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  1. would suggest adding a note to this on the actual post
  2. the sizes are rounded down, so that model shouldnt cost anything extra for you
  3. In-Game Name: J0LT Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:229658671 ULX Rank (Donator Rank/Staff Rank): Platinum | Senior Admin How long have you been playing on the server?: since fall 2019 Have you read the SCP-RP Event Team Guidelines: yes! How many warns do you have? (Screenshot): at the bottom Why do you want to join event team?: After helping out with the US Military events, I feel that joining ET could be a fun new experience for me. Especially with Site 13 now, I feel that there is a lot more room for RP and combat events in both LCZ and Surface. I have been helping ET with events recently as a Senior Admin, and have been learning more about what they do for their events. I really want to help host events that can engage new players, like giving them a chance to meet people and have some RP outside of being in d-block. Giving them a nice introduction to how some things work in the server could help them figure out if they want to stay or not. Why should you be trusted to be part of the Event Team?: I am a current staff member and have built up a positive reputation within the server, and I am cautious with not getting in the way of peoples roleplay. I already know which commands to be careful of so that I don't accidentally give something to everyone. There will be no lucario events i promise! Are you familiar/experienced with ULX?: Yes, I know most if not all of the commands needed for the event team. Describe an event you could create (Be specific): I feel like bringing back a bit of the US military in small events would be fun. It would give E11 or CI something to do while the site is calm. Not anything major like the map change events, just small groups of them and less raiding then before. It would also be nice to include some non ET members to participate, as long as they know what's going on. They could come to surface as light patrol teams and try to make deals with the foundation (ex: buying SCPs, or trading information) and would be left for the foundation/CI command to decide what to do. I don’t think constantly raiding the site would help the cause very much, only in specific circumstances, so remaining on the surface and instead being optional RP for anyone would work best in my eyes. This could go other paths for some other branches, a US Army engineer battalion could come on site and RP with utility, same could go with combat medics and CBRN units (CBRN to help research with specific SCPs), or MPs could come on site to help with protecting LCZ. This doesn't have to remain as US, and could be PMC group that comes into the site. Overall, this could offer RP to almost any branch if done correctly.
  4. Post name: “General Suggestion - Adding more teleport commands for staff What are you suggesting? - add !dblock | !LCZ | !HCZ | !EZ | !E11 | !CI and have them go to their respective locations How would this change better the server? - would allow staff to easily get to other parts of the map (since its so big now) Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - No Who would this change mostly benefit? - Staff
  5. i said im clip dumping, its from all site 5, site 10, site 15 and 50 2 of them are site 5
  6. fuck it im clip dumping https://medal.tv/clips/3gV385K5d_vOv/vphalAFEu?invite=cr-MSxtRkcsOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/2aOEU21d2WcDU/vpGLq8QzP?invite=cr-MSxzVkUsOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/2diQJGGOGKX5V/vp9rYPkLA?invite=cr-MSwxUzQsOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/3rQaeEX59o4So/vp7Wl0S2F?invite=cr-MSxtT24sOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/3oCbwO9oIxxpI/vpWxHyG5G?invite=cr-MSxjMW0sOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/3kzR9N4R0IHJp/vpw3xj7ko?invite=cr-MSxpeUYsOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/3hwHgmBy0n5cQ/vpMDxKvsn?invite=cr-MSxWWmUsOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/3h5kVRIhPVdDH/vpaF8gdYi?invite=cr-MSxYSGUsOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/30cNggeON_mql/vplLivOAN?invite=cr-MSxjYVosOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/2Zx8ztfCInXXC/vpG3x7jCb?invite=cr-MSxrS2osOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/2WhmRkCjNzf9i/vpMfHHLJC?invite=cr-MSxST1ksOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/2RTvv1O2OeGUQ/vpkEEHzIs?invite=cr-MSxlY3AsOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/2MB9kf51X9n19/vpjQZPCnE?invite=cr-MSx3THcsOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/2AFW0quYJad8I/vpQGE8Isj?invite=cr-MSxwWWgsOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/2ApSla5rLQYQ4/vpTjHYe9i?invite=cr-MSx1UmosOTMzODI4Nyw https://medal.tv/clips/2yXvhja0rrUk7/vp2NwXIa4?invite=cr-MSxXODIsOTMzODI4Nyw
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