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    You think he turned the dark side? I was the CI CMDR and have become an A1 SGT, the thing I swore to destroy. “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”
  2. SCP 1969 a disco ball that kills all Also you stole my name
  3. -/+ support, your app is beautifully written and I would love to see you as a member of the staff team. My first issue is how you have so few posts on the forum (I like to see 50+ for all staff members). The second issue is, as Bonk pointed out, you can be a minge at times, however, at other times you’re great at RP. This is due to guilt by association with certain people and other issues. You need to choose your path. I do appreciate the hours that you are online as it can be hard to get staff on during that time. Overall, I don’t want you to feel deflated if you fail this first app. Most people fail their first app. Good luck, October
  4. I don’t want you to feel at all deflated by my comment sir. I feel that there are methods to help certain departments, but I think this rule (if implemented) can A) only apply to certain SCP’s and B) require a minimum number of researchers online otherwise it would be chaos.
  5. -support, this wouldn’t make sense for all SCP’s. For example: 106 cannot be tested on so he cannot receive d-bois, 049 is non violent only 049-2 are violent. I don’t see any lore advantage or any RP advantage. I would like to see all departments being active, but I don’t believe motd rules like this will help.
  6. -support, just allow the class d supplier to sell regular keypad crackers for a high price.
  7. + support, You shouldn’t do this. You can’t make deals with SCP’s. You could argue that yes you were cloaked, but it’s still not allowed. Just no teaming.
  8. Enuz, are you referring to the utility FTO? I thought I already had whitelist powers, but if not it should. I don’t think that there should be a global FTO job cuz that could be abused easily.
  9. -support, the 939 and 076-2 are actively trying to team. You were involved. As others have said, you should’ve walked away. If you ask me all 3 of you should’ve been warned, but it’s up to Trae to decide (staff discretion).
  10. Why do you minus support for that reason Blanke? You should focus on the person. I personally +support this.
  11. Oh my god! It’s Tim! Welcome back my dude.
  12. -support, you are inactive on the forums (you only have 4 posts). Your past warns show many issues with prop abuse and a warn for lying to staff. If given staff powers would you continue to minge? While you do give good reasons, I don’t know you that well, so I cannot comment that much on your activity. (I understand that you’re a SFC in CI). I respect that you give the correct answer to Q. 16 and you have clearly done your research, but I don’t think you’re ready yet for staff. Please don’t take this as a personal attack, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll get staff if you improve activity on the forums and become more well known outside of CI. -October