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  1. +Support +Active +Mature +Have worked with him before +Good person +Chill and serious
  2. +Support +I've met him before and I can say he is a good candidate for staff. +Active +Mature +Chill
  3. +Support +Active +Made his way up to CSM +Matured over time
  4. +Support +Active +Mature +Serious +Cool Person
  5. +Support +Has Matured +Active +Proven to be responsible
  6. +Support +Active +Chill person +Mature +Great Application
  7. +Major Support +Active +Mature +Responsible +Very Trustworthy +Very Friendly
  8. +Support +Very Serious +Very Mature +Active +Takes initiative +Great Leader +Never minges
  9. +Support +Active +Mature +Leads Royal Guard with dedication +Serious
  10. +Support +Mature +Active +Friendly +Would fit in good
  11. +Support +Active +Mature +Handles Royal Guard very well
  12. +Support +Great Officer +Mature +Serious +Good at managing troops
  13. +Support +Very helpful +Always takes sits +Super Friendly +Very Active +Cool person in general