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  1. Going to make this short and sweet Well boys, it's been fun. It's my time to step down from my positions on GamingLight and move on to something new. Even though I haven't been a part of this community for that long, it's feels a lot longer than 2 months. Before I joined the server, I was struggling to find a good game to play. Then my friend suggested we buy GMod and try out a MilRP server (had no idea what that was at the time). After my first day on the server, I was addicted. I got on everyday and tried my best to rise the ranks. Everyday I would learn more and more things about MilRP and started interacting with other people in the community. I was having a lot of fun. Fast forward a month and half, getting on the server was becoming less appealing. Getting on and going to war with nothing new, got very stale and boring. Instead of saying, "I want to get on the server", it was starting to become, "I need to get on the server." That being said, GamingLight is probably the best community that I have been a part of. I want to thank all of you for making my time on the server the best it could possible be. I hope that the connections that I have made can continue after today. See you guys on the other side. Special thanks to: Reborn, Arnold, Awg, Rook, Matricies, Scoot, LtRDM, Kilo, Repa, Jesss, Midget, L00L, Xtatic, Krimson. You guys have been great friends and I hope to see you guys around. -RUAF VCMDR CSI DSCOL Spencer
  2. PUBG didn't kill H1Z1. If anyone wants to debate this topic, bring it
  3. Ingame Name: RUAF VCMDR CSI DSCOL Spencer Job Name: Assault Specialist Server: MilitaryRP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:154510962 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:1:154510962 The class is currently full so I'm also paying the fee to have this person removed (which was approved by Reborn) This is the steam ID that needs to be removed: STEAM_0:1:105049949
  4. Spencer

    ADF Sims

    Hey guys! I was thinking that we could start running some simulations for our ADF operators. It's kind of boring just sitting in base during peace time and this would give us something to do. I would love to get your guys input on the idea. Thanks! -RUAF VCMDR CSI DSCOL Spencer
  5. Thanks for recording this!
  6. Can we get an update on your activity?
  7. Can I get update on your activity please?
  8. Title: "Name"RU ADF Application" If your title is not correct you will NOT be Accepted! Please do not forget to add a Poll on your post, or it will be denied! Poll: Should I be a RU ADF Operator? Yes or No (make a poll by hovering your mouse next to "Content" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.What Is Your In-game Name: 2.What Is Your Rank?(CMSGT+): 3.Who Would Like To See You As An ADF Operator?(Two Officer's): 4.Why Should We Trust You With Being an ADF Operator?(This Is A Special Force In The RU): 5.Why Do You Want To Be An ADF Operator (30-50 Words Min): 6.What Is Your Timezone?: 7.How Often Can You Be On?(How many days/hours a week): 8.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns): 9.Do you have any strikes?(If you do, then what for?): 10.Are you active on the Teamspeak? (Required): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^Copy Above Format And Post Application In The RU Airforce Forum.^ The Minimum Requirements to apply for ADF is CMSGT. DO NOT ASK PEOPLE TO LOOK AT YOUR APPLICATION!, IF YOU ARE CAUGHT YOU WILL BE DENIED! We Will Find You! ADF Applications will sit for at least 3 days before accept/denial unless otherwise specified by the Commanders. "I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Motherland of the Russia against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey t h e o r d e r s of Putin Vladimir and t h e o r d e r s of those appointed over me” - RU Air Force ADF Orginially posted by Matricies. Need to re-post it so Jesssy and I can edit it due to Matrices promotion to BG.
