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  1. All jokes aside, I have no problem teaching you sentence structure; if you would like. Reading this almost incinerated my brain.
  2. Steam Name: Lil Chum Ingame Name: Lil Chum SteamID: 76561198163826425 Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: Danny Oliver Reason for Ban: Minge x 15 Dispute: As I am no longer to be 100% active on my PC due to my job and other family come-ups, I find that I am able to once and a while enjoy myself and play a little Garry's Mod. I without a doubt enjoy police RP as one of my favorite games in GMOD, so this is why I'm seeking to be unbanned about 7 months later. I was banned on December 8th of 2018 and as many of you may know, this is my second appeal. After speaking with Fame following the denial of my appeal, I have taken his advice as to take some time off to clear any negativity that may be revolving. From what I see commented on my appeal about how mingey I was at the time, MY GOD i was an annoying kid, . Taking time after to reform myself and mature as much as possible, i was very fortunate to have grown such strong relationships on MRP (before saying goodbye about 3 months ago due to job related purposes), and found that I had a pretty astounding reputation. I have reviewed the server's MOTD in-order to refresh any lost memories and will speak with anyone who has any questions, THX
  3. Well boys, this is the end. I am starting full time at the fire department and need to start focusing on getting my life set up. It's honestly unbelievable how much i became attached to the server and all the people in it. You guys gave me so many fun nights that I could never repay. Coming home and thinking, "Who's in the teamspeak, who's on the server?" EVERY time, really shows how amazing you guys make this community for other people and it puts me at a loss for words. Keep up with the great work you guys, Scheffer, thanks for the opprotunity to become staff and for working your A$$ off to keep the server updated for players to love. Kilo, happy fathers day RU - Keep dominating them wars, -RU GRU LTC Lil Chum
  4. ~support -Towards end of video you can see that you are putting your line of sight exactly to where the people are walking multiple times -Snapping onto people
  5. Lil Chum


    We all love our country's beloved symbol of freedom (the flag), but it has came to many member's attention as well as mine, that they are blocking visual contact from soldiers that are at a large distance away. For example, the name's of the capture point, the windows and roof, enemy sniper towers, and the back of the building are all things that are restricted from a snipers POV, due to the flag. Check out a few things i made to give you guys a visual idea, i reccomend we change this to aither just the name of the country, or a single dot that is red or blue, Thanks!
  6. +/- support I know i'm RU, but make sure to be active on both the server and forums With your reasons for becoming Ranger, focus on the game objective and not IRL Keep your eye on the goal of progressing the branch with your in-game skills instead of (taking on challenges) Good luck! - Lil Chum
  7. Lil Chum

    Kilo's LOA

    -/+ support - im back in cord and need someone to speek with at 11pm -happy fathers day -Lil Chum
  8. At ease, silly American
  9. Lil Chum

    RU has been revived

    ^^ "alexa play we are number one"
  10. In Game Name: RU GRU 1LT Lil Chum RU Rank: 1LT Two Officer Recommendations (COL-): USSR CPT Joe and SZ CKGB COL Rac How much time do you have on the server? (3 Day 10 Hour minimum): 5d 20h Why should we trust you with Captain? (50 word minimum): I believe I should be trusted with Captain because I make it my duty save the lives of my comrades by being a very applicable sniper. I vow to be avtive with debriefs and assisting any of my comrades needs. I do the best of my efforts to be the opposite of a minge and conversate with all whom play on the server. Why do you want to be Captain? (50 word minimum): My fellow comrades, I wish to be Captain for RU core to give assistance to the voice needed during the wars (in which we mostly win). We have a functional lineup of higher-ups on RU and I belive my journey is beginning to reach its peak. I wish to join the Officer's in doing everything in my power to reach everyone's needs and have new recruits coming into the core actively. How often can you be on?: 4-5 hrs a day What is your timezone?: Eastern Standard Time
  11. IGN: RU GRU 1LT Lil Chum Rank: 1LT Activity: 6-7 days a week Comments: Три полоски
  12. 4.Who Would Like To See You As FORECON?(2 Officer, 1 FORECON, ) : 1LT Jack, USAF 2LT Jet ?????