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  1. Want Updates on events or the future of MilRP feel free to join the Official Discord! https://discord.gg/j7EUjWA
  2. CLOSED Player was already accepted in a officer meeting and given the rank of COL Please don't respond
  3. Emoo

    Rac,s Resignation

    All jokes aside It was fun having you here every person we lose hurts the server a lot you will be missed
  4. Huge +Support Active when he can (Weekends) Actually cares about the future and shows it One of my best wardogs who cares about his job All together even though he can only play weekends he is extremely good to work with and is extremely passionate about his job as staff and wardog to further the server.
  5. Denied Lack of activity in game Please fix the following and reapply in 2 weeks
  6. Accepted Please talk to me in TS when you can
  7. See ya then, I'll try not to break the server
  8. Heard Th3 isn't too good at Dead by Daylight so there isn't really a point in getting it if the competition is soo easy
  9. +Support Dedicated and active