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  1. Job Name: Shock Enforcer Model Path: models/player/bunny/imperial_shock/shock_trooper.mdl Weapon Kit: N/A Health: N/A Armor: N/A Description (Optional): If anyone was to donate in Shock, they would choose K2-S0 as it is way better, so there is no point in this class and it only takes up space that we could use for an NCO class. The following format is to be used for ALL changes wishing to be made to a currant class, these may also ONLY be requested by the BCO or General with permission. Explain in detail for what you want for the job, any weapons must be in the same format as above. Changes Wishing to be Made to this Class: Removal
  2. What do you want to see? - Special Task Force model replacement Why should we add it? - I would like a sergeant model and give STF base models like EJT. What are the advantages of having this? - Be able to have a NCO class in Shock and not get it mixed with Special Task Force. Who is it mainly for? - Special Task Force. Links to any content - Model (each rank gets a different one) models/player/bunny/imperial_shock/shock_commander.mdl models/player/bunny/imperial_shock/shock_lieutenant.mdl models/player/bunny/imperial_shock/shock_officer.mdl models/player/bunny/imperial_shock/shock_sergeant.mdl models/player/bunny/imperial_shock/shock_trooper.mdl
  3. What do you want to see? - A new class for Shock NCO's. Why should we add it? - This should be added so Shock Enlisted has more of a want to be an NCO, as well as taking away their ability to use the stun stick when a higher up shock can currently not be looking at them at the time. What are the advantages of having this? - The advantages of creating this class is to have a limit on only NCO's can use their stun stick, as well as give them a side-arm or something better than what the enlisted receive. Who is it mainly for? - This class is mainly for NCO's in Shock. Links to any content - Job Name - Shock Sergeant Model - models/player/bunny/imperial_shock/shock_sergeant.mdl Weapon kit - keys stunstick arrest_stick unarrest_stick rw_sw_bino_desert rw_sw_e11 rw_sw_e11_noscope rw_sw_dlt19 rw_sw_shield_cg_dc17 cross_arms_infront_swep riot_shield rw_sw_rk3 -Also, remove stunstick from Shock Enlisted please.
  4. +Support -Cool guy -Mature -Responsible with power
  5. +Support -Mature -Knowledgeable (lots of time on the server) -Good App.
  6. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Vice Commander Sully 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Shock Security 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I would love to be chosen for Commander because I would like become the leader even though i'm already the only Command spot in Shock. I would like this because I want more of a say on who becomes the next Vice Commanders, as well as I have new improvements on our sub-regiments, such as our Elite Jump Trooper and Special Task Force models. I also believe I should be the Commander of Shock Security due to the fact that I am the only Command member of Shock at this time, and all of my officers would love to see this happen. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? It shows 4 weeks in game. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of a Commander for a chosen branch on the ISD is to be able to create an active, mature but also fun battalion for the server. It is very important for Shock to have a good Command team, due to the fact it holds very high responsibility, with us being the Police of the ISD, as well as holding sub-battalion's and to not destroy previous Commander's of Shock's legacy. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I should be trusted as the Commander of Shock due to the fact that as my time as Vice Commander, I have made many changes already, such as appointing a new K2-S0 lead, who can update the documents as well as make sure every player in Shock with Lord+ can have access, but must tryout, as it is one of the best roles on the server as it has 4000 health points. Another change I have made a Shock Vice Commander is created the Shock Elite Jump Trooper's. I have created an organized sub-regiment along with no jetpack abusing unless chasing an AOS, as well as constant training's with them. Another thing I have done as Vice Commander is done fun trainings/simulations. I believe it is very important to keep your battalion engaged and to want to come back on after they leave. The way I engage my troopers is to make every single Shock trooper starting from trainee to feel like they are treated respectfully as well as feel apart of a team/family whom have a common goal. One more reason that I should be trusted as the Shock Commander is the fact that I don't take disrespect lightly to Shock and I believe they respect me as a leader, and would have the battalions "want" for me as the Shock Commander. Another reason you should trust me is because I've updated the roster tons, showing care for the batttalion. 7. How often can you be Online? : I have been online for roughly 10 hours a day for the past week, I can continue this stride until September 12th, when my school begins and I will have to take some lighting into that, but I believe I can still spend roughly 5 hours a day as a Shock Commander and to be able to have an active, mature and respected battalion. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : Two warnings before I started to actually respect ImperialRP as well as Star Wars in general, one for NIIRP, and one for FailRP, although there is no need to worry about these as I have changed in regards to my terms of Garry's Mod and Star Wars RP, as it is one of the best experiences i've ever had on a video game.
  7. +Support -Respectful -Dedicated -Active -If you ever need something in Shock, Vibez is always there to help!
  8. +SUPPORT -Active -Chill -Responsible -one of the funniest guys on gl not gonna cap