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  1. Kitty.


    buy me a cc and ill beat you in a 1v1
  2. Was fun having you in SRT. You will be missed!
  3. Kitty.

    Noah REmiX's LOA

    Noted. Message command if you need to extend or end early for your LOA.
  4. Cant wait to see you back raddish :)
  5. This was not expected from my behalf. I will always remember the good times jayden! Always down for Dbd if you want
  6. Noted. thank you for clarifying
  7. Wish you luck solomon
  8. Can't wait to check this out munchies
  9. Noted. if you need an extension or early dismissal lmk.
  10. Kitty.

    Killer's 48 Hours

    Was fun with you in here!
  11. Kitty.

    Will's LOA

    Sounds like you're going to have a great time, enjoy yourself! Message command if you need to end early or to extend
  12. Kitty.

    ColeSoft LOA

    Noted. Hope it's fun!
  13. Kitty.

    Killer's LOA

    Noted. Please message me on discord or any other low command for an early dismissal.