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  1. +Support While working with Suns with ST issues he's been so much help. He is dedicated to the cause and always has a answer to any question I may have no matter how complex. In general as well is just a all around amazing guy and it feels satisfying to be under him as he makes you proud of the work you put in. Good luck Suns!
  2. +Support - Is kind and respectful to all members and a all around amazing guy. - Amazing General helps so many people. - One of the most trusted members of the community. - He 100% knows what he's doing and is fully capable of the job.
  3. - Support - Has a terrible reputation from what I've overseen with my time in command. - At least in my point of view I see the other candidates doing more for there regiments. - From when I'm posting this I already see the poll has 8 No's and 0 Yes's This is nothing personal its just that its clear that the command team doesn't support you much as High Command.
  4. Major -Support Notes on First Suggestion - With the first Suggestion honestly I would rather stick with the models we use now. It just feels very unnecessary especially since it would only effect a handful of our models. Notes on First Suggestion - 1.596 Gigs! Thats way too much! - POSTED WITHOUT APPROVAL OR EVEN BEING BROUGHT UP TO ST COMMAND AND OR THE OTHER REGIMENTS EFFECTED!
  5. Congratulations on your new position Racc! I know you'll do great within SMT!
  6. + Support - Amazing person - Dedicated and respected within Medical and Command - Knows his stuff all around RP and Command wise - Amazing application You deserve it man!
  7. +Support - Extremely active and dedicated to Shock - Knows what it takes to be a commander - Is trusted throughout the Command Team Mark your a all around amazing Vice Commander and I feel you 100% deserve that commander spot!
  8. +Support All of these ideas sound great! All though I do not condone you pushing people in game to +support your suggestion
  9. Scout Lead Major Frost 1049's Stormtrooper Vice Commander Application _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name): Scout Lead MAJ Frost 1049 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Stormtroopers 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I want to become a ST Vice Commander for many reasons, mainly being I want to help the regiment improve and thrive. The officers in Stormtroopers are so welcoming and friendly and I want to become their deserving representative. With my help Stormtroopers will be able to grow in RP and activity to eventually become the regiment it deserves to be. As well I have been pushed by a few of my fellow officers to push for this position as I have people who support me which makes me want to make them proud. I also want to step in and help improve on RP, Training, and all around improve the enjoyment with the regiment. There are many ideas I have that I can bring to the table to help bring up Stormtroopers performance. There are also a few problems I see that need more attention. If given Vice Commander I can improve Stormtrooper in many ways needed. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? I have about 21 weeks on the server. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of a commander is they are the leader of their regiment. They are there to be the head and to make sure Activities, RP, and chain of command are properly established. They are also to be the head representative of their regiment. High Command will be looking at command to communicate the desires and wishes their troopers have. Commanders make sure the regiment is constantly improving making sure RP stays fresh and enjoyable for the troops. As well they are there to be hot and ready to deal with any issue within the regiment. If there is an issue the commander is there to handle it the best they can. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I have shown many qualities within my time in Stormtroopers. I have properly proved why I would be trustworthy and deserving of the rank of Vice Commander. Since joining I have been doing my best to help in all ways possible. I have also taken every opportunity I had to work with command and fellow officers to help solve any issues that may be in our way. In these situations I have proved that I am understanding and able to critically think of the best solutions to an issue that will cause the majority of those involved to be satisfied. Due to my time working in the Stormtrooper regiment I feel I have gained the approval of Majority of the officers and its lower ranks. Recently I have also been assigned to be the assistant lead of Scouts. Since then I have gone in full force to attempt to bring them back up to their proper spotlight. Since then I have been recruiting and making moves to get Scouts fully active again with help of a special fellow new Scout AL (Shout out to Jumpy lol). With Jumpy's help I have been able to point out issues and get them back on track in a way the Lead before couldn't. I say this example as it proves I am capable of hopping into a situation where activity and enjoyment can be down and that I will be able to turn it around. If given Vice Commander I can take this skill of mine and use it to improve Stormtroopers alongside Mr.Wheat to its truly needed glory. 7. How often can you be Online?: I can online on average 2-4 hours a day. You can also contact me via discord if I'm ever needed. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : Yes I have 4 warnings - ImperialRP: ERP - PoliceRP: Stealing Government Vehicle - CloneWarsRP: Mic Spam - CloneWarsRP: RDM _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for the support! - Frost
  10. +Support - I can these classes spawning down on Tatooine at the dust location - With the criminal update coming soon this will definitely bring more forms of RP for players
  11. +Support - I feel this would definitely enhance the immersion and enjoyment for SF whenever they fly.
  12. +Support - Amazing guy - Veteran ImperialRP member - Ex Command/knows his stuff You deserve your shot back into command man good luck!
  13. +Support - Active and Respected within community - Good application - though with the last question calling other staff would only be needed for the ban and muting/gagging. You can warn and check !logs on your own.
  14. +Support - Great Application - Has plenty of experience staffing just on other games - Based on the last two answers they are shown to have the knowledge and maturity it takes to handle staff situations. Good Luck!
  15. +Support - Best medical I've seen - Great guy, is friendly to all players - Amazing commanding skills Good luck Harry you deserve it!
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