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  1. Leaving because EMS is more of a chore with the quota, and get punished for forgetting to do "an excuse" for meetings. I'm not extremely active on gaminglight either, when i am on i'm on for 3 hours maybe (remember the 2 hour quota?). Also leaving to support @Tigersden11 .
  2. - Truck driver spawns in tow area - Taxi driver spawns in spawn - Black market dealer spawns in SWAT base - PD dispatch spawns in swat base - Defendant spawns in truck dealer (Also rename defendant to lawyer/defense lawyer pls) - Prosecutor spawns in Bank - A couple of other CCs spawn in swat base - SS director spawns in SWAT base - President and vice president spawn in state base
  3. The normal lock pick does, the pro lock pick doesn't.
  4. I went to prison today, instead of being put in a cell and left there, DOC took my mug shots, put me in my cell and uncuffed me, we had lunch, had riots (i went into solitary), yard time and more. I really enjoyed this and i'd like to see more of this from DOC instead of just putting people in a cell
  5. "Commissar" (EG: "Commissar Shibie") is now a family owned by @ShibieStorm. We're a group of skilled criminals who do their job. Apply here RULES OF THE COMMISSARS: 1. Be polite. 2. Be Professional. 3. But have a plan to kill everyone you meet. 4. Do not harm civilians/innocents unless absolutly required 5. Absolutly no minging. See rule 2 and 1.
  6. 5 of them didnt want to get ts, some got banned or got blacklisted
  7. This is coming from a Master Sergeant. I'm disapointed in law enforcement in this city. Too many times have there been 15 PD on, FBI, and tac on and only 3 people respond to the bank robbery. Today, there was a bank robbery with 3 armed suspects. Only OFC lucas (was my partner), Swat CDT alex and I showed up to the bank robbery. No one even talked about it over radio, they just ignored it. I pressed my panic and no one talked about it or responded either. Same thing happened when a state trooper was held hostage. No one responded, pressed my panic and also no one responded. Got the hostage out alive, though. The moral of the story? - Listen over radio and watch for panics and robberies. - Just because you're an SNR or a LCPL doesn't mean you're useless to the situation. - Learn priorites. Instead of pulling over someone for speeding, respond to the bank raid. Especially when backup is requested and panics are pressed. - Help fellow law enforcement when requested. - Respond to situations Also, please stop blocking doorways, earraping over radio and interfering with tac.
  8. So do all of you want me to delete this and get an admin ingame instead?
  9. Still don't see why it's bad to report on the forums instead of calling staff ingame
  10. oof, oh well we're here now. I'm mad that we were raiding him and then he propclimbed away.
  11. We (Police, ARU, CERT, State PD) were raiding his base, i can send the full clip.