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  1. You obviously havent yourself "If you haven’t been warned in 2 weeks straight from your most recent warning, you can appeal a single warning from over 3 months ago. This repeats its self obviously. If you haven’t been warned in 3 months straight from your most recent warning, you can then appeal a warning from over one year ago. To get your warning removed from over one year ago, you must come talk to an SMT member in the teamspeak. For warnings that are older than 3 months, you can just appeal them on the forums. Any questions can come to me in the teamspeak!" That is Fames post, explicitly stating that A SINGLE warning can be appealed not multiple, and then it repeats itself.
  2. I honestly thought you could use OOC and Local chat while gagged. I thought it was a issue on my part. Even when sending a message through admin chat I wasnt fully aware it had been sent. I didnt also didnt feel like typing the entire thing into admin chat. It would have been much easier if my sits werent closed without me being able to speak. Everything that Kiar pointed out is crucial facts. The fact that I was "minging" previously is completely IRRELEVANT to this warn and should not be taken into account. Also, you guys are claiming his account is fake? There are new people on the forums everyday . Just because he pointed out the facts doesnt make him a fake account. Logan I understand you saw multiple calls being opened and closed. If you looked at the video it is pretty evident that my situation was not dealt with, I couldnt speak and sometimes they just left without making any efforts to find out what the problem was, finally when Fame came he knew I was gagged and had me ungagged, thats why when you finally came I could speak in chat. Not "magic".
  3. Rhenic he took the call as you can see in the video and ended it when I couldn’t talk. They were coming to me and leaving within 10 seconds without trying to get me to be I gagged as you can obviously see if you watch the video. The third time was when finally Fame got me I’m restrained. The fact is my sits were not heard so how are you going to call them false.
  4. Your In-game: Smoke Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:243317023 The admin's name in-game: Rhenic The admin's steam name (If you know it): n/a What warning did you receive: Making false staff sits after being told not to Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: This is actually getting ridiculous. The bad experiences I have been having with Rhenic is getting ridiculous. I honestly feel that he is intentionally targeting me. So he kidnapped me and put me into a fully blacked box ( I dont have a problem with anymore), then after about 7 minutes of sitting in the box relized I have to get off video games (irl issues, it was 7:35, I had to make dinner, do homework). For some odd reason I could not type in OOC, Local chat, and I could not be heard in game, at the time I didnt even know if my admin calls could be seen. The first staff member came, and he closed it and left because I wasnt talking (I was gagged). I called again and I was trying to communicate and tell them that I had to leave and I didnt want to be warned for LTAP. At this point Rhenic was taking my sits and closing them automatically, not allowing me to speak. At this point it was extremely frequent because I was being forced to get off, I was not heard until the very end when Fame had to get someone to un gag me and un restrain me so I could speak, finally I asked Rhenic MULTIPLE TIMES if I could go and he said "you should have thought about that before". Then I was gagged while I was speaking by Penguin and then put back into the box without finishing what I was saying about me having to leave. At this point I am extremely frustrated with Rhenic in this situation and how he can ignore the circumstances of the situation and then warn me. Then finally at the end they did answer my question and I left. Overall the reason I continued to call staff is because my question was not answered until the very last sit, I was constantly being abruptly cut off and wasnt able to ask a very important question. I wouldnt have been so crazy about it if I really didnt have to go but I did so thats why I was so frequent with the admin calls. The warn was false because the sits were not FALSE. These are videos of the sits Please watch them in order 1. 2. Any extra information:
  5. -Support There is a specific old warn appeal system, you cannot appeal multiple warns at the same time. If you have not been warned in 2 weeks you can appeal a SINGLE warn from 3 months ago. This repeats itself along with if you have not been warned in 3 months you can appeal a SINGLE warn from 1 year ago. This also repeats itself.
  6. +Support BigJohnny I thought I told you not to appeal this on the forums and appeal it through the ban pannel After me and Bryce talked to Fame and Mjay, Mjay agreed it was a misunderstanding and it would be removed without a forums appeal needed. I had talked to Mjay and he understands the situation and what he did wrong, it was purely a misunderstand. By the way, Steve how in anyway does mugging someone for a printer work, him STEALING the printer from BigJohnny is completely valid for him to kill the person. Defending their property is completely okay in PoliceRP. As Eternity said He wasnt killing them for tresspassing in PD, but because he ran INTO PD with BigJohnnys stolen printer. Not because he was tresspassing on government property. Again, Mjay understood that he was warned for RDM without a sit actually being conducted. He wasnt ever brought to the sit but because he thought there was no advert or hit in the situation it was automatically RDM which does NOT work because there are plenty of situations where there are people being killed without a advert necessary (for example, someone walks into your base when you have a KOS sign up, you dont have to advert to kill them.) Again, I would like to stress that this was already technically dealt with by Fame me Bryce and Mjay, there is no need for this on the forums.
  7. +Support Although I have not had many experiences with you in game, looking at your very well done application along with other community member feedback I can say that I wi;; +Support for the following
  8. Smoke


    I loved the old printers so much tbh
  9. your a senior mod with 69 posts? 450 when I had senior mod
  10. He should not be warned for respawning with EMS online, once the 3 minutes is up, you are free to press space and respawn, it you werent allowed then why would the feature be added into the game.
  11. I was trying to make it seem a little more realistic, who carries 500 000 dollars on them? I said I needed to move some money between bank accounts and and I could have the money at spawn at a certain time. Like Maral said, making 2 false warn reports wouldn’t make me a minge, it wouldn’t make this warn valid. Nimo I have never seen you on policerp but you are judging me without even knowing me. You dislike me because I have made 2 false warn reports when you have never played with me? The fact that I even have to pay is debatable.. it’s on a discord server not in game. Your comparing a gun dealer scamming someone in game with a post on a non affiliated family discord server. Me supposedly causing problems this past week does NOT validate this warn. It’s better to focus on the situation of this warn and not this past week.
  12. Your In-game: Smoke Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:243317023 The admin's name in-game: Rhenic The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL[ Rhenic (I think) What warning did you receive: fearrp Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I think this warn is false because after talking to Rhenic he thought that Nicolasss didnt shoot me but he did as you can see in the video provided. I feel that it was a misunderstanding and it should be removed because he did shoot me, breaking fearrp for me and allowing me to begin a shootout with him. Any extra information: N/A