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    +support to the model change, I don’t love the zeal force PD2 model or the dozer, but it’s commands decisions on the models.
  2. That’s pretty lazy tho I agree.
  3. At the moment, A1 cannot enter the LCZ on defcon 4/5. They can enter it on 4 with CMD permission (MTF command only). On defcon 3 they can free roam. Of course VIP’s override this. This suggestion really doesn’t seem to change anything.
  4. -support, if staff ask you to change your name, you are required to change your name. I understand that Okmyneg might not refer to anything, but you were warned for not complying with staff. Listen to staff in the future. Steppy shouldn’t be striked and this warn is 100% valid. @steppy
  5. @Catsro So here’s what happened. I killed him as an SO and I was never brought to a sit for RDM. He was standing next to a d-boi and looking at him and I assumed he was releasing him while the d-boi was being released. I told him to back off and stop releasing him. I gave him time to back away and then shot him. (He had 4hp at the time so he died). Later, when flashlight hopped on, I sent him a bunch of screenshots showing Spread attacking me. This warn was 100% justified. I don’t know if staff received an RDM call as I am no longer staff, but I would like to say I don’t think flashlight deserves any punishment. I would like to add that I called staff to report you for player dis not that he just randomly went to you. The screenshots are below, in chronological order of top to bottom: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1850056594 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1850056607 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1850056598 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1850056602 Now again, I cannot speak to if you called a sit or not, but I know that Flashlight was busy last night, and I know that flashlight is a good guy. He possibly missed you in a flood of calls as it’s difficult at times. I doubt Flashlight rdm’d you as you seem quick to jump the gun and call RDM but whatever.
  6. Please follow the format which is pinned at the top. Thank you for your test.
  7. October

    The anomalous 05

    SCP-05-5 Object Class: esoteric Special Containment Procedures: [REDACTED] make sure to [REDACTED] do not show to [REDACTED] or else [REDACTED] This thing must remain outside of any and all [REDACTED’s] regardless of its clearance. Terminate if necessary. During a defcon 3 scenario if you encounter SCP-05-5 recontain or take off site. If these protocols are not followed it is considered defcon 1 protocol. Anomalous Properties: SCP-05-5 (along with SCP-05-2) has the ability to create and summon different weapons and change their genetic makeup completely. The only thing that unites the different instances of 05 are their global level 5 clearance. Do not approach unless you are a member of [REDACTED] or have [REDACTED] clearance. SCP-05-5 is a cognihazard. Approaching SCP-05-5 without the aforementioned prerequisites will result in protocol similar to SCP-513, however [REDACTED] will proceed it. Addendum: 923-14x- (Compacted) After MTF [REDACTED] drew a picture of SCP-05-5’s [REDACTED] 05-5 changed. It completely changed skin color and genetic makeup. Further testing is required to see what triggered this event. All we know is that MTF [REDACTED] was soon [REDACTED] via weapons summoned by SCP-05-5. The last thing written by the MTF unit was that further testing was required, but he was betrayed by a spy in the foundation at an offsite secure location. Incident report 8/12/09 (compacted) SCP-05-5 was seen by [REDACTED] later identified as a spy. The spy fell under the cognihazard effect, and has been [REDACTED], after he attempted to kill another 05 instance. Addendum 05-5.2 (compacted) It is now believed that coming into contact with any of these 05 instances will cause traitorous thoughts, and therefore SCP-05-1 through SCP-05-5 must be terminated to prevent further containment breaches or traitors. Recovered photo from MTF [REDACTED] Level 4 clearance required scanning ... welcome https://drive.google.com/file/d/16C-zGLHib_9I0NWG7vhpbMyTa8v0E0AO/view?usp=drivesdk Secure Contain Protect Authorized by falsified level 5 clearance credentials.
  8. October

    comms - Accepted

    It would be cool to see, but entities are bugged on this server a lil bit. Kinda like the old 035 mask where when he was cuffed or killed he dropped 2 masks and you could farm the masks by repeatedly cuffing him. My other concern is that stolen comms act like nvg’s (where even if you die or switch jobs you still have them). If a lot of testing goes in it would be fine, but I feel at the moment it’s unneeded.
  9. Damn I was unaware that the music bot allowed donors to use. Also he prob suggested it here as he’s on SCP-R
  10. He’s referring to the GL discord. Which I’d say -/+ support as it can be easily abused. What I’d rather see is a rhythm bot that you can get a DJ tag for (if you’re trusted) however even that seems unnecessary.
  11. +support, this ain’t it Chief. With all your staff reports I think you might want to be more careful in behavior and rethink your actions. Please don’t take this as a personal attack sir, but I side with Orange.
  12. @Kade the 2nd it’s been awhile, hmu.
  13. -support to the branch it’s just unneeded. Your reasoning was “a Branch filled with all women would sound hot...” if this branch were added it would add nothing. For the models, changing to a model with female body groups is fine with me, but it’s your responsibility to find these models as I’m indifferent between them and don’t feel that it’s absolutely needed.
  14. -support, I personally think that this is unneeded. I see no benefits and believe minges could use this to spam the horn swep.
  15. Woah @Dcethe, you’re violating the SOP if you’re doing any negotiations. The SOP is shoot to kill. Tho, I do believe some RP would be nice.