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  1. *Clicks Radio* Dear Chief Kitty 1K-44 Thank you for contributing so much to the high command team here in Rockford. As you have probably already noticed, tons of people are impacted by your leave, and such emotional feelings can only be felt by someone who truly had an impact on us here in PoliceRP. I hope to still see you around in the future, even if it is very little, and I do wish you luck in your future endeavors You've been set to a permanant COL rank by myself. Feel free to come on and play the COL class whenever you'd like. Thank you once again for your hard work and dedication put forward to make the Rockford PD the best it could possibly be Best Regards, Commissioner Snar 1K-1 *Ends Transmission* (I bet that gave someone chills)
  2. Snarlax

    ARU Application

    Please make sure you meet all requirements before applying.
  3. It needs to be taller I believe. That isn’t the right plate to reference size
  4. Snarlax


    No. We don't give recognition or further awareness towards those who have been harmful or malicious to our community. That's why they are blacklisted I find this suggestion very disrespectful.
  5. ACCEPTED Please come speak to me in teamspeak
  6. Denied I don’t know who said that it’s 10 seconds. But it’s not. The MOTD states no combat healing, period. Warn is staying
  7. On gov jobs, yes @Zeeptin
  8. You aren’t SMT. That’s not your job
  9. Snarlax

    ARU Guidelines

    ARU Guidelines
  10. [Added] New EMS vehicle (Ford F-550) Anti Player Stuck (Prevents players from getting stuck inside eachother) Secret service vehicle skins [Changed/Fixed] Buffed printers (New values below) Low Tier Bronze - $27,000/hr Silver - $81,000/hr Gold - $135,000/hr Diamond - $216,000/hr Platinum - $270,000/hr High Tier Bronze - $405,000/hr Silver - $540,000/hr Gold - $810,000/hr Diamond - $1,080,000/hr Platinum - $1,350,000/hr