  9. Russian Air force - 177th Aviation Unit Informational Updated Sections: 177th Fighter OP and Training Special Thanks and Inspiration from: Major General Awg Leaders: 177th Regiment Chief: Spencer 177th Regiment Assistant Chief: Jesssy Purpose: The purpose of the 177th Aviation Unit is to provide support to the Russian Army by giving call outs to enemy aircraft, quick transport across the battlefield and counter enemy aircraft encountered in the field. Ranking System: Enlisted: Recruit (177th RCT) - Starting 177th Rank Sergeant (177th SGT) - Junior NCO, assists with recruits Starshina (177th SH) - Senior NCO, head of enlisted ranks Officers: Kursant (177th KT) - Junior Officers who can lead enlisted and execute Training for 177th pilots. Can give PTL for helicopter pilots with good reason Senior Lieutenant (177th SL) - Senior Officers. Can promote to KT and Hold 177th recruitment training. Can also be AFI Certified Command: Assistant Chief (177th AChief) - Can promote to SL Chief (177th Chief) - Can Promote to AChief, Responsible for entire 177th Requirements to Join: Must be a MSGT+ in Russian Airforce Must be Helicopter pilot Certified Must have basic to intermediate level WAC experience No active strikes due to behavior You Must be in teamspeak to join You can join this regiment by asking a SL+ to evaluate and train you or wait until they hold tryouts for the regiment. You do not need to do an application Requirements to Join 177th Command: Must be an SL in 177th and at least 2LT+ in RUAF (Except for the beginning of 177th) Must have Intermediate to Advanced level WAC experience Able to handle an entire regiment of pilots Active in Teamspeak You must fill out the application format below Application for 177th Assistant Chief: Application Title: Name's 177th Assistant Chief Application 1. What is your Ingame name?: 2. What is your ingame rank in RUAF and 177th?: 3. Recommendations from 2 Officers (2LT+ who are not the 177th Chief): 4. Why do you feel that you should be selected to be the next 177th Assistant Chief?: 5. What qualities do you have that you think make you the best choice for 177th Assistant Chief?: 6. As 177th Assistant Chief, you will be responsible for co-managing an entire regiment. Are you able to make this commitment?: 7. How often can you be on and what is your timezone? (Explain any circumstances here that may impede your activity): 8. Anything else you would like to explain here: You must also have a POLL in your application with the question, Should I be Assistant Chief of 177th? If you do not know how to make your post with a poll ASK FOR HELP. Do not respond to your application unless it is to respond to your chief or commander asking you to fix something. Operating Procedures for 177th Transport Unit: All 177th transport units are to be responsible for helping transport troops across the battlefield in a timely manner however, we are not ignorant to the short resources we have as there are only 2 basic helicopter pilot slots and only 2 helicopters can be spawned on any one side at a time. If there is a need to helicopter transport and there is no one on it, your primary responsibility as 177th is to be that transport. - All 177th should help with transport when needed - If the helicopter slots are taken up, you can use your donor role if you have one. - Always be in radio communications to coordinate with troops - If no one needs helicopter transport, you can act as an eye in the sky but do not put yourself at risk if not needed (EX: Hovering over Warehouse) - Always Listen to higher ups unless they are breaking rules - 177th KT+ have the ability to leave base without PTL and give PTL to helicopter pilots (But must inform fellow RU through advert) - 177th KT+ may ground helicopter pilots who they are higher then in both 177th and RUAF. Training Procedures for 177th Transport Unit (SL+): - Review Recruit Flight skills (must be at a basic/intermediate level) or reject - Confirm that they are in Teamspeak or reject - Review about key spots to spawn helicopters for transport - Review take off and landing procedures - Teach about how to utilize radio comms to the best effect - Train in weaving through objectives and when to take different routes - Train in evasion of enemy attack helicopters, tanks and stingers - Train in good paradropping technique and landing in the field - Train in synchronized take off and landing with a 2nd transport helicopter - Train and review helicopter expense and when to repair/retreat to avoid destruction Operating Procedures for 177th Fighter Unit (Donor Only): - The 177th Fighter Unit is a the offensive side of the 177th, featuring attack helicopters and planes. Members on this end of the 177th Regiment are responsible for countering enemy aircraft, eliminating ground threats and coordinating with transports to ensure safe arrival of troops. - You can only join the Fighter Unit if you are at least a [T3] Donor, as the [T1] Plane is insufficient for air combat. - It is expected that when enemy aircraft are a problem that the 177th Fighter units get on attack helicopter/plane roles and deal with the threats. If not, you are to be supporting ground troops at objectives. - Always Listen to higher ups unless they are breaking rules - 177th KT+ have the ability to leave base without PTL and give PTL