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  1. @CHEETO @Timmemes stop arguing on this post. Don't try to use staff for your own personal mob.
  2. All hell no. That kid was WEIRD AF! He was always obsessed with Nintendo games.
  3. actually I believe that's the principal sitting next to some disabled kid.
  4. Why tho? Would it be that much of a change based on the player base that plays on Russia? Just asking. Personal opinion: What do we got to lose. And what I will say on a staff point of view: What is wrong with having different Maps and having frequent updates. I will say we did change maps to frequently. But that was just to evolve to play style that people liked. And the frequent updates didn't heard anything it was just showing that we constantly working on improving military RP and I think John did a very good job at it. And if we did change back to CS desert I will definitely bet the same criticism, concerns, and complaints will come back that made us want to change the map in the first place.
  5. You could do that for all military types
  6. Strike Appeal Form ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fill out the following questions correctly. Answer truthfully, and do not ask for support! WE WILL KNOW! -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In-game name: Rank: What is the strike: Why was the strike given: Who initiated the strike: Punishment for the strike: Why should the strike be removed (50 words or more) : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember! Strikes issued by Generals or the GOA, are non-appealable by this way!
  7. Ya I know but we are talking about having a map edit.
  8. How would everyone feel about something like this. And what, if you feel so, change.
  9. Ya add 35 more now after hour and a half finding out there was more. When I resign.
  10. 100 rounds = 10 hours of your day.