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  1. -Support Cloaker or suspicion of a cloaker was called out in Security comms with no influence from Omen. I think you may have jumped to this conclusion as you both had been fighting each other throughout the day. Also, just include screenshots in your message, discord attachment links don't work. Maybe that would change my mind but I remember the situation and I don't even remember hearing anything from Omen until the cloaker was dead.
  2. You are not on our roster, unfortunately this means you are no longer in Security. Wrong SteamID. Please make sure you get the correct one, you can do this by opening up the in game console and doing rp_lookup NAME to fine your steamID. It should look like this: STEAM_0:0:530324152
  3. + Support This is a really cool idea. I love the idea that I could go to surface with some wardens and be able to drive a jeep or some other vehicle around. I think it would be awesome actually getting on a helicopter during code Nuke. I think seeing E-11 and CI driving around and seeing each other, stopping, getting out of their vehicles and starting combat. These would all be awesome opportunities for fun and rp on the server. I also totally understand where everyone else is coming from with the lag concerns. I know that having any amount of vehicles on the server will add some amount of lag. I think if they found the right LFS vehicles and limited them with player count (below 100 players) and # of vehicles (2-3 max and only spawned by Super Admin+) that they would work just fine on the server. Overall a great suggestion that I would love to see added to the server. TLDR: Great idea for rp. Will cause a little lag but that can be sorted by limited spawn ability/# of vehicles/no vehicles above 100 players.
  4. I think 5 min is a long time to wait between ears. It makes sense for a 15 min "construction time" for 1048-A but I would make it a 3 min cooldown because of the added risk of failing to steal an ear. Winning a 50/50 3 times in a row is 12.5%. I think at least allowing them to try more often will mean they actually get 1048-A more often. Overall a massive +support for the changes to make these SCPs, much needed and well thought out.
  5. Security Roll Call September 17th -> October 1st Roll call is now active! If you are in security and wish to retain your rank, you must respond by October 1st, 4:00pm EST. All ranks from PVT to COL are REQUIRED to respond to this roll call or you will be removed from the roster, as well as the discord. Failure to respond to the roll call with your correct SteamID will result in removal regardless. If you lie about your rank or what Sub-Branches your in, you will be subject to a FULL removal from Security. Format for Response: Name: Rank: Steam ID (Example: STEAM_0:1:174348602): Discord ID (Example: Hex-G#0702): Current Sub-Branches your in: Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 100+ words): Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: Notes: - If you need any assistance in responding to this roll call, message a LCMD or SCMD member. - YOU are responsible for updating your response if you get promoted or join a sub-branch.
  6. Disclaimer I have known Meeseeks for almost a year and have talked with him regularly since his Security Blacklist and Discord ban. He is far from perfect but is in no way deserving of being totally ousted from the community. As for the reason for his Discord ban, it makes no sense. People in GL say horrible awful racist, sexist, transphobic, exc all the time outside GL. The policy as people know it is "if its outside GL its fine". DMs are outside of GL. Yes, he was talking to a friend and said a word he probably shouldn't have. You know what the punishment for saying a hard R in chat in game is? a 1 week ban. Meeseeks has been gone from GL for at least 5 months to 1/2 a year. I think that is more than adequate punishment for what he did. +Support EDIT: For clarification, I do not condone actions of racism and transphobia exc. I am saying that the punishment for these things are much lower than the lengthy ban and blacklist Meeseeks has received.
  7. The job will be harder to obtain than simply reaching a rank within FTO, the requirements are currently not public but may be soon.
  8. Security Branch Update (pt2) Submitted by: HOS HexG | DHOS Jrshafer August 28th, 2022 -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Enlisted AP: 100 Pay: $100 Description: "Level 1 personnel of the Foundation. They are primarily tasked with ensuring D-Block is secure and escorting researchers into the LCZ." -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Senior Enlisted AP: 125 Pay: $100 -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security NCO HP: 150 Adding: tfa_m92beretta -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Senior NCO Adding: tfa_csgo_deagle Adding: weapon_m9 (Tranq) -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Trainer HP: 200 Pay: $200 Note: Trainers are non-combative and 100% OOC. This is so they stop dying mid training. -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Wardens Legionary Removing: tfa_1887winchester Adding: tfa_remington870 Adding: models/player/n7legion/security_suit.mdl , models/player/n7legion/security_suit_soldier.mdl -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Wardens Praetor Adding: cross_arms_infront_swep Adding: models/player/n7legion/security_suit_egov.mdl -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Wardens Exspira Removing: Vikhr - tfa_vikhr Adding: tfa_honeybadger Pay: $200 Removing: models/player/n7legion/security_suit_riot.mdl Adding: models/player/n7legion/advanced_suit_elite.mdl -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Juggernaut Brute Removing: tfa_ares_shrike Removing: tfa_kac_pdw Adding: tfa_pkm Adding: tfa_vikhr Adding: heavy_shield Additionally: Level Requirement lowered from 35 -> 30 Note: I felt the need to leave a note here due to the controversy surrounding brute. Firstly, the level change is due to the fact that you can apply for juggernaut as a CPL. Most CPLs are not level 35+. We would like out CPLs to be able to apply for Jugg sooner. Secondly, The riot and heavy shield were added to the server FOR security jobs. Why our JUGGERNAUT job does not have one of the shields intended for them makes 0 sense. Lastly, the weapon changes were seen fit as most people on brute find