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  1. Damn the profile is the cringe ngl...

  2. Welcome to the gang matrix. We gotta keep in touch still but good luck with whatever you do next.
  3. I think its safe to say Dagger was the better Vice Commander. Mr. Inactive
  4. Sorry for the absurd suddenness of this post but as of now im resigning from Storm Trooper Commander Thank you to those who have kept me coming on the server and being people I could call friends. I’m not permanently gone but I will be taking a long break for a while. This also refers to staff Void: Thanks for being a great vice commander and for staying so loyal to STs and making it better as a whole. Dagger: Good luck with running STs and thanks for sticking with STs for so long you were a great vice commander to have. To the StormTrooper Officers: Continue making the StormTroopers the best they can be, especially since you are the future of the battalion should you continue to stay. Good luck and continue our mission. To the StormTrooper NCO’s: Keep leading StormTroopers and keep those minges at bay. Good luck to you all. To the StormTrooper Battalion: I remember when I was just a StormTrooper Private. Now StormTroopers is something much more impressive since I have joined and it is so exciting to see how alive the battalion is right now. James M: Congratulations on Sovereign Protector. Being in Royal Guard was ten times as much fun with you to hang out with and I will definitely miss being with you and RG just hanging out and chilling. Owl: Thanks for being such a chill dude and just hanging out and talking, hope we can still do that sometimes and good luck in 501st. Felix: Even though we haven’t really hung out that much lately I remember when we both joined shock together and became buddies since then, especially as we were both rising together in our respective battalions. Good luck on senior commander and I hope you achieve higher soon. Spice: Hanging out with you in Royal Guard was super fun and you made it really enjoyable. Even after you became Eighth Brother I was still happy we got to hang out. Good luck on Eighth and I hope you achieve more in the future. Matrix: When you transferred out of StormTroopers I was a little sad and thought we would not talk as much after but i'm really glad we still kept in contact. Good luck with star fighters and purge. Jake: Despite being the polar opposite in personality to me thanks for being one of the coolest friends I have made on this server. Luci: I am really glad to have served under you, you're definitely the best Vader and are so great at roleplaying it. I hope you do well and continue to rise in gaminglight. Bakka: Even though you are resigned Still thank you for leading and directing me since I was a Storm Trooper Private and continuing to help me after you left and became General. Jinzan: Even Though you are resigned thanks for being one of the coolest friends I have made on this server. Mickey: Even though you are resigned thanks for being a great friend and making RG fun to be in Alpha: Even though you are resigned thanks for helping out Storm Troopers and I was sad when you left
  5. Denied You currently have 2 strikes on the roster.
  6. Starfighter ground armor job has no whitelist restrictions and anyone can f4 into the job
  7. Gonna miss being in RG with you and just chilling in TS guarding anyone on the bridge. Good luck with what you plan on doing next.
  8. /me salutes Thanks for sticking with my bs for so long and good luck with whatever you do next. Lets always keep in contact though I would never want to loose a friend like you.
  9. Very saddening to see you go, especially since you basically directed me when I first became a Storm Trooper Officer. I can never forget my time serving under you and will always appreciate your service to the Storm Trooper Corps and to the individuals who served under you. You're always going to be the first and best Storm Trooper Senior Commander there ever was and good luck with whatever you choose to do next . I still hate it and cringe my pants off when you owo and uwu though...