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  1. +support -ive seen good things from him -has good rp skills -detailed app
  2. -Support You were warned for pushing the hyperspace button and proceeded to leave, hence the LTAP. also by the time it takes for this appeal to be accepted you’ll already be unbanned.
  3. -Support Literally no point to do this and would be a waste of time to update it. The whole purpose of K2 is so its OP and can protect against raiding ST's and minges
  4. thank you for your time and dedication as an SO, best of luck on your future endeavors
  5. MAJOR PLUS SUPPORT THE ARREST BATON IS BROKEN (WE LITERALLY CANNOT CATCH PEOPLE WHO ARE RUNNING AWAY FROM US UNLESS WE GET IN FRONT OF THEM WHICH CAN BE VERY HARD AT TIMES) -would help us catch mingey custom classes -would assist us in catching mingey apprentices who abuse force leap, people with speed boosts, ETC... -My idea would be to only allow SGT+ to use it, if abused it would be an immediate removal from shock, so abuse of this is out of the question and it wont be tolerated within shock (if this gets accepted)
  6. Yes I took the 2 screenshots of the logs about 20 hours before you joined shock
  7. I wont report him but I will provide proof to substantiate my claims First piece of evidence. Whitelisted himself to the Shock Job and was actively roleplaying as Shock despite me or any other officers giving him permission to do so, nor did he tryout. This took place 20 hours prior to him joining shock. He recently as of july 29th actually passed tryouts and joined shock to correct way evidence below. He has apologized and I do forgive him though, Im just throwing this out there so I dont get called a liar Second Piece of evidence, roleplaying as shock after I unwhitelisted him, he rewhitelisted himself When he joined shock on the 29th after the incident Like I said he apologized and I do forgive him I just wanted to provide proof of what im saying
  8. + / - support +seems like a good dude +active +good application -Can be extremely immature and unprofessional at times. (Reported a shock trooper to me for misconduct then when I tried to question him more he proceeded to be extremely rude to me and ran away) -Whitelisted himself time the shock job several times. I had to unwhitelist him and he proceeded to do it again. -I’ve seen him micspam multiple times (late at night to his credit but still) -claims shock minge late at night (which we sometimes do inside of our area does not go outside of brig) then proceeds to minge himself, so kind of hypocritical to be completely honest. Takeaway: seems like a good guy but has some sort of beef against shock and was pretty rude to me when I wanted to discuss it. He is very active and he is serious at the right times. I just really do NOT appreciate calling us minges then proceeding to minge yourself. I’d like the opportunity to speak with you the squash any issues you have with shock. Good luck on VCMDR, you have great potential to improve the Stormtrooper Corps.
  9. +support it was my mistake, i couldnt hear jardan very well and I was trying to help a tmod out with the sit. Wasnt aware he was already warned.
  10. Gonna miss you buddy, from when you were an NCO in shock to being SF command you were always a good leader take care
  11. +support very active dedicated member of IC for months now good looking app good leader & respectful would make a great boss