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  1. DENIED Due to lack of support form the community.
  2. 1. DCS 2. Arma 3 3. Burnout 3 (Oldie but amazing soundtrack) 4. Logan's Shadow (Another oldie but super fun on the PSP with friends) 5. Squad 6. Battlefield 4 (I still play it today) 7. Warframe (friendliest community you could imagine) 8. Unturned (Very fun and under rated game in my opinion) 9. Ace Combat X (Another amazing game for the PSP) 10. CSGO (I would love to play more I need to find a group of low rank players who would like to actually get better) 10000000000. Identity
  3. CLOSED We will replace the weapon pack with M9K.
  4. John_

    Extinguish command

    CLOSED The Pyro job will be removed for this reason.
  5. ACCEPTED Follow the next step in the warn appeal process and link this post in the dispute of each duped warn.
  6. John_

    NPC Tools

    We could try it but it may not work. If it does not work, there will be nothing we can do as this guy no longer supports this add on.
  7. John_

    Opium Packing broken

    CLOSED The packer is not broken, it takes time to pack now.
  8. ACCEPTED Speak with me in teamspeak to receive training and whitelists.
  9. CLOSED Added. Opium will be nerfed more in the future.
  10. John_

    City Worker Job

    CLOSED Planned for this to be added soon along with a few more other jobs.
  11. ACCEPTED Speak with me for training and whitelisting.