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  1. Good luck in the future
  2. The machines are so popular we had a virtual riot
  3. Tum-tumz

    Secondary Survey

    I misinterpreted the situation in that case, from what I see the majority of people see bhopping as a nuisance but at this point I have nothing to add to the discussion.
  4. Tum-tumz

    Secondary Survey

    Im only counting people who said "-support", I truly believe bhopping does nothing to help the server and adding stamina will only better our community
  5. Tum-tumz

    Secondary Survey

    Only one person has -supported though, and they dont bhop. Im more referring to comments not on the forums
  6. Tum-tumz

    Secondary Survey

    The way I see it b-hopping is absolute cancer and ruins gameplay, and most newer players in the first place dont know how to buy quads, dont have money, or go in humvees so the only way I see this contributing to the server is positively. p.s. For the people who have said they dont support this change who bhop frequently I find your arguments based on self interest
  7. 1. Maki has an ACR due to the fact he hasn't bothered to change this and has been on LOA. The other players on his CC use it though causing an issue. 2. The only classes using explosives are old jobs that were given special permission before the rule was in place 3. These rules are or at least should be enforced or it is not fair to other cc owners/ community players
  8. Approved Branch General finish the transfer on the roster/ in-game
  9. Its going to be hard without you around. Goodbye, and well done Senior.
  10. Tum-tumz

    RIP Navy

    Might make a new rule that any using navy hashtags gets blacklisted
  11. Tum-tumz

    Minor changes

    Boy killed us with memes
  12. Tum-tumz

    My LOA Sadly

    Give me a date, however rough it may be, for your return
  13. I cant deny this on a standpoint of a suggestion, but this is denied in rp respects on the US side