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  1. Accepted! - Speak to me or Scheffer to receive your tags and training
  2. We will be having a command meeting for all factions today at 6pm EST. Command includes staff officers and generals.
  3. Richard

    1944RP Discord

    Here is the official discord for 1944RP
  4. SOP: Roster: Promotion Form: Officer meeting LOA form:
  5. I added your steamid to the whitelist so hopefully you will have it when you get in game.
  6. Richard

    New RU Ranks

    This is a list of all the new ranks and their equivalencies:
  7. Is this still happening to you because when I went ingame i had all of my donation items? Also what are the other things that were wrong in the server?
  8. We have decided to let you off the hook but do keep in mind if we find that you are hacking again you will be punished and that punishment will be non-appealable. You seem like a good guy and all so I hope you don't let this second chance go to waste. ~Militaryrp SMT
  9. Hello RU, This is a form that you can use if you ever see an officer doing something that he shouldn't do and want to report him. Use this link to report him for an IC reason. ~Generals
  10. "The thingy". Sir, we at gaminglight do not have the ability to read your mind.
  11. Richard

    Ban Appeal

    Your dispute is extremely vague which makes it hard to believe that you actually didn't do anything that could have got you banned.
  12. +Support I can say that when he was a BG in militaryrp he was active, mature, professional, listened to higher ups, roleplayed well and was overall a very good person.
  13. I need to extend my LOA by one more week because my surgery wound got an infection.
  14. Richard

    Richard's LOA

    I need to extend my LOA by one more week because my surgery wound got an infection.
  15. In-Game Name: General Richard SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61220220 Rank: Head Admin Length of LOA: 2/20/19-3/6/19 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Surgery I will still respond to messages on the forums. I will most likely be able to attend the staff meeting and officer meeting. I might have to increase my LOA later on.