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  1. the emplacements look like shit that was stepped on by four different people
  2. Ingame Name: Jess SteamID: STEAM_0:1:95565390 What date did you start playing the community: June, 2016 When did you create your forums account: November 15th, 2018 What is your current ULX rank on the server: Champion How many warns do you have on the server: 6 or 7 ( but they are all old from when I first joined the server in 2016 - 2017) What timezone do you live in: MST How often can you be on: Everyday for 5 or 6 hours or more Why do you want to join the Event Team: I’d like to join the event team because recently the events have been extremely dry and “recycled” and overused I want to hopefully offer something new to the wardog team and help out the server and give interesting events ive wanted to also join the event team for a good amount of time its been a Goal for me for a really long time, I can also be on everyday for many hours so I can always entertain the player base with little Minnie events if they want some What is an example of an RP event you would host: Event Idea Summary: A Rogue US General and his squadron of Ex US Officers that were dishonorably discharged for cruel and inhuman acts against the Taliban and Russians have stolen German Engineered Chemical gas called Nova 6 that can wipe out anything in a matter of seconds if exposed to it, the Rogue General contacted the Russians right after stealing it in hopes to sell it to them but they disagreed saying it was too much of a Threat to the world with the gas being out there, instead the Russians planned on sending a SVR RF Team to neutralize the General and return it to the Germans. A CIA team was sent to take out the general and transport the gas back to US Soil for Safekeeping but the Mission went sideways the CIA team was taken out and some brutally tortured and left to rot who knows where, one of the CIA Members was taken hostage in exchange for safe passage to another location but the US Army was not about to let a Traitor (Rogue US General) get what he wants. The US Army was sent to take the general and his squad out and the CIA would come and take the gas afterwards but on the way to the General a small Russian SVR RF squad (SVR RF Is the = to CIA) (4 or 5 Russians) have been spotted it seems the US and RU had the same plans . So they have a firefight leaving US troops critically injured and Russian troops dead. Both sides were not expecting one another to be there. What's left of the US team infiltrate the General’s Compound taking out most of his men and killing the general in the process then the US have to safely get the Hostage outside the compound and wait on a helicopter for transport out of the place the US Team has to fend off the Russians and make sure the hostage gets out completely safe. - Multiple ending event, if the US win the Russians suffered a heavy loss, if the RU win while the US are waiting for evac and defending against the Russians the CIA Agent is killed and the chemicals go back to the Germans later causing a chemical attack on the US and Russia and Germany invading the US through paratroopers and gas and many US Civilians being killed in the process.
  3. +SUPPORT I think we already had those NPC spawn platforms but the EGGs spawner for NPC's is a great idea so you don't have to manually put a ton of NPCs down
  4. Jess


    Why even post here if you're going to make stupid posts
  5. Jess

    Vice Captain Application

    +SUPPORT -Amazing Combatant -Good Leader -Follows orders without a problem -Active -overall fit for role
  6. In-Game Name: Jess SteamID: STEAM_0:1:95565390 Custom Job Name: 108th Commando Squad Original CC Post: Note: I would like this CC back I have paid the $20, I'm also going to upgrade it on this post (it got removed because I did not respond to the role call) New name: US NATO: 62nd JW GROM A Squadron Operative - $10 STEAM_0:1:95565390 New Description: JW GROM is one of Poland's premier special missions unit. This JW GROM Operative / Unit was sent by Poland to help out the US in the war effort against the Russians, this GROM Unit is tasked with taking down the Russians and gathering any special intel from Taliban or Captured Russians This GROM Unit is also specialized in Interrogation and will take down a whole ARMY if needed these Operatives are not to be messed with. - $10 STEAM_0:1:95565390 New Color of Job: 0, 25, 51 - $10 STEAM_0:1:95565390 Adding Gun: wf_wpn_smg04_camo02
  7. Jess

    Jess's LOA

    Ingame name: USB320 Delta Force COL Jess LOA length: 1 to 2 weeks Reason: personal Note: I don't know if i'll be able to make meetings.
  8. +SUPPORT -I've made a change map suggestion on discord -I'd also like to see Forrest Strike its perfect for our player base and it's a fun map -the map we currently have is too bland to many trees which may cause a ton of lag or more than usual lag
  9. Jess

    Code Ranger Application

    +SUPPORT -Active -Good soldier -fit for role -Always does good in war (supports his team and always on comms) -best recon ive ever seen -Follow's orders ~COL Jess / ENSIGN Jess
  10. General Kenobi
  11. Jess

    Jess's LOA

    Ingame name: USB320 Delta Force COL Jess LOA length: 5 to 7 days Reason: Need to take a break Note: I'll still make meetings and this LOA will take place March 29th (tomorrow)