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  1. +Support This is always a big pain when playing on any specialty jobs.
  2. +Support Super Nice Professional Has been in the community for a while Active in TS I've never had a bad experience with him
  3. Wow, didn't see this coming, gonna miss you randomly coming in my channel to play stupid soundbites you should still play MilRP though .
  4. Just not Minecraft SMT
  5. What is your ingame name?: Emoo What is your SteamID?: STEAM_0:0:126089388 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: Commander Who gave you permission to apply?: Grand Moff Tarkin (Hobbs) Why are you applying for Gunnery Officer?: I am applying for the rank of Gunnery officer to extend my responsibilities in Naval. If I do receive the rank of Gunnery Officer it opens up countless opportunities to roleplay within the Naval battalion making it a more fun and enjoyable experience for myself and others around me. Once I heard about the Gunnery Officer position that was going to be available I immediately wanted to become it, to be able to open up more roleplay with the ION cannon on the ISD or the Superlaser on the Death Star, making Naval have a lot bigger role when it comes to events. Why should you be trusted with this position?: I believe I should be trusted with this position based off of my past experience in positions on ImperialRP, and my ability to roleplay various situations. 31st Commander - This position allowed me to work well with others and get a really good understanding of how to really command people. It also opened my world of roleplay, as 31st is one of the most roleplay oriented branches on the server, which allowed me to learn the basics of roleplay, and how to get around sticky situations. Engineering Officer - This position showed me what its like to become a specialty officer, and allowed me to get the experience of having to balance the workload between Naval, and a Specialty position. This position also showed that I was capable of handling the responsibilities of Naval and a Specialty officer, showing that I will be able to handle those same responsibilities again. Naval - The Imperial Navy gave me a lot of experience when it came to the server. I got to learn many different roleplay situations, I got to learn how to properly maintain an entire ISD alone, and I also really found out how to make a better experience for the enlisted, as it is one of the main priorities of Naval Supervisors to keep your enlisted in check. Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: I do. What is your purpose within Gunners?: My purpose within the Imperial Gunners is to operate the deadliest and most powerful weapons in the galaxy, and make sure that anything in the path of the Empire is destroyed. Also if needed act as a combat engineer in the battlefield to provide the ground force a source of heavy weaponry.
  6. Emoo

    Timm's Spetsnaz LOA

    Dang we couldn’t even promote you to BG I really do hope to see you around again. o7
  7. +/- Support I wouldn't really have a problem with it, but the current chat works just fine. And if we were to do it I would suggest a different chat from this one.
  8. My time has come, and to be quite honest I had a lot of fun being a command member in 31st. Unfortunately I now don't have enough time in my schedule to be balancing so many positions. As of now MilitaryRP is getting into a better state and I need to put forward most of my focus into that. I will still however be staying in Naval, and I will try to do my part in helping the 31st Battalion. Not going to lie 31st is kinda the best Battalion doe, to all the command members im leaving keep the Battalion a pog Battalion. Pog
  9. Emoo

    TH3 Report

    Im going to be neutral on this. When people like SMT do stuff like this they are trying to create a fun and enjoyable time for the players experience on the server. I do believe Th3 meant no harm when doing this, because he was just trying to make it more fun for the people he was playing with, but with that being said he also made a less enjoyable experience for the CI in this case. I'm pretty sure Th3 meant to make a more fun time for everyone, and should just think a bit more before doing some things like this.