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  1. GHANZI!!! WHAT! IM COMING BACK might aswell bring navy back too
  2. -Support Multiple problems from the past Blacklisted from branches in US and RU. I thought you were community blacklisted
  3. Holy crap HEAD ADMIN! Youve gone so far MAJOR +SUPPORT I hope you get it good luck Richard!
  4. Johnson

    Voxis' Ban Appeal

    +Support To be honest Voxis, you are a amazing person you helped me through some tough times and were there wether I need help, someone to talk to, or even just to play games and have fun with. You deserve a second chance. Many people make mistakes I know that's a common thing but its true. If you really want to come back you wouldn't do it again and I believe that you won't. Please everyone, give my friend Voxis, a second chance in the Gaming Light community. We all really don't realize what we did till we really think about it. And thats exacly what Voxis did. Thank you -Johnson
  5. Seems pretty dumb. SCP-RP on GMOD? Get the actual game its free lmao.
  6. - SUPPORT STAY LONGER HO Wow u werent kidding. We need to play CS at one point and some more sandox. RIP u will be missed. Shut up
  7. Johnson


    Wha when was that? WTFFFF
  8. Thank you for unmuting me, ill stop chewing like a cow.