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  1. +Support Active(When he can) Very helpful Great guy Good Staff Well written application Well known in the community You deserve this Rang good luck buddy!
  2. Name(in-game): Emoo Steam ID(must be in the steam group): STEAM_0:0:126089388
  3. you already know this gonna be the most active branch
  4. Emoo

    SS Website

    Great work Emmu Keep it up!
  5. Name: Emoo Identification (SteamID): STEAM_0:0:126089388 Current Rank: Trainee Do you wish to stay on the Team: Yes Can you stay active throughout the summer season: Maybe a bit less due to 1944 coming out so im sorry about that
  6. HUGE +Support - Extremely Nice Person - Great Leader - Well known In the community - Amazing RPer - Former 05 Council showing he has what it takes Good Luck Carp you deserve this!
  7. I would but one Minge and that is taken away is all I’m saying
  8. +1 just that your officer has so much health 100 more health and 50 more armor than the Nu7 heavy which is a lot for a officer
  9. Damn I saw this and thought it was for staff F
  10. You were great in MilRP from when I was there and Im sure it will be the same for PRP Good Luck there!