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  1. Emoo

    Emoo's Resignation

    Miss you too
  2. Emoo

    Emoo's Resignation

    Thats rude haha Keep in touch buddy
  3. Emoo

    Emoo's Resignation

    In-Game Name: Emoo SteamID: STEAM_0:0:126089388 Rank: Moderator/A1 LTCOL/ Nu7 CPT Reason for leaving (If Private, Fine): Schools been a Mess this year because of the server, I want to aim higher in life and I think the first step of that would be to do this. I am extremely happy that I got this chance and will always come by to say Hi to my good friends. I'll always come in TS to chill with you guys and play some games it's been a great ride and I see SCP going far good luck without me guys Ill miss you all! Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? I will try to no promises due to how well my grades end up. Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48 hour notice is up? Yes Sorry I went out like this guys See you around!
  4. +Support but Admin lock downs should have a cool down and last a certain amount of time I get its hard for GENSEC but it would really change the way the server functions making lots of people leave just because of being bored
  5. Could you please put your own name in your report please
  6. Emoo

    Bonk's Behaviour

    -Support This is meant to get players warned/banned/minged for their behavior when staff are not on not to start arguments
  7. +Support Active Extremely Well known in the community Extremely Helpful Super Nice Past Manager Experience Good Luck Carp welcome back!
  8. -Support If we had like 3 People runny around with out us being able to suspect them it would just be chaos them constantly letting out SCPs its like adding Dr Maynard as a donate class
  9. -Support I know your a great guy Kade but the fact that you just came back to the community like 2 days ago makes me think you might just get up and leave again soon. Get more active in these next couple days/Weeks and I might change this.
  10. Emoo

    shay intro

    Nice Grammar Just Joking! Welcome to Gaminglight Good luck on PoliceRP sounds like you have great Intentions feel free to come checkout SCP-RP one day come have a Fun time Hopefully we see each other sometime have fun Playing!
  11. Bruh this got accepted stop +/- Supporting
  12. Stop making these before your punishments becomes something worse.
  13. Isn’t this just a bit of powergameing
  14. SCP has this and it is very helpful