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  1. DENIED Your account will not be recieving an unban, either because you are a blacklisted member, or because your ban is deemed valid by SMT
  2. ACCEPTED Thank you for your report! The specified member will be punished accordingly by an SMT member
  3. Accepted! Please allow up to a couple days to get unbanned from your respective discord.
  4. ACCEPTED Please allow up to 2 hours before your account is unbanned. If you wait 2 hours and no unban has occurred, please contact one of the servers Head Admin's
  5. Cheez has extensive experience when it comes to command. He was previosuly the DT SNR CMDR, Agent Kallus, and now a shock VCMDR.
  6. All of these changes look amazing New map rotation will give our GM teams a lot more creativity and have our players more engaged with the new maps. Future battalions, server optimizations, and weekly suggestion posts. I'm excited to see all of this implemented!
  7. I WAS THE FIRST PERSON LISTED!!! I love zefer!
  8. +Support -Competent -Active -Prior command experience I personally believe that Crunch is the best pick for the VCMDR position. (On phone so trash format)
  9. bop

    False report.

    Accidental warn, should be appealed!
  10. Per the command SOP, the expectations for command is to be active 3 - 5 days a week, Looking at his battle metrics -[4604844]=1M He is on almost EVERYDAY, and only gone on LOA twice ever. This includes ALWAYS hitting quota when I was around as HC, he went above and beyond hitting 20+ loggings. He has made an enormous battalion update that includes a new sub branch, a new donation job sub branch, 5 new jobs, and a new model change that was accepted and is awaiting implementation into the server. He has been in DT for about 6 months, he has gone above and beyond with the battalion update he did. He is EXTREMELY involved with his battalion, he knows the ins in out of his battalion, he has been apart of it for 6 months. He actively talks to his members in his chats and is in TS never cooped up in his command office, speaking to his troops where others don't. EVERYTHING ABOVE IS ME NOT INSUNIATING AN ARGUMENT BUT ANSWERING THE POINTS HE HAS MADE.
  11. +Support! Frog has been apart of DT for about 6 months now, he is EXTREMELY dedicated to the server. +Experienced member of the community +He understands the job of a fleet admiral +Was high command on PoliceRP +Has brought DT to the peak, breaking its record of most DT on ever (23 DT on at once)