone fit for testing has been trained and properly understand the Research SOP. Who is it mainly for? - The Research Division, whilst helping the Foundation, just a bit. Links to any content - Going to add a side note here. If youre going to add a keycard scanner, please make it so that only Junior Researchers and above are able to open it. Yours truly, Courier.
  8. Introduction: Ive recently joined this SCP RP serve, hoping to have some fun and get to obviously roleplay within the Foundation. The only time I cant say its been fun is when CI attack the facility, and thats all fine and normal, what is not fine and normal is how the CI abuse the rules they go by to essentially rampage throught the facility, liberate every single SCP on the job, and the worst of all, free the D class so they can become CI. Oh but youre asking yourself, "Isnt that what CI are meant to do?" and the answer to that is yes, that is what theyre supposed to be doing, however my problem lies on how they do it, and what they do during the raid. First off, CI will cry about NLR whenever youre MTF or a Security guard. The standard groups of four will start yelling at you about NLR and FearRP. Thats one point. Second, CI will abuse the "As long as there is still a CI in the facility, the raid continues" which in itself is a bunch of crap that tips the scale in the CI's favor. Not only do CI have to enter from 2 Gates (one of them being the spawnpoint for MTF), we also have to pass through one of the 2 checkpoints in each containment zone. And when the CI get class D out of the facility to become CI, the same thing will happen later but this time, more shithead CI are going to storm the facility, heavily outnumbering the MTF and Security Guards on site. And remember how the SCPs are let out by CI? Yeah, they just camp at the Tesla Gate before D block or at MedBay, awaiting the poor dumbass that crosses their path. I would be ok with more CI, if we can actually get more MTF on duty, for a whole period of 3-4 hours that I was on, the amount of MTF never went up from 7, at which point all the MTF left and joined CI, only leaving 2 MTF on duty (including me) and the other MTF was afk. So I have come up with a few suggestions to nerf the CI: 1.- Make the CI Raid Cooldown from 10 minutes to either 15 or 20 minutes with 20 minutes being the prefered change. 2.-Change the "As long as there is still CI in the facility, raid continues" to "As long as the majority of CI havent died in the raid, the raid continues." This will make CI value their infiltration more since if the majority of their team gets wiped out, their raid is over. There wont be a cuck that just hides on site, letting the raid continue forever. 3.-(This is just my personal opinion) Change the MP5 that MTF Nu 7 get for the M4A4 that the security get, or at least a better gun. The MP5 feels like a peashooter.