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  1. Very saddening to see you go, especially since you basically directed me when I first became a Storm Trooper Officer. I can never forget my time serving under you and will always appreciate your service to the Storm Trooper Corps and to the individuals who served under you. You're always going to be the first and best Storm Trooper Senior Commander there ever was and good luck with whatever you choose to do next . I still hate it and cringe my pants off when you owo and uwu though...
  2. +Support Active Mature Knows how to lead Experienced Been with RG for a while Chill person
  3. +Support I witnessed the sit and what silver did was immediately pulled Wolf then warned and jailed him without even bothering to question his side of the story. After telling him he was doing his job improperly silver then went back to question Wolf and found out wolf was not in the wrong.
  4. +Support Pog receptionist Great guy Friendly Active Mature
  5. +Major Support +Active +Mature +Experienced +Supportive