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  1. You need to follow the application format.
  2. -support I don’t like the idea of random people getting on the job, it’s too much power they could abuse. They def need to be trained for it so we can remove them if they abuse it. Think of how people abuse the gonk droid and mouse droid to minge
  3. I've known him for a while he doesn't just attack people, and when he does 99% percent of the time hes just vibing or messing around. Just because you disagree with his opinions doesn't have anything to do with his application and is frankly irrelevant.
  4. Thank you for everything you've done Maverick you will be missed by us all.
  5. +support I trust him fully to fill this position and would be a great addition to the SO division.
  6. We have a slight speed boost. Even if you have speed 1-2 you can still outrun us easily.
  7. MAJOR +support this would replace enforcer a class we’ve never used. this will give Shock a chance at catching mingy apprentices and custom classes with speed boosts and Jetpacks. It could also serve a valuable role in combat.
  8. +support I know smoke and he would never do anything like this intentionally, it was a mistake and he should be unbanned in my opinion.
  9. False, hotshot stated there is no such rule.
  10. Major +support -good leader -active -detailed app -respectful
  11. +support great guy, active, good leader, fit for the position. I have full confidence in smoke’s ability to lead shock and better the battalion