it difficult or use donor weapons instead. Thanks you for hearing our reasoning for these updates. -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Juggernaut Titan Removing: guthscp_keycard_lvl_2 Adding: guthscp_keycard_lvl_3 Adding: cross_arms_infront_swep Pay: $225 Additionally: Slots 5 -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Lightweight (Level 100+) Removing: tfa_vector Adding: tfa_csgo_bizon Adding: tfa_glock -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Warrant Officer Pay: $175 -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Low Command Pay: $200 -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Senior Command Pay: $225 Adding: Ability to spawn gasmask (NOT MUSTARD GAS) -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security High Command Adding: Ability to spawn gasmask (NOT MUSTARD GAS) -------------------------------------------------- Job Update -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Director of Research and Security Adding: Ability to spawn gasmask (NOT MUSTARD GAS) -------------------------------------------------- New Job -------------------------------------------------- Job Name: Security Tactical Field Operative Job Model: models/mw2/skin_04/MW2_Soldier_03.mdl Job Description: “Level 2 personnel of the Foundation. This unit is rewarded to those who have gone above and beyond as a Field Training Officer. These units are given a strong rifle and sniper to fend off threats to LCZ and D-Block.” Comms: Site, Foundation Forces, Security Whitelist: “Security Senior Command” and “Security High Command” can whitelist for the job. HP: 150 AP: 150 Pay: 175 Slots: 2 Adding: tfa_ak47 Adding: tfa_aw50 Adding: weapon_cuff_elastic Adding: tfa_m9 Adding: guthscp_keycard_lvl_2 Notes: Branch update was approved by: DoRS Mind, DoTF Toasty, LCZ Manager Sixx (RIP), HCZ Manager Alexx, RnD HCMD, E-11 HCMD, D5 HCMD, Medical HCMD, Research HCMD, Nu-7 HCMD, Maintenance HCMD, CI Millitary HCMD.
  9. +/- Support (keep reading) This is unfortunately just wrong. As a Junior Researcher, you are fully allowed to test on SCP-173 all on your own. This also means that Security OFC+ can be your escort. I am fully in support of all SCP-173 doors being lowered to Level 1. + Support for SCP-173 CC Evac Shelter is a little different. I think that the first door, that leads into the room right across for Security Bunks should be level 1. That door does not have an intrinsic value behind it and I see no reason why not. HOWEVER, the second door that leads to the actual blast door NEEDS to remain level 2+. That door 1: Needs to be shut when the Nuke goes off and any enlisted accidentally opening it would be a disaster. 2: It has a long ass time to open and is loud AF, I don't want to hear Enlisted opening that for shits and giggles when its a serious situation when that room is under use. + Support to first Evac Shelter door - Support to large blast door.
  10. Oh boy, where to begin. To start, buffing your HP will not solve all the issues mentioned in the explanation message. When mentioning how "uniqueness" is an issue for E11 remember, other branches have specialty and need it too. Maintenance and Medical are supposed to be the best repair + armor, and healers on the server. Lets be honest, besides that and RP they do not have much else to attract people into the branch and they need that advantage. With all the jobs that were mentioned any balance idea was bad because it simply "spawned far away". I think that is a really easy way to avoid trying to make the job more interesting. Any of these jobs could have a unique identity because its part of E-11, not because there are branches that heal/repair better. This also ties into the fact that E-11 is back up for the site. The main job that E-11 has is to stay on surface and fight CI and Sarkic unless they are needed on the site (which happens pretty frequently). I think buffing every job's HP is not going to help draw in players to E-11 in the way you are hoping. I think all that will happen is that it will make other branches look worse and therefor need a buff in HP. Thus causing the cycle of hp buffs and nerfs to start over again. I also do not understand that "Because we are a donor branch we should have significantly better stats to compensate". E-11 is already the best foundation branch stat wise. I don't think that having a combat engineer with the same stats as HTF is going to be fair with or without bronze rank. Having the ability to join a branch and get SF level stats is ridiculous and we really should not allow that. I understand and agree that E-11 should be similar in stats to CI but should still be weaker due to the fact that if they enter the site they need to fight 3 other combat branches assuming E-11 don't engage at all. I mean, Security SCMD gets 175/175 the same amount as CI Alpha Operative ... its bad enough we don't need E-11 Enlisted being 25 AP behind and NCO being 25 HP ahead. Just to sum up my thoughts, I think E-11 could benefit exponentially more from updating the content of your branch and providing more activities or possibly a new sub-branch rather than buffing the HP of all your jobs. I am 110% behind a branch update for E-11 to add some juicy new content, I just see this as a boring update that will not help any part of the server, including E-11 long term. Sorry guys -Support.
  11. +Support This branch update is great. Just because they are fleshing out a sub-branch they already have does not mean "they are loosing RP" or "becoming more combat focused". 2 of the 3 jobs already exist and are simply getting changed into a new sub-branch with 1 new job. Security basically did the same thing with Juggernauts. This update will allow for Medical to have the best of their combat jobs be limited to medical only instead of Security and MTF having different cross branch jobs (hence why CCU is getting 10 slots). Overall a very good move that Security and MTF have both approved of.
  12. DENIED Security Command have reviewed your request to be unblacklisted and found one or more reasons you should remain blacklisted. You are able to reapply again in 1 month.
  13. +Support I think rust weapons perfectly show what D-Class should realistically be able to make from scavenging materials. As long as the crafted weapons are ONLY on D-Class CCs, it doesn't make sense for MTF to use a DB or semi pistol.
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