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  1. Damn you were one of the best SMT I've seen Hoovy, hope to see you in the future!
  2. Neutral Pretty sure this would require an entire map update to do.
  3. + Support IF it can be done, it'd be great.
  4. Bet, I will remind you once I hit it
  5. Ven is HCMD You should return frrrr
  6. Really sad to see you go mate, wish you good luck in D5 and hope you return to us!
  7. Sucks to see you go mate, you are still getting demoted. Come back to us!
  8. Good luck mate, hope to see you return!
  9. Sad to see you go mate, come back soon!
  10. + Support Forgot me on the supported section
  11. Everything is gucci except HCZ, way too many confusing to traverse. You can get a grasp of the general layout and how you can get to EZ/LCZ but trying to find a SCP that you need is hell (as of now, might change in time)
  12. Please use this format https://gaminglight.com/forums/forum/727-mtf-nu-7/ or it will be denied.
  13. Damn, really didn't expect this. Have a good one Pure!
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