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  1. Man who am I gonna get destroyed by now that you are gone!
  2. -Support Instead I believe we should add more Mini Boss spawn around the map, and leave Regular Bosses for set times like events on other servers.
  3. +Support Adds to the competitive drive of MilitaryRP
  4. -Support This would just be way too confusing for new players, and comes with changes to multiple different documents for just a simple name change.
  5. This is the Official Jedi Handbook. You can find almost all information regarding the Jedi Side in here. https://sites.google.com/view/gaminglight-jedi-handbook/contents?authuser=0
  6. +/- Support There are some downsides that Androntel has pointed out, but I see no reason as to why the map shouldn't be in the next map vote.
  7. + Support I believe you can change this pretty fast in the code so I'd love to see it!
  8. Emoo

    All CW 2.0 Weapon Stats

    Updated 9/1/20 Added: Weapon Code is now provided for all weapons on the left side of the sheet.
  9. Welp the time has come, and I'll be taking my leave from ImperialRP I've been playing on Imperial for quite some time and have met lots of people so I'll make it short and try not to have a list of 1000 people. Hobbs: Great guy has stuck with me for quite some time, I'm happy that you got Grand Admiral! Totalbonkers: Somehow got promoted back to an admiral, I'll see you on JvS Tay Keith: F22! C Lassy: Muscle Mountain! Badger: Probably the nicest person on all of ImperialRP, can't wait to see you on JvS Bear! Kray: Yeah I voted you for Marshal Commander, and now you are Grand general so thats kinda crazy. I'll be moving onto JvS for now, but I'll make sure to stop by and hop on naval every once and a while.
  10. -Support on Ghanzi, however I do believe we should have another map vote soon.
  11. Huge +Support - Great Guy - Super Nice - Has had good command experience - Good Application - Dedicated I have known Joe for a good amount of my time on Gaminglight and I totally believe he deserves this position.