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  1. +Support - Active in Teamspeak - Great staff member - Mature - Great application Rocco Rex would make a great Support Team Member. Good luck Rocoo Rex!
  2. +Support - Active in Teamspeak - Good staff member - Good intentions Pooders would make a great Support Team Member. Good luck Pooders!
  3. +Support - Great staff member - Fan of building which could help for events - Great application Sanchez would make a great Event Team Member Good luck Sanchez!
  4. +Support - Active - Mature - Great application - Knowledgeable on the MOTD The reasons above are why I believe you should be accepted into the staff team. Niko is known as a good guy on PoliceRP. He would make a great staff member. I hope to see you as a Trial Moderator soon. Good luck Niko Bellic!
  5. Jayden

    COL Zage's LOA

    See you soon pal!
  6. These are still pretty cool, but I agree Shaw.
  7. +Support - Mature - Great staff member - Great guy - Good amount of forum posts BadAim would make a great Forum Diplomat. Good luck!