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  1. +support if this can be coded into the game (and candy canes included with this, not just health and armor kits) it would be a huge QOL change for staff as proving who may or my not be combat healing based off just the sound of a video clip is near impossible unless it’s actually seen in the video. would also stop a lot of combat healing people do with both candy canes and health kits, which happens more often than most would think. would also like to see more people play on support classes, and a change like this could significantly help
  2. -support people will just pay to be a super op version of 682 which would be extremely broken. and for custom passive scp’s i don’t see why people would buy a custom scp to just walk around the site when you can already do that on 1049, 066, etc
  3. next time we play risk of raid i’m definitely stealing all the loot now
  4. When I pulled you to the sit, a sit where I was just going to give you a verbal warn and let you go, you decided to be extremely toxic to both me and the person who made the sit, even throwing slurs at me. Why should anyone believe you, especially since you have multiple prior racism warns and bans for the same offense? (If SMT wishes to contact me to see the video I'll be more than happy to provide it) Was obviously said with malicious intent, I got the vid and everything. -support
  5. +support every interaction ive had with him has been nice
  6. It's been a blast hanging out with you, come back soon!
  7. I don't see the harm of letting him back. If we didn't, we would be setting a double standard as we have given lesser punishments for a lot worse. +support
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