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  1. Noted. thank you for clarifying
  2. Can't wait to check this out munchies
  3. Noted. if you need an extension or early dismissal lmk.
  4. Kitty.

    Killer's 48 Hours

    Was fun with you in here!
  5. Kitty.

    Will's LOA

    Sounds like you're going to have a great time, enjoy yourself! Message command if you need to end early or to extend
  6. Kitty.

    ColeSoft LOA

    Noted. Hope it's fun!
  7. Kitty.

    Killer's LOA

    Noted. Please message me on discord or any other low command for an early dismissal.
  8. Kitty.

    James LOA

    Noted. Hope you have fun james!
  9. Noted. Hope you're alright masterson.
  10. Became an ofc and valk offered to let me ride with him
  11. Kitty.

    Cole's Resignation

    Sad to see you go man!
  12. Kitty.


    Cya utetwo!
  13. Kitty.

    Ryzen's resignation

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do next!