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  1. Cya man! Been fun having you!
  2. +Support I never really understood why Josh got banned, did so much for the community and actively in my eyes, helping to improve it, and for such a loyal member to just be blacklisted on the spot is quite frankly unjust. If, which with evidence proves not the case but for a balanced argument, Josh did say what he said, I still don't think the blacklist was really justified as the harshest punishment was given to him for what is essentially a warnable/strike able offence. Thank you ?
  3. Hey So I've gotten bored of Garry's mod as a whole and found that spending time with friends on different games is so much more fun in my opinion. So i'm going to be resigning from Chief. I'm going to mention all the people I can remember from my time on GL. If missed out I am sorry. @Hooplaa great COL and wish you the best of luck @Matthew Great COL and has done A LOT for the pd aswell as for his SWAT team, best of luck @Bob Bob Couldn't find your name but met him 2 years ago on another community and is a great friend, done a lot for the department and others with his amazing ability to make skins, good luck and I hope you get Chief. @Dane Great A chief and has also done a lot with the department as well as @Munchies when he was COL, hope you get dep chief. Snar, good luck with running the server @Tom Brown, @Tim Brown, @Tanner, Good luck with your future careers as PD command members. @Felix Good luck with staffing and PD careers, yebay! Spection, Funny guy and a good smt member, and has good music taste, good luck with command and staff. @Chad B Does a lot for the department and is a very loyal pd member, good luck with staffing and PD command. @Jeff Junior Funny Captain and a great pd member, good luck with future en-devours @EternityAgar Good Command member, good luck with your en-devours @NoOne Great friend known him for ages and was an amazing dep comm and HOS, good luck! @Alton Great friend and an amazing Ex SA and COL, good luck with PD! Tom, Can't find your account but was an amazing friend and a great SS/pd command member. Alex amazing EMS Command/pd command member and has amazing dedication @Nolan My favourite Manager and was extremely missed by the community @Noot Great Ex Dep comm and has a gf with the best name imo, good luck! @Josh H-Y. Great SWAT Command member and a great friend. goodluck Myan, Great SWAT Commander and an amazing HA, goodluck with the department and staffing! @tcoops Really does smell but is a great friend. Goodbye everyone and have a wonderful life!
  4. ACCEPTED Speak to High Command for training. @arollin96227
  5. ACCEPTED Speak in teamspeak @[GL] Tom
  6. ACCEPTED Congratulations @Alton Lewis
  7. ACCEPTED @Munchies sorry for the inconvenience ?
  8. +Support Great former HOS Knows the rules Active Would be a great addition to the staff team Good luck
  9. Kitty.


    Denied Negative Community Feedback
  10. Denied Maturity and the ability to follow orders needs to improve 2 weeks till you can apply again
  11. ACCEPTED Speak to High Command