to helicopter pilots (But must inform fellow RU through advert) - 177th KT+ may ground helicopter pilots who they are higher then in both 177th and RUAF. Training Procedures for 177th Fighter Unit (SL+ and Donor Only): - Confirm that they are in the TS - Confirm basic to intermediate helicopter pilot skills - Review Landing and Take off procedures - Review Attack Helicopter and Fighter Plane Weaponry - Review proper radio communication - Train in Pilot and Co-pilot control of attack helicopters - Train in Single Pilot control of attack helicopters/planes - Train in Target Priority (Aircraft First, Ground Targets Second. Osprey is different) - Review aircraft expenses and retreat/repair times Promotions, Demotions and Resignations: - 177th Recruit through 177th SH have 3 day cooldowns on promotions - 177th KT to Achief have 1 week cooldowns on promotions - Achief Applications are to be accepted by the 177th Chief (Or RUAF Commanders if the Chief is unavaliable/unable) - Achief can only be promoted to Chief by the RUAF Commanders. - 177th SL+ may warn and/or demote lower ranks but only the Chief and Assistant Chief can completely remove someone and must be consulted if issues are occuring to resolve them. - If someone is promoted or demoted, the RUAF Commanders must see a promotion form for airforce but with 177th ranks. SL+ will get access to the password for this form. - To resign from 177th, you must be apart of the regiment for a week. Otherwise you will be blacklisted. - Once you resign, you must wait a week to re-tryout. - The RUAF Commander/Vice Commander may overwrite decisions as they oversee the entire branch and its regiments but it is recommended to consult with the 177th Chief/Achief to make sure communication is clear. Remember, helicopter training will always take time, it requires constant training to improve and may take time to finish. NEVER SKIP OUT ON PORTIONS OF TRAINING UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THEY KNOW IT. This document can be changed at will so please pay attention to updates concerning the 177th Aviation Regiment Informational. Thank you Awg for the inspiration behind this informational. We wanted to re-post this so Jesssy and I could edit this if we needed to due to Matrices becoming BG.
  10. Name: 327th AAL BXO Spencer 5467 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:154510962 Rank (Must be VCMDR+): VCMDR Why do you want to be a general?: I want to become a general because I love to lead people. Every since I have joined the server, it has been my goal to teach new players the basics on SWRP. During my time in the 327th, I have seen it grow to becom one of the biggest battalions on the server. Witnessing this has inspired me to teach and lead more. I want to continue to rise in the ranks and take on more responsibility as a leader, and I feel like I'm prepared for it. When I'm given a task, I complete it to the best of my ability. I take orders seriously and respect the serious role play. In difficult situations, I don't try to rush to a resolution. I use my peers around me for assistance to come to the best conclusion. That's what I love about this community. We all work together when their a choice to be made. I know that if I become a general, that I will not look at it as only a power gain but also a responsibly gain. I would use the power to make the experience for new players and veteran players the best it can be. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: For me being a part of this community for only two months, I feel like I have a pretty good reputation. If you ask anyone that knows me, they will say that I'm pretty decent guy. I know when it's okay to have fun and when it's time to be serious. Minging is something that I try to stay far away from. Being a Vice Commander on MilRP and SWRP has taught me many things on how to be someone that can be a resource for others. I am also part of the staff team and don't have any warns or strikes on SWRP. Because I am kind of new to this community, I know that I have to earn this trust and I will work very hard to do so. How often can you be online?: Everyday after my classes are over How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: I have zero warns on SWRP
  11. Thanks for responding even though its only for CMSGT+
  12. Name: 104th Jedi Knight Zobelle Master: Obi-Wan Kenobi Rank: Knight
  13. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 327th AAL 1LT Spencer 5467 2. Why do you want to be a vice commander of this branch? From the moment I started to play GMod RP servers, I was hooked. I wanted to grind and learn more about what these servers have to offer. Through my experiences, I have learn a lot and I want to continue to learn. I have a lot of experience with being a vice commander with my time on MilitaryRP. I'm learning how a branch is run and maintained. I can transfer this knowledge over to StarwarsRP. Becoming a vice commander will also allow me to teach new CTs and also learn more at the same time. During my time in the 327th, I have made some really good connections. 3. What is the Main Purpose of a vice commander for a branch? The Main Purpose of a vice commander is to assist the commander with the branch. The vice commander will take over the branch if the commander is not online or is on LOA. The commander will focus usually on big picture stuff, while the vice commander will focus on minor issues and training. 