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  1. Ritz, imma miss you bb. I’m sad that I wasn’t a fun person lol.
  2. There is some sort of scoreboard. Idk if it’s staff only, but one of the function keys (I think f7, can’t remember) opens it. I do think that having a more popularized scoreboard would be quite cool.
  3. -support A) no shovel B) i LiKe ThE mOdEl 500!!! Lol
  4. +support definitely a cool addition as the detective kit is currently lacking.
  5. Can you please link your steam ID or a screenshot of your donations for proof of purchase? This helps out SMT and makes their job easier when they review these.
  6. Can you also add the steam ID’s of who paid for what. This is very helpful for SMT.
  7. This suggestion is outdated and unneeded as E11 already have an armory in their base and so does CI.
  8. Massive +support! you’re a great guy, and I think you would be a great forums diplomat. You’ve proven yourself as a responsible individual through countless interactions and the fact that you’re an S. Admin. Good luck my dude
  9. +support, Badaim you would definitely make a great forums diplomat. You’re a nice, responsible, mature guy. Good luck.
  10. -/+ support, my opinion is that since most of our combat is in close quarters it is unneeded. The only time we need a sniper is on D&B mountain, which Aleks has already made clear that’s not where we’re supposed to spend most of our time. Also, from the mountain a sniper could not see the entrance to our bunkers. To me the role is worthless with a few exceptions, but I don’t think a few exceptions make it worth adding the job.
  11. Staff has combat logs that allow them to see parts of it. Of course that will be complicated to use, but that would be used if someone was absolutely convinced they did it, and the other person was insisting they didn’t. I feel that this is a good exploit to close, like the dancing during combat rule, because mess with your hit box.
  12. -/+ support I do see how it will be beneficial for players, especially new players, but I don't feel that it's needed. This is a cool system, but LCZ is too simple in my opinion. An area that could benefit from this is the HCZ instead. Yes, the LCZ is where most new players begin their voyage on this server, I think that since most branches offer tours of the LCZ during training, and the LCZ is so simple, (literally 3 hallways that all lead to the same point, assuming we're starting from d-block), I don't feel it's unnecessary. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but with lag being as bad as it is, and other reasons previously stated it's a -/+ support from me. IF we were to utilize this system I would definitely suggest it used in the HCZ because that is much more complicated to navigate for newer players, ie a JR that just got promoted to AR and can now do tests in the HCZ would benefit much more from a similar system there.
  13. -support I understand that when people are player diss’ing that it gets others riled up, but regardless of that, you still RDM’d the person. In the future make sure to call staff.