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  1. Lmao Munchies was it all an act?
  2. Well sir, the issue with that is in theory eventually that number will exist. Take the example of 5208 as pointed out in this post. Of course, it would look nicer to not have “-GL,” but it would be a cat and mouse game of constantly changing if we went through with your approach.
  3. 076-2 will kill you for having a weapon out. Therefore, unless you are in the vicinity of someone with a weapon out, 076-2 won’t kill ya. Don’t worry he isn’t jumping lmao.
  4. Also forgot to mention, but anything in green has been changed. This update is a big one because it has made many classes viable. The officer and commander class both used to be not very viable and with this they will be. Our only viable classes used to be the GS, jugg, and EXP.
  5. +support However I’m sad to see that we aren’t throwing a shotgun on EXP to model it after E4 and other SF units.
  6. This isn’t a suggestion for SCP-RP. You also failed to follow the format. What you are allowed to do is organize this tournament independent of GL and just invite people. That’s what I recommend you do.
  7. —MESSAGE FROM FORUM DIPLOMAT— Please leave only comments that are +/- supports. Continued arguing can result in this post getting locked.
  8. A) that’s not branch dis. b) this is NOT a pay to win server. Why is it that the class that is just as strong as an MTF cc (it has the same rules about designing it) gets to have 66% of the NLR timer?
  9. -support, don’t say that sir. That’s taking it too far.
  10. Sir that goes against the principal. Is your Negev on safety? If so then you won’t be shooting me probably. If you read the suggestion anyone who would have heavy weaponry and would be trained (ie MTF) would need their gun on safety or else this rule wouldn’t affect them.
  11. That’s why I suggested for MTF they need to have a weapon on safety compared to a researcher/janitor/medic who is untrained and therefore it doesn’t make sense for them to have the combat skills to quickly unsafety their gun and start blasting.
  12. This is more designed for the people who just hold their gun on safety and then say “you can’t fearRP me I have a weapon out.” While I respect that it most likely will result in people ignoring this (especially CI vs. MTF which is why I recommended for this rule it only apply to them if their gun is on safety). However for CI vs. Utility/Research or MTF vs. Maynard/R&D it would lead to a quality of life improvement in my books.
  13. What are you suggesting? - Changing the fearRP rules so that even people with weapons can be fearRP’d. How would this change better the server? - earlier today, there was a Maynard who pulled out his USP-S and put it on safety. He then said “you can’t fearRP me I have a weapon out” and began crouch jumping around. Now I’m not trying to call anyone out, but in a new system we could make it where if it’s a 4v1 then regardless if you have a weapon out (and it’s on safety for MTF/CI as they’re far more trained) you can be fearRP’d (obviously with the exception that the majority group is shooting). This would affect everyone on the server, and it would make more RP sense because you should value your life. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - I personally don’t see any as it would effect everyone. The one debate that could be made is that it would hurt non-combatants because they don’t have the protection that CI/MTF would have where this rule only applies to the combatants if they have a gun on safety. Who would this change mostly benefit? - Anyone trying to arrest/kidnap another. Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/A
  14. This feels like too much of a buff for a few classes.
  15. +support evidence is clear, however if you were able to screenshot the logs why wasn’t this handled in game?