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  1. 1.Whats your ingame name?: Monaco 2.Whats your steam id?: STEAM_0:0:98179331 3.Did you read the ST Sop?: Yes 4.How many long have you been on the server: 4 weeks 5.How many warns do you have?: 0 6.Why do you want to be a 2LT: Because I have been with Stormtroopers for a while now and I enjoy the regiment and the people within it. I feel my time with Stormtroopers has given me a lot of fun experiences and I want to continue that hopefully as an officer 7.What Timezone you have?: Pacific standard 8.How well you command this Regiment?: I will command the regiment to the best of my abilities and actively try to reduce the minge rate within the Stormtrooper Corps. When no events are going on I will conduct training to keep the Stormtroopers up to date and PT for Stormtroopers out of line or minging. In events, I will lead the Stormtroopers and issue commands to their posts or lead them to other objects depending on the situation and make sure they are not acting out of order. 9.What makes you understand out from other applicants?: I feel that I am more active than other applicants and rarely miss any days. I train cadets frequently without being asked to and I try to keep in line the Stormtrooper enlisted to the best of my abilities. This isn't the first time I have helped lead a regiment so I'm not inexperienced in the matter.
  2. Ingame Name: Monaco Rank: SPC Day of Promo: Don't Remember Reason to stay in 501st: 501st best battalion