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  1. Is this also a suggestion for INSCOM/OMON to be allowed to raid the other factions base?
  2. Come back to mil, we are getting a new map
  3. +Support For the love of god give this man an SMT rank before he kills himself -Amazing events -Nice abs -Knows his way around the staff handbook -Like cmon hes great staff man
  4. Based off what I saw of you in-game in not surprised you were hacking. This is deeply disappointing seeing you got to CPT. Against my best judgement though I see your situation and think you made a very dumb decision that you wernt sure about, and after the fact regret. I have done the same in the past so im going to +/- Support, you need to learn from this mistake; but maybe you already have.
  5. Why are you guys looking at the jet? The real treasure is that new map in the videos
  6. USAF- Training Guide Military Police- INSCOM Informational Drill Instructors- DI Informational
  7. Proof Ali and John are hacking question mark question mark question mark
  8. Welcome back, speak to me at the meeting
  9. Whats wrong with the tazers?
  10. Tum-tumz

    Knife rushing

    Do neither of you remember how cancer knife rushing was?