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  1. Your In-game Name: Rango Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:93199856 The admin's name in-game: Rektify The admin's steam name: N/A What warning did you receive: A warn for "prop minging as Class D" When did you receive this warning: 22/08/2020 Why do you think this warn was false: Never broke any rules on this server, clearly gotten my Gold donator pack a day ago not thinking anything bad because I sincerely enjoy playing on this server, then a Class D decides to sit on the chair I just spawned in and decided to lob him a little bit around, all of the sudden I get physgunned from behind and Rektify asking me what I think I was doing. He didn't even properly talk to me, not a verbal warning, and straight up warned me, most of what he said was unintelligble due to multiple people talking at the same time, he then later popped into the staff sit I was having and claimed I was trying to physgun people up the elevator while I was trying to explain what was happening and told the other staff member to deal with it after he gave his side. He didn't even respond to my question as to how he can proof I was trying to put people up the elevator or how it isn't a thing of possibility to verbally warn someone before straight up handing a written one. Evidence the warning is false: N/A Any extra information: