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  1. My concern is that it would lead to power game. I am aware people would not tackle each other in combat (all though it would inevitable happen and lead to more issues for staff) but it would be difficult to run up to someone and have to wait and rp a scenario if there is anything going on around them. It would be a very specific situation that I think would be of more detriment than benefit. Hope that clarifies.
  2. Agreed Not sure how I feel about more realistic combat, but I would consider crouch jumping an exploit as you are manipulating the game in an unintentional way to get an unfair advantage. I think SCPs should be fought with tactics and skill, not exploits. I think this kind of thing that makes our SCP mains not play on the server is when they get stuck with unfair and unfun fights like the two clipped above. At the end of the day we can dislike D-Class and SCP mains but they are needed to keep the server involved and fun.
  3. Name: HexG Rank: Director of Research and Security Length of LOA (MM/DD-MM/DD): 01/23->01/27 Reason for LOA: After some recent concerns in Site Admin I have decided to take a short break from the server for a time. I would encourage people to reach out to your HCMD or Zone Managers during the time of my LOA.
  4. I love D-Class content and quality of life changes that don't break D-block or hurt Security. +Support
  5. The Biggest -Support This is single handedly the worst suggestions I have seen in some time. It is laughable to believe that we would ever add an armory to D-Block, anywhere. Even for Security behind a locked door. The idea that D-Class can buy weapons 10x better than Security's weaponry and then use it over and over again with no NLR is absolutely ridiculous. Lets just remove the RP from SCP-RP because every Researcher, Maintenance or Medical that walks into D-Block will got shredded by D-Class with FG-42s. Going further down the rabbit hole of turning the server into SCP-Death Match is what is hurting this community. The fact I am even seeing this on the forums is awful.
  6. DENIED While I was going to go through and break this down piece by piece I simply don't have the time or energy. Billy/Johnny, you were a good SCMD member and excellent GOA of RFA. That does not equate to you deserving HCMD. Time and effort does not guarantee the rewards you hope for. While it is true you may have been held back at the time it does not mean the same things still apply. I would also like to clarify that I did reach out to you about re-instating your reserves, that is not me begging you to come back and fix things. Application is Invalid. You are not a current member of Command. Even with reserves the highest you could apply for is FD.
  7. -Support The site-50 Lower D-Block would not work with our current map. While SOME aspects could be adopted to expand Lower D-Block it would be difficult with the sheer size the map is. The map is optimized to use as much space as possible. The tower would remain in upper and upper would look identical to how it looks now. People from lower would not be able to shoot into upper, with possible exception to the ends of the catwalks. There would also not be any additional elevators. The glass in Upper D-Block would stay. Please remember that D-Class are prisoners who are dead to the rest of the world in a top secret off the grid blacksite where dangerous unknown entities are contained and studied. They have no rights, they barely exist. They will not have an easy time escaping. I am 100% on board for creating more RP and activities for D-Class to do, but it is extremely hard to incorporate new things without disrupting the current flow or damaging some other branch in the process.
  8. -Support D-Class building in Upper D-Block is not a good idea. D-Class will use it as cover and cause staff sits. Security will KOS people picking up and selling guns (both in our SOP). I would understand setting up a small stand in Lower D-Block or possibly the mines or lounge. But Upper D-Block is the worst place you could have chosen to make this suggestion.
  9. -Support I think this would lead to meta game. Even if EOI where the only ones who could see other EOI with the green crosshair it would be easier to communicate through TS comms or just comms in general.
  10. Massive +Support This could fix so many issues with combat on the server. Having better more accurate Iron Sights would be fantastic and allow for so many more guns to be used and possibly diversity the meta.
  11. -Support BUT I think you are on to something. I do not like the idea of running up to combatants and trying to RP tackle them, especially if its happening in the middle of a gun fight. I do like the idea of a way to capture or sub-due a combatant other than stealth cuffing/surrendering. Fear RP can be difficult for combatants as you need 3 to 1 before combat is engaged.
  12. + / - Support I was going to -Support but decided not too, here is my rational. SCPs are about role playing as said SCP. 99% of SCPs don't vape or smoke. While I would be ok with the emotes being added for personality and other things I don't agree with donor weapons or the vape/smoke sweps.
  13. +Support During my time as a Trial ET ACEE has been incredibly helpful. He is a great member of D5 and Research Command. Good Application.
  14. You have been a staple of medical and SCP-RP for the longest time Zack, its saddens me to see you go. Promise we will play connect four again sometime soon
  15. + Support -Warns are old -Good member of Research -Active on the server Best of luck on your application!
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