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  1. I Honestly Agree with this, I Really don't want a Guy whom just became a BXO a Week and 1/2 Half Ago as my BG. Just Can't man. -Support
  2. Name Change to From US: Marine Raider to: 10$ - US Green Berets: Field Operator 10$ - Change Color : rgb(0, 55, 104) 30$ - Model Change New Model: models/player/btb4.mdl All Paid For
  3. Massive +Support ~ Really Active ~ Kind Gentleman ~ Great Mood in TS & In-Game ~ Outstanding Application ~ Perfectly Fit for the Position
  4. Huge +Support Former Breach RP Member [Experienced With SCP Lore] Activity is on Point Beta Tester* Really Cares about the Future of this Server Knows Common Sense and Knowledge of the Gaminglight Staff HandBook Great Friend since 2016
  5. LOA Format for All 41st Rankings. In-Game Name: Teamspeak Name: Discord Name: Reason for LOA (If it's Serious Please be kept "Private"): Length of LOA: Rank: Are you in ARF or ARC? Your Activity Prior to LOA:
  6. Officer Training Guide Requirements ~ PVT if they are here to stay and are serious about this regiment, PFC+ contrarily. ~ Must/Should know all 4 faces and how to do them. - Left Face - Right Face - About Face - Front Face/Attention ~ Must/Should know all 8 formations and how to do them. - Single Column - Double Column - Firing Line - Advanced Firing Line - Tight Wedge - Loose Wedge - Prisoner Diamond - VIP Diamond ~ Must pass trigger discipline. - May only hit leader - Must unload mag ~ Must somewhat know how to use climb swep. ~ Must know who to salute and who to say sir to. ~ Must be mostly active (we understand if they have a life). ~ Must have teamspeak/have knowledge of teamspeak, if not they must get it. ~ Must be active in-game, on the 41st forums, teamspeak and Discord(after approval inside the branch). ~ Must not be a minge. ~ Must follow the following name format - /name 41st [Rank] [Name] [Number} How to do tryouts as an Officer First - ask if there here for tryouts Second - go in order as follows - Faces - Formations - Climb Swep - Trigger Discipline ~Lore Questions - Who is the Jedi General of the 41st? - Who is the 41st BCO? - What is the Golden Rule? - A Venator Crew Ensign Gave you do order to Follow them but a 41st BXO Told you to stay, whom do you those to follow their orders? Third - Make sure they get into the teamspeak [] and in the Discord = 41st Elite Corps Discord ====================================================================================================================== Fourth - Have them change their name as listed above ================================================= Fifth - Have them white-listed ONLY 2LT+ MAY HAVE AUTHORITY TO HOST TRYOUTS
  7. Ok, i Just added another CC to the Update if that's ok with you.
  8. +Support On my Behalf he's a excellent Admiral and would do marvellous in the Grand Admiral Role. ~41st EC BCO Gree
  9. [Down Below is the Link to the ARF Applications] [SGT+ Are Allow to Apply!] 41st ARF Application [Applications are Checked On Mondays at 3:50 EST And Fridays 6:00 EST]
  10. [Down Below is the Revamped 41st Elite Corps SOP!] [All 41st Must Read!] 41st Elite Corps SOP