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  1. +Support Would love to see this place get some action!
  2. Jayden

    PD P250 Return

    +Support Many prefer the P250
  3. +Support In my opinion, the hostage is far more important than the bank raid actually being completed. It isn't a good feeling to let the criminals win the raid but at the end of the day it is in exchange for a life. It isn't worth giving up the hostage's life.
  4. It was an honor Timmemes. Sad to see you go
  5. Jayden

    The New Year

    HAHAHAHAH I guess so New Year same old me ?
  6. Your own self comes before everything. Hope you feel better
  7. +Support - Active - Good staff knowledge - Lot of experience as a Moderator If maturity is something that needs to be improved on, I know Springs will easily improve on that. Just make sure to keep an eye on ratio if there is one, and not to get off randomly without saying anything. Besides that I believe you are ready for Senior Moderator. Good luck Springs !
  8. -Support - Application not submitted with everything it needs ( Correct Steam ID, No Poll) - You haven't been active on our forums with only 2 posts - You responded to your own application - Low playtime - #16 is incorrect I can notice that you seem to know a little about staff because of you mentioning Jail/minge. This is a good thing. Based on your answer to #16 I would recommend studying the Staff Handbook well before you submit your next staff application. I would also recommend getting more playtime on our server and getting better acquainted with the Gaminglight Community. Make sure that you are double checking your application before submission to make sure that it has everything that the staff application calls for. If you improve on the things above, you'll have a better chance at staff. Thanks for taking an interest in our staff team! Good Luck GhostRider!
  9. Jayden


    +Support Good idea for RP purposes and would establish a set in stone location AS LONG as it doesn't impact the server's performance.
  10. +/- Support - Friendly - Active - 14 warns - Has had issues with current staff members in sits