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  1. +Support Sad that it had to end up this way
  2. I trained you for this :)) good luck brotha! You deserve it
  3. +Support The metagame is pretty clear. If he was a drug sniffing dog and printers didn't make noise in this game, they would not have had a bit of a clue that there were printers.
  4. ^^^^ I couldn’t be asked to read that whole thing, but I think this is the most important thing to take from this at the end of the day ^^^^^
  5. +Support Would love to see this place get some action!
  6. Jayden

    PD P250 Return

    +Support Many prefer the P250
  7. Jayden

    The New Year

    Of course! me too
  8. +Support In my opinion, the hostage is far more important than the bank raid actually being completed. It isn't a good feeling to let the criminals win the raid but at the end of the day it is in exchange for a life. It isn't worth giving up the hostage's life.
  9. It was an honor Timmemes. Sad to see you go
  10. Jayden

    The New Year

    HAHAHAHAH I guess so New Year same old me ?
  11. Your own self comes before everything. Hope you feel better