4. Why should we trust you to be a vice commander? Once you get to know me, you will realize that I take this server very seriously. I want to teach new players on how to act in a RP server. I love to take a new player by the side and make sure that they have a great time and want to come back to the server. I'm very trust worthy and do not see this position as a power gain but a responsibility gain. I know that I can handle the responsibilities of a vice commander. When I have a goal, I work hard to complete it. With these qualities, I feel I would make a great commander. 5. How often can you be Online? Everyday when I don't have class 6. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) I have no warns on StarwarsRP
  14. I. Gameplay & Experiences Describe your experiences on Military in a single short sentence (not a paragraph.) Fun at first, got very boring and stale after the map change. What do you dislike about the Gameplay aspect of the server (More in the lines of gunplay or other game mechanics.) I think the gunplay is great. Anyone can kill anyone if they have learned how to control their gun. What do you like about the gameplay aspect of the server? How do you think we can add to this or make it better? I like that the gameplay is based on team work. If someone tries to go off by themselves, they are most likely going to die. Have officers and commanders take squads into the battlefield so new players can learn more about team work. What do you dislike about the role-play on the server? How can we change or fix this? I feel like their is barely any role play. I dont know of a fix right now What do you like about the gameplay on the server? How can we improve this? The combat is pretty decent, but more events would add more variety to the gameplay What do you like most about the server? At first it was grinding the ranks but now its more of helping new players What do you hate most about the server? its the same thing over and over. No incentive for veterans to keep grinding the server How do you think we can retain more player on the server? It's hard when most of the officers and higher ups are inactive due to school and other IRL stuff. I have no idea how to retain more players If you could have one major addition to the server, what would it be? MORE EVENT BASED If you could remove anything from the server, what would it be? Timer!!! II. Staff What do you like about the staff team? How can add to this to make it better? I think our SMT team is great! I would like to see them host more events in the future What do you dislike about the staff team? How can we fix this? I personally I haven't had any problems with the staff team. Do you believe more or less staff should be on at a time? Why? Depends on how many people are on the server and how many sits there are Do you believe staff sits are handled correctly? How so and how can we change this? Not all the time. TMods need to be supervised more. Also TMods should listen to other sits that they aren't in. Do you think the staff team is friendly enough? In what ways and how can we improve this? Most staff members are but not all. Staff members that aren't need to be warned and then punished for not trying to be nice III. Community Do you feel like other members in the community are friendly? How do you think we can change this? Some are and some aren't. There are always going to be toxic people, nothing you can really do Do you believe other members in the community are helpful to newer players? How can we improve this? Same answer as the last question. Some do, some don't IV. Events Describe the current events in a brief statement. Military related events, engaging for the participants. Great RP experiences. Something new and different. Lots of fun What do you enjoy about events? How can we improve this aspect? something different than just shooting people. Make events more frequently and be the primary RPing for the server What do you hate about events? How can we change this? Sometimes they aren't as fun for the participant and more fun for the people running the event Would you like events to happen more often or less frequently? OFTEN Should events be role-play related or non role-play related? ROLE PLAY Should events happen on certain dates, randomly, or both? BOTH V. Senior Management Do you feel as if management is trying to improve the server? Why? Yes, the updates prove that SM is trying to improve the server. If there were no updates, then no one would be trying to improve the server Do you feel like management engages with the community sufficiently? How can we improve this? Ya, the recent surveys show that the SM want to know the opinion of the community. They aren't going to change something without the players input. Do updates come to the server frequently enough? For the number of people working on the updates, yes VI. Since The Last Survey Do you feel like important changes were made since the last survey? If so, where they good or bad changes? I didnt respond to the last survey What is the most important change you wanted that did not happen since the last survey? I didnt respond to the last survey
  15. Name: Spencer Rank: VCMDR Any Concerns: NA