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  1. nah its okay, i didn't wanna be included in the resignation anyway real talk tho it was pretty fun messing around with you back when i was still active, hope to see you around soon
  2. damn nimo you just gonna take that
  3. absolutely, even though I haven't been around in a while, I know Soul is an amazing candidate for Super Admin. he embodies all the values needed to be a proper leader to the rest of the staff team, and he's a super cool guy to talk with he's put so much effort into the server, and even I saw that when I was still around, and I would absolutely love to see him in the position Huge +Support from me
  4. mfw you hosted mtf meetings as DoL
  5. dude you gotta get that $5 biggie bag, those things slap
  6. not gonna say i'll miss you cuz we talk every day, so i'll prob hit you up tomorrow or something lmao
  7. damn this do be an end of an era
  8. fizzyyyy i miss you
  9. +support don't make me come back and lap you again
  10. as of right now 1332 on my hunter and 1330 on my titan. gonna start working on my warlock soon copycat smhhhh
  11. I was the High Command at the time that had made a Branch Update to bring back the old Blackburn models to allow this CC to be involved once more. + support - Please bring back the old Blackburn models
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