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  1. + support. has permissions in silly cat channel so he can be trusted.
  2. I poached him to scp just to remove him 2 weeks later lol! My favorite memory on imperial was when big dog @TAlila | Tay Keith!rigged the marhsal commander vote and gave it to me ♥
  3. i was yeezy / shiloh / panda x.... Paris was starstep...
  4. bop

    Star's Resignation

  5. To start off, today is my birthday so please give me some rep Hey all, as most of you know my activity in the past month has dwindled and I haven't been as involved as I use to be. This is due to some things that have come in and other obligations that I need to put my full attention to. With having to put my full attention to these things at hand, it wouldn't be fair to all of you, the players who enjoy the server for me to just sit at a rank and not do anything. Both the memories and the friendships that I have made here will not be forgotten and I will make sure to cherish all of it and make sure to keep in touch with those that have stuck with my the past year. Some special mentions!!! Zeep!!! - I really appreciate you giving me the chance to become a manager. When I was a head admin I kind of acted like an idiot and I assume you thought of me as such. I never had intention to go for the manager position but after I started working with you on things, it was fun and you were an amazing person to work with so I felt comfortable to go for the position. You've taught ne loads of things that I'll be sure I won't forget. Thank you for your patience as well as the guidance you've given me. Jayden - We got close fast, you poached me to SCP and I'm glad you did it. You explained things to me really well when I got up to manager, thanks for always answering the questions I've given you and being patient. I will always remember those nights we stayed up and just spoke about things, just as you will with me I'll make it my mission to stay in touch with you as well CHIEF - You've worked so hard and for so long and I'm glad that you've been rewarded with it and have reached manager. I'm sure you'll do great things for the server, me and Jayden always appreciated the work you put in. Frog - I hate you Cosmic - ittalian, mid HoS Apple - successful poach pillercat - kevlar - lol Phil - u cool. Rux - ur fake Goat - lol shoutout to u jmt y'all real ones fr. -- BL_BONANAZA - Old man retire already Bear - I love saddie Star - ur cool Hale - hl2!!!! IST - Nimo - u were a great hos. Odin - Fattest cock in GL Alexx - German ZEFER - I LOVE YOU ZEFER Community - If I didn't mention you there are no hard feelings, I'd just rather not have a big list of people to mention. You're all special people to me and I appreciate you all.
  6. accepted @Ozzie_train this guy
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