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  1. Due to the fact that your custom job was fix when the problem occurred and you did get a different model and I would presume you would have to pay $30 to add this as a new model that you wanna added to your class however I'm not PoliceRP SMT or Zeeptin and they have the final word on it.
  2. Job: US: NATO Chemical Engineer Old Model: New Model: models/arachnit/cso2/characters/female/ct/carrie/ct_carrie01/ct_carrie01_player.mdl and if you can set it to the specific body group in the pic please that will be awesome! And I need all the Steam ID's for the Job as well please and thank you! $80 paid 11/10/18
  3. XA-180 APC was crushing people's games when a player died inside the vehicle And killed off a huge population of the server multiple times So the vehicle was removed. As it replacements I believe at this time we are not allowing Simfphys vehicles for cc however I'll let John be the decider on that one.
  4. Scheffer

    Switch Maps

    Yeah I see your point Sam but the thing is we should be able to switch Maps constantly very quickly after we first set them up the maps are save that way and if we want to rotate and we can just easily go back to maps without any trouble so it may be rough at first but it would be rewarding afterwards.
  5. Scheffer

    Switch Maps

    I have looked through all thoes maps. There very good and very well design however we're looking for maps that can suit having full scaled bases for both faction. We really kind of want to prevent another Disaster RP where we have to build mostly everything.
  6. Jobs: US: Blackwater #102/Alpha Zulu Team Weapon Being Added to both: M32 ( tsp_m32 ) $80 in total Paid 11/5/18 it war, now boys.
  7. I'm aware of what people think about the lag even though I haven't had too much problems with lag on this this map I'm aware that other people do experience it and I know it does happen once in awhile and maybe at one point will find a middle ground when it comes to the tic rate however all of our mods currently require us to keep it at 33 so as of now that's where it will stay