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  1. that and if you have multiple branches, but specify the branches
  2. In the future post a single post in the general section
  3. I dont want to argue on this app but I also dont want you to brush over my opinion. I dont think what he did warrants a denied app and as a dedicated member of this community I value maturity just as much as you do.
  4. I dont feel the situation in the report should result in north not getting Admin, and I think it says something when Mil players support and prp players minus support
  5. Tum-tumz


    Since this is specific to only five people do you think we should make a group chat?
  6. Tum-tumz


    I mean replacing the stinger with another primary not a fourth primary. The stinger is a primary gun. Yeh, if the stinger doesnt word the saiga12c or grenade launcher would be good switches
  7. Tum-tumz


    Honestly, I would be okay with the stinger being switched if four-star gens get a different primary, hopefully a different explosive about as good How do you guys feel about that @AWG @richard @Scheffer
  8. On Hold Do you have permission from an RU LTG+
  9. There are a lot of good ones, I have used filmora a lot. Its okay and has a nice simple interface but overpriced.
  10. Tum-tumz

    Map Suggestion

    I think this looks awesome, and trying stuff without buildings would be cool, but I am guessing it would be laggy and I think we should stay on Ghanzi for awhile
  11. Back to the glory times of Ghanzi and the actually good training grounds!
  12. Exactly what I wanted to know
  13. Wow lemon, its been a really long time since those days in USAF eh
  14. Could you not recruit US that are retiring Good luck in the future Bananas