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  1. You were a good officer. You are mature and friendly. It is sad to see you go. I wish you the best of luck at SCP.
  2. +Support Kool Active Mature Helpful Takes his job seriously Is not a minge Likes dolphins
  3. Of course there is a picture of Scheffer nuking the server but anyways I am sad that you are leaving. You have been in Gaminglight for a while. I hope that I will see you in the future.
  4. +Support Active Mature Friendly Good leadership skills Helpful
  5. Don't worry we won't bite
  6. Munchies you are a great lad and I hope to still see you in the teamspeak so that i can stalk you
  7. Stop fighting with each other in this post. If you want to talk to the other person take it to PMs.
  8. +Support Some people have had issues with you but I honestly haven't seen you do anything bad and I personally haven't received complaints about you. You are active. You have been a staff member before. Has been respectful to people. Has been mature.
  9. Richard

    Change Map

    The map looks pretty cool.
  10. Hello fellow comrades, Me and Awg have decided that we will not give out strikes this next officer meeting because of thanksgiving. You should still fill out the officer meeting LOA so that we know how many people will not be there. Happy thanksgiving. ~Russian High Command
  11. Richard

    Awg's LOA

    Ladies and gentlemen we got em.
  12. Goold luck with your future endevours. You were a rolemodel for RU. If there was a problem with something to do with RU you would deal with it professionally and maturely. You were also fun to play with.