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  1. Ingame name: October Discord: October#1475  Fun Fact: I’m the original CI commander on this server, and I go to boarding school and am really involved in political debates out there. (Also no one remembers me).
  2. I remember when this server was still on site-19 and before we had any RP ranks and we were on the leveling system lol.
  3. October

    Forget me notes

    Thank you sir. I should’ve corrected that little slip up, and I will right now. I do believe that further testing is required because I have proven that both psychedelic drugs and amnestics effect safe class SCP’s. Might I recommend testing on 682?
  4. Zeus, I’m so sad to see you go, and I’m going to miss you very much. Thank you for your time in CI, and I hope you enjoy what comes next. I’m sad that you never got to make command, but thank you for being here.
  5. Massive + support, Voxis you absolutely deserve this role. You’re qualified and you’re a great guy. You’ve been dedicated to GL and the staff team. I can personally testify to how you try to help everyone that you can. A while back (like over 1.5 years ago) I was going through a very depressing time in my life, and Voxis helped me. I remember the times that you and I used to spend talking in TS. I also remember how you don’t tolerate minges. Back when you ran NSA (over on police RP also rip NSA gang) you were very serious about that and I absolutely respect you for that. overall, I think that you are more than qualified for this position and I will come to your defense that you deserve this position.
  6. October

    A Magical Chair

    The story of SCP-J-20047 It was a peculiar fall night. Junior Researcher October, clearance level 2, had just finished his testing of amnestics and other drugs on SCP’s. All of a sudden he was filing paperwork when SCP-106 walked up and grabbed him dragging him into his pocket dimension. That incident report was a story for another time. Jr. October struggled with all his might to escape the PD. Finally, after he escaped, an MTF [REDACTED] unit carried him back to the medbay. Inside the medbay there were no medics on duty. This was clearly because they were lazy and had clearly all gone home early for a night of drinking as they were not as dedicated to the foundation as Jr. October. The MTF [REDACTED] laid the Jr. down into a wheelchair and began the process of wheeling him back to the research bunks, but suddenly the MTF agent had a bright idea. Why, an injured researcher is worse than no researcher at all he thought, so he dragged him off to the incinerator. The Jr. was placed incident the incinerator yet the wheelchair protected him from his burns. The MTF unit got upset and decided to throw a grenade at the Jr, but to no avail it seemed that October was invincible. Finally, the MTF decided to shoot him. As he fired the first bullet, October let out a scream. The MTF paused and realized this. The wheelchair was an SCP, designated SCP-J-20047. Further testing is required to prove the authenticity of this SCP, but so far, it will remain classified as a Euclid class until further testing is done to prove it can be contained safely. My one concern is that this chair was made by wondertainment and will end up destroying the foundation.
  7. *a light flicks on* *the camera begins recording* unknown: your name, clearance, rank, and incident Jr. October: My name is October. I’m a junior researcher with level 2 clearance and I am loyal towards the foundation. On 10/15/19 at approximately 12:49 am CST I was captured by 106 and put in his pocket dimension. unknown: Can you describe this pocket dimension? Jr. October: well for starters it was cold. There was this moldy corrosive stuff growing on the walls. There were all these hallways that led to different spots. Each hallway had an end. I dropped my glasses while walking down that hallway but continued onwards. Unknown: and then what? Jr. October: well I continued on and then all of a sudden I fell a few feet and was in a maze. I traveled for awhile and by blind luck I found my way out. Unknown: living to tell the tale is an odd thing. On top of that how many times did you escape 106’s pocket dimension? Jr. October: 4 sir. Unknown: huh funny Jr. October: why sir? Unknown: who gave you permission to ask questions? Jr. October: I am so sorry sir. Unknown: you escaped 4 times and lived to tell the tale. That’s impressive. I understand that the final time you broke your femur, right? Jr. October: well as you can tell sir, I’m sitting in this wheelchair, designated SCP-J-20047 Unknown: after all the data that you’ve collected and now you’ve proven to utilize SCP’s you know to much. *a distinctive gunshot can be heard* *Jr. October screams, why 4! You authorized the projects* *a second gun shot can be heard and then the camera shuts off*
  8. October

    Forget me notes

    Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: Level 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Doctor October, MTF [REDACTED] (ooc steak sauce), DHOS TwoSix Level D personnel involved: Not Applicable SCP: 999 and 343 Errors and/or safety hazards: during the experiment 343 got surprisingly violent due to the psychedelic drugs. Question: How do amnestics and psychedelic drugs effect SCP’s Background Research: After this research request getting denied by HOR Weiss, JR October took his question directly to the council, who surprisingly said yes. 3 and 4 were major supporters. Hypothesis: Should amnestics and other drugs be given to an SCP they will be effected like a normal “human” Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N/A Analysis and Conclusion: While both SCP’s were effected by traditional amnestics, 999 and 343 had varying results to the psychedelics. Both D-lysergic acid diethylamide, commonly referred to as LSD, and 4-phosphoryloxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine, commonly referred to as Psilocybin or “shrooms” were used as psychedelics. 999 reacted to both psychedelics by becoming super hyper; 912 however became quite violent. He was outraged and actually attempted to assault MTF [REDACTED]. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: While the amnestics theory does, the psychedelics have such varying results that should one give an SCP psychedelics they should be terminated immediately. Further testing is required as this was a closed system done only with 999 and 343 and only involved class A amnestics. I believe that the next step is to test psychedelics on SCP-682 as we have already proven that tranquilizers work on it. Approved by the █ Council, specifically █-3 and █-█ for use at Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  9. October

    AFK Fray RDM Me

    - support That is not your steamID and your screenshots don’t show enough evidence to prove that he RDM’d you. Why didn’t you call staff on duty at the time?
  10. -support @Detective Pug (Sorry for the @) I see that many others have already given their opinion and I could be lazy and just quote them or write “reasons above,” but I want to explain to you how you can improve and become accepted should you truly want to be staff. 1. You need to improve your forums post. You need real forums activity. I like to see at least 30 real forums post, but prefer 50+ honestly. 2. your 150 word reasoning never touches as to why you want to be staff or if you’d be responsible. You just say that you want to be staff because you like the server and then list why you like the server. 3. Your answer to Q. 16 is semi correct, you need the higher up (admin) to give the 10k second punishment, but it’s a jail, and then it turns into a ban as it’s above 1000 seconds. 4. As stated above, you do need a poll. I understand that there’s a lot of details to applying, but they want the staff to be qualified. If you want you can ignore my writing, but I hope that you do what you want. -October
  11. Oof they changed, but thanks for correcting me.
  12. Woah he said the name of the redacted room. Steak sauce redact that man. It also gives you access to leave the facility btw.
  13. I post one of these every October but thank you sir
  14. How could I forget